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GI Joe Classified Series December 2023 FanStream Leaks, Preorders, and Reveals

The Joe team as set a date for their GI Joe December 2023 FantStream and it will be on the 7th at 8am PT / 11am ET

The Joe Team was on fire today as they revealed the new figures that go up for preorder today! They revealed the single box figures Quick Kick, Airborne, Big Boa, and Techo-Viper and the Retro Cardback figures Duke, Scarlett, and Recondo!

Where to Buy

The following figures will be going up for preorder today at 10am PST, 1pm EST so check back as we will have the links to where you can order them

Quick Kick GI Joe Classified Series Official Image 4
Quick Kick
Airborne GI Joe Classified Series Official image 1
Techno Viper
Big Boa
Retro Duke
Retro Scarlett
Retro Recondo
Action Soldier Infantry
Action Soldier Recon Diver

Hasbro has announced their next FanStream dedicated to the GI Joe Classified Series. With the gaggle of leaks of produced product. Recently, we’ve all sort of GI Joe goodness and information in the form of produced figures that have been either name only reveals or digital render reveals. This leaks and news over the last week can give us a sense of what might be on the docket for the GI Joe Classified Series in the terms of figure reveals and preorders for upcoming waves. The FanStream is set for December 7, 2023 at 8am / 11am ET. Thanks to the angrycollectors for posting leaked images of the GI Joe Classified Series preorders for the FanStream!

December 7, 2023 UPDATE: Leaked Images of Action Soldier 60th Anniversary Figures and Single Boxed Figures

We also got leaked images of the single boxed figures and the Retro Cardback figures. Pictured below are the packouts for Quick Kick and Airborne!


We also have images of the packouts or Techno-Viper and Big-Boa!


Recondo looks amazing in his original paint app and packout!


Below are the best versions of Scarlett and Duke we’ve seen to date and they will make an amazing addition to the Retro Cardback figures!


Thanks to GI_Shark for posting an image of the 60th Anniversary Recon Diver (along with the Action Soldier) has he posted leaked images of the preorders that will be going up for the December 7, 2023 Hasbro Pulse FanStream.


December 7, 2023 UPDATE: In Hand FanStream Images

GI Joe Classified Series Single Boxed Figures

With the return of the window box, the Joe team is coming out swinging with Quick Kick, Techno Viper, Big Boa, and Airborne!

Quick Kick

Quick Kick comes with 2 nunchakus, a removable sash, two swords, a backpack, and throwing star, and an array of hands and also the feet are realistic! He also comes with a stoic warrior face.


Quick Kick is featured below and he comes with an amazing packout!


Quick Kick Digital Render

Until 2008, the only Quick Kick action figure to ever come out was part of the 1985 series of A Real American Hero toy line. He came with a small, dark silver backpack (round on bottom), a silver sword with round hilt, and silver nunchukus.

Quick Kick Official Images

Quick Kick GI Joe Classified Series Dio 2
Quick Kick GI Joe Classified Series Dio 5

Quick Kick GI Joe Classified Series Dio 1
Quick Kick GI Joe Classified Series Dio 4

Quick Kick GI Joe Classified Series Dio 3
Quick Kick GI Joe Classified Series Dio 6

Quick Kick GI Joe Classified Series Official Image 2
Quick Kick GI Joe Classified Series Official Image 3

QuiQuick Kick GI Joe Classified Series Official Image 6
Quick Kick GI Joe Classified Series Official Image 5


Airborne comes with a great loadout, including an SMG with a removable suppressor, very cool optics, and goggles, helmet.


His backpack also has a sculpted tactical shovel and a cool patch on his left arm.


Here is how he looks and they also said he has a darker skin tone, harkening back to his Navajo roots plus the greens are called rifle greens, which are the same color as the Dragonfly.


We saw a leaked image of Airborne in box so we expected to see him go up for preorder!


