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MOTU Origins SDCC 2023 Reveals

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SDCC 2023 Preview night is in full swing, and the new MOTU Origins figures were on full display! We got to see the new MOTU Origins Cartoon collection which is based on the 1980’s He Man and the Masters of the Universe Filmation cartoon series! They also had the Diabolical Snake Invasion set on display! They also had some figures we predicted were on the way including Lady Slither, Fang-or, Rokkon, and Night Stalker! So let’s dive into these exciting MOTU Origins SDCC 2023 reveals!

MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection

The new MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection is a spectacular homage to the 1980’s He Man and the Masters of the Universe Filmation cartoon series! This first wave of figures includes Cartoon Collection He-Man, Skeletor, Man At Arms, Teela, Trap Jaw and one more mystery figure (shown as a black silhouette) which will be unveiled Friday at 1:30pm.


The new figures have incredible new packaging with a Filmation inspired card back! You can see the classic animated Castle Grayskull on the cardback. It also has a new “Cartoon Collection” sticker in the Filmation rainbow logo style. This new sculpt of He-Man looks fabulous! You can see that they gave him an all new head sculpt from the previous release from the He-Man Anniversary 4 pack.


Source: Axel Gimenez

FIlmation He-Man

Filmation’s He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is an animated television series that first aired in 1983 and ran for two seasons, consisting of 130 episodes. The show was produced by Filmation Studios and was based on the Masters of the Universe toy line created by Mattel. The series followed the adventures of He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe, as he fought against his arch-nemesis Skeletor and his evil minions. He-Man was aided in his battles by a group of allies, including Teela, Man-at-Arms, Orko, and the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull. The show was notable for its emphasis on moral lessons and positive values, with each episode featuring a moral message aimed at children. It was also known for its iconic opening theme song and memorable catchphrases such as “By the power of Grayskull!” and “I have the power!”

Trap Jaw and Skeletor looks really great as well! The simple designs on their chest armor and wrist bracers help to give that Filmation cartoon look to them! The look of Trap Jaw really looks like his cartoon counterpart! Teela and Man At Arms round off the rest of the Cartoon Collection Wave and look like they stepped right out of your CRT TV!


Filmation Skeletor

Skeletor is a fictional character from the Masters of the Universe franchise, created by Mattel in the early 1980s. He is the primary villain of the franchise and has been portrayed in various media, including the animated television series produced by Filmation Studios. In the Filmation Masters of the Universe series, Skeletor was depicted as a ruthless and power-hungry sorcerer who sought to conquer the land of Eternia and defeat his arch-nemesis, He-Man. He was aided in his schemes by a group of henchmen, including Beast Man, Trap Jaw, and Evil-Lyn. Skeletor was known for his distinctive appearance, with his skull-like face and purple armor. He was also known for his menacing voice, which was provided by voice actor Alan Oppenheimer.


Filmation Man At Arms

Man-At-Arms is a fictional character from the Masters of the Universe franchise, created by Mattel in the early 1980s. He is a heroic warrior who serves as the chief weapons master and engineer for the royal palace of Eternia. In the animated television series produced by Filmation Studios, Man-At-Arms was portrayed as a trusted ally of He-Man and a mentor to the young prince Adam (who was secretly He-Man). He was known for his bravery, intelligence, and skills as a weaponsmith and inventor, creating various weapons and gadgets to aid He-Man and his allies in their battles against Skeletor and his minions. Man-At-Arms was also portrayed as a father figure to Teela, the daughter of the Sorceress and a skilled warrior in her own right. He was fiercely protective of Teela and often worried about her safety when she accompanied He-Man on dangerous missions.

filmation man at arms

Teela filmation
Trap Jaw Filmation

Night Stalker

Night Stalkers coloring in this photo fives the appearance of a mustard yellow paint app versus the gold color we are used to seeing on the vintage figure. He comes with a similar set of accessories like Stridor and, as we suspected, Mattel was waiting for Snake Mountain to release before revealing this creature.


Night Stalker known as the evil armored steed, was Jitsu’s ride and also Stridor and Fisto’s nemesis. Made to be the evil version of Stridor, the 1985 vintage Night Stalker was a complete repaint of the Stridor mold, colored in black, gold and purple color scheme. His color scheme looked amazing as the gold was shinny and matched the gold accents on Jitsu! He was made of the exact same mold as Stridor, with his front right leg in that up bent stance.

Masters of the Universe Nighstalker Vintage Jitsu
Masters of the Universe Vintage Night Stalker
with Jitsu
Masters of the Universe Nighstalker Vintage package
Masters of the Universe Vintage Night Stalker package

According to Night Stalker: Evil Armored Battle Steed! (1985) | Battle Ram:

Like Stridor, Night Stalker had a surprising lack of articulation. The design of his legs would lead you to believe that they were movable, but in fact they were not. The only moving parts on both horses were the tail, the rear gun, and the front guns. I was a little surprised by this fact when I first opened him up, but given the lack of articulation on Battle Cat, I made my peace with it pretty quickly.

Unlike an organic horse, Night Stalker was outfitted with a cockpit. The rider would sit in a seat with his legs inside the mechanical steed’s body. He could control the horse via a control panel rather than reins.