Airborne Official Images

Airborne GI Joe Classified Series Dio 1
Airborne GI Joe Classified Series Dio 2

Airborne GI Joe Classified Series Dio 3
Airborne GI Joe Classified Series Dio 4

Airborne GI Joe Classified Series Official image 3
Airborne GI Joe Classified Series Official image 2

Airborne Digital Render

Airborne is in his classic O-Ring color scheme. The optics can plug onto his helmet. He is really geared up with a layered look to his helmet and gear. Airborne will be released before the Dragonfly.. He is the G.I. Joe Team’s helicopter assault trooper and debuted in 1983. It’s super cool to finally see his digital render to envision what a Classified Series figure of Airborne would look like. His real name is Franklin E. Talltree, and his rank is that of sergeant E-5. Airborne was born in a Navajo Reservation in Arizona. His primary military specialty is an airborne infantryman, while as his secondary military specialty he is a helicopter gunship gunner.

Big Boa

They gave Big Boas extra head sculpt a “deadpan” look and he comes with extra fists that have blood on them. He also comes with 90 pound dumbells!


We also saw a leaked image of Big Boa in box so we expected to see him go up for preorder!


Big Boa Official Images




Big Boa Digital Render

Big Boa is Cobra’s trainer. He has swappable heads. Finally, we can see what he looks like with his helmet off. He has his teeth knocked out, and a grizzled face. He comes with some weights and swappable hands. Big Boa was first released carded as part of the sixth series (1987). He was also sold in 1988 and was discontinued domestically in 1989. Big Boa came with a silver mouthpiece, two red flexsteel-mesh boxing gloves with white Cobra logos, a brown punching bag, and a black stand for the punching bag.


The Techno-Viper is coolest of them all! He comes with a projection of a numadic readout and his classics weapons.


He also comes with his numadic camera, a projection with readouts and the readouts have schematics! He also has his trusty camera, wrench, and pliers.


Here is a shot where the projection plugs into!


They also showed off the box for the Techo Viper!


Here is their production oopsie where they messed one of the paint numbers and he came out in a baby pink paint app!


We knew the Techo-Viper was in the works and it is great to see him in box!


Techno-Viper Official Images





Techno Viper Digital Render

This is the original colorway of the Techno Viper.  He comes with a readout on a data pad on his wrist. He has pneumatic toys that are sticking out of his backpack. Similar to the one that comes with the HISS Tank, but

Duke, Scarlett, and Recondo Retro Cardback

The GI Joe Classified Series leaks just keep coming! Today, GI Joe Classified Series Retro Cardback Duke and Scarlett were leaked in the form of in-package images that surfaces on Facebook (via Full Force Podcast) and GI Shark on Instagram by way of Simon Riley (yes…it really takes a village). Duke and Scarlett were digital render revealed at Hasbro Pulse Con 2023 and it’s great to see them on card!

Retro Scarlett

Her face sculpt is real and not over the top on the makeup! It has a slight blush and fair skinned with a smattering of freckles. She also has a an action pony tail that goes over the backpack


She comes with a bolt that you can load into her crossbow.


This is not the first time we’ve seen Scarlett but she apparently is going up for preorder!


Here is an image of Scarlett on card and the figure came out amazing! This has to be the best Scarlett figure we have seen to date and the Joe team is firing on all cylinders!


Retro Scarlett Official Images




Retro Scarlett Digital Render Reveal

Next up we got Retro Scarlett which was a foregone conclusion once we got Glenda! Floating pony tails. She comes with a quiver that the arrows can fit into, She comes with arrows, swappable hands, 2 rifles, backpack and stand. The vintage one is shown below for your reference.

Retro Duke

They called Duke’s stature a beefy boy and they said that they kit bashed the figure together and made some new parts to capture his classics look! He comes with a visor, helmet, retro binoculars, backpack, grease gun, and his tactical shovel. He also has a stern look!


This is also not the first time we’ve seen Duke as he is going up for preorder too!


Below we can see the leaked image of Duke and how his packout is arranged on card.