Night Stalker was sold individually and in a gift set with Jitsu. I’ve always liked the fact that Night Stalker had a rider associated with him besides Skeletor. I feel like it adds a bit of depth to both Jitsu and Night Stalker. You can imagine the two of them having independent adventures far away from Skeletor’s watchful eye.

The artwork on the individually packaged Night Stalker was done by an unknown artist, who I believe also did the artwork for Panthor, Stridor, Point Dread and others. The artwork for the two-pack was done by the great William George

As we previously mentioned above, Night Stalker was spotted only once and very subtly on Fisto Origins card back artwork. If you didn’t pay attention, you would have missed him as he truly was a hidden easter egg!

Masters of the Universe Origins Fisto Card back Artwork
Masters of the Universe Origins Fisto Card back Artwork
Masters of the Universe Origins Fisto Card back Artwork Nightstalker close up
Nightstalker close up


They did an amazing job with Rokkon as he appears to be able to transform into, yes you guessed, a rock!


This is the first time that Rokkon has been teased on card art, which is very exciting! Rokkon is a youth of the Rock People, and the frequent companion of his mentor Stonedar. The character appeared late in the 1980s Masters of the Universe toy line, and as such appears in relatively few stories, with little consistency.


Also on display was the rest of the new offerings for the MOTU Origins line! The first thing that stands out to us is the all night Night Stalker Horse! Then there was Lady Slither, Fang-or and surprisingly Rokkon! They also had on display the just released Moss-Man, and the latest Rulers of the Sun 3 pack, with Kiktko, Holographo, and Zap-Man! The back of the package features gorgeous artwork featuring all of the Rulers of the Sun! Also on display was the upcoming Skeleton Warriors 2 pack, and the Screech and Skeletor 2 Pack. Let’s take a close look at these exciting new reveals!


We already seen image of the Rulers of the Sun 3 Pack: Kiktko, Holographo, and Zap-Man, but it’s the first time we got to see the actual production figures! The Skeleton Warriors were featured in last year’s 2022 SDCC Eternia display, so we have seen them before, but it’s cool to see them officially on display! One of the most exciting figures in this group is Rokkon and let’s hope they retained his rock transforming action feature! We previously already leaked Lady Slither and Fangor!



History of Fangor

Fang-Or is a character from the Masters of the Universe franchise, specifically the Masters of the Universe Classics toyline. In the storyline of the Masters of the Universe, Fang-Or is a member of the Snake Men, a group of evil serpent-like creatures who were enemies of He-Man and his allies. Fang-Or was known for his ferociousness and loyalty to his leader, King Hiss.

Fang-gor was recently teased on the Diabolical Snake Invasion MOTU Origins 4-Pack. This is the 2nd time Fang-Or has been teased officially and we are aware of the leaked figure but we were asked to remove our our post about it. Fang-Or makes his appearances in the mini comic, Viper’s Vice, and he is being portrayed as an army builder!

His bio reads: A vicious Snake Man who could regrow his massive fangs after projecting them like knives in battle, Fang-Or first beheld the glory and power of technology in an early battle with the Horde Empire. On Eternia, he volunteered to assist the transformed Snake Man-At-Arms so he could learn how to build more advanced weaponry and vehicles like the Rattle Trap for the Viper Lord King Hssss. Quickly becoming a mechanical expert, Fang-Or was able to access the technology of Gwildor’s Cosmic Key, allowing him and several of the Snake Men to survive the Second Ultimate Battleground by journeying to Trolla where they became vassals of Lady Slither, another of the Unnamed One’s Viper Lords. Later, Fang-Or mobilized Lady Slither’s Snake Lair to help them escape capture on Trolla when He-Man defeated the Revenge Squad. After years adrift between dimensions, the Lair settled on Eternia where they set out to use sorcery and science to reverse the Spell of Separation and restore the Snake Men after the Unnamed One’s demise.

MOTU CLASSICS FANGOR Source: Figure Fan Zero

History of Lady Slither

Lady Slither, Slytheena of the Serpent House is a lady Snake Men in female form, from the Masters of the Universe Classics canon. She said to be the leader of the Snake Men, and has the ability to transform the lower half of her body into a snake tail, which is very unusual. This will be very interesting to see how they treat this in Origins form! She also had a raid on Eternia, then led a Revenge Squad on Trolla, and finally returned to Eternia again to wreak havoc throughout the land.

Lady Slither history

According to Lady Slither | Wiki Grayskull | Fandom:

Lady Slither is a vicious leader of the Snake Men, filling a similar role to the one held by King Hiss. She seemed to have attacked Eternia during He-Man’s time on Primus, but was later sent by the Unnamed One to form a villainous Revenge Squad which laid siege to Trolla in an attempt to take the Trollan Temple of Power. Upon her defeat, she returned to Eternia where she and the remaining Snake Men became a dangerous threat to the planet. Later, she joined forces with the resurrected King Hiss and his own revived Snake Men.

Lady Slither | Wiki Grayskull | Fandom
Lady Slither MOTUC
Custom shown above

Where to Buy

Kikto Holographo Zap-Man
MOTU Origins Skeleton Warriors 2 pack
Skeleton Warriors-2-Pack
Diabolical Snake Invasion MOTU Origins 4 Pack
Snake Men 4-Pack
MOTU Origins Skeletor Screech 2 pack
Skeletor and Screeech

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