Retro Duke Official Images





Retro Duke Digital Render Reveal

Since the beginning of the GI Joe Classified Series line, collectors have been clamoring for a Retro version of Duke! It’s so cool to see him on this super large retro card back. He is a bit more jacked, and comes in his classic look. He comes with a backpack, binoculars, swappable hands, gun, rifle and classic backpack. Vintage ones shown below for your reference.

Retro Recondo

Recondo is in his classics look with the tiger pattern cammo and he looks awesome!


This is the first time we are seeing the Retro Cardback Recondo and he looks stunning!


Retro Recondo Official Images





Retro Recondo Digital Render Reveal

Redeco of the Tiger Force version in his classic colors. He comes with the same accessories as the Tiger Force version and he will be on a retro card back and comes with a stand.

Action Soldier Infantry

The load outs for these figures are insane! At a deluxe price point, he comes with a soft goods poncho and a pocket which is in the poncho to pay homage to the vintage 12″ figure. He has gear that come off and on his vest!


The amazing gi_shark is batting a thousand today by posting another leaked image of a figure what was digitally revealed at Hasbro Pulse Con 2023. He recently leaked an image of the GI Joe Classified Series Big Boa and now it’s the 60th Anniversary Action Soldier Infantry’s turn! The figure comes packed in the newly returned window display box and what a sight to see! The packout for this figure is outstanding and it’s great to see all of the goodies on display. The packaging is colored like a killer bee and we get to see the illustration that is on the front of the box.


Action Solider Infantry Official Images






Recon Diver

The Recon Diver will also be at the deluxe price point. He also comes with a submersible, which is like a mini vehicle!


Thanks to GI_Shark for posting an image of the 60th Anniversary Recon Diver (along with the Action Soldier Infantry)!


Action Sailor Official Images






Only a couple days ago, we saw the Action Soldier 60th Anniversary Infantry in-box leak so we knew the the Recon Diver was bound to show up somewhere! This image is one of many recent fully produced figure leaks, as we’ve seen Airborne (also pictured below), Big Boa, and Metal-Head.


Recon Diver Official Image

In the spirit of the original Gi Joe Figures from the 1960’s, we also have Recon Diver. He comes with googles, rebreather, googles with a clear lens, flippers, backpack and much more.

December 7, 2023: Name Only Reveals

Nemesis Enforcer

The first of the Cobra-La figures, Nemesis Enforcer is an exciting addition to this rumored list! That means that we might be getting more Corba-La characters in the Classified Series line in the future!

The first of the GI Joe the Movie figures to be named for the Classified Series line, Nemesis Enforcer was part of the Cobra-La Faction.

Acoording to Nemesis Enforcer (RAH) | Joepedia | Fandom:

In G.I. Joe: The Movie he is the elite guard that protects Golobulus. He does not speak, but rather has a grunt & growls like a monstrous animal. He is a humanoid with large wings, capable of flight and large, extendable spikes on his forearms that are strong enough to pry open even the strongest doors.

He is first seen in a flash when he bursts up from under the ground to flip a GI Joe vehicle when the team pursues Cobra forces into Cobra-La. When the Joes are captured, Cobra Commander approaches the hulking monster, only to be ordered into custody himself by the Enforcer.

Nemesis Enforcer Sunbow GI Joe The Movie Cartoon

Nemesis Enforcer is later sent to the Joes compound to free Serpentor, who had been captured in the battle defending the Broadcast Energy Transmitter. After leading a small task force of Cobra-La guards and the Dreadnoks into the prison chamber. When the Dreadnoks’ weapons are unable to penetrate the dome covering Serpentor’s cell, the Enforcer pushes them all aside and easily pries open the two halves of the dome with his forearm spikes. He then deflects the lasers of Serpentor’s cage with one of his wings, allowing the emperor to escape.

He is seen in the final battle fighting against Sgt. Slaughter, who has a personal score to settle with the monster. He ultimately meets his doom at the hands of Sgt. Slaughter when he gets thrown into a spike walled pit, unable to fly out as Slaughter had broken one of his wings.

Nemesis Enforcer (RAH) | Joepedia | Fandom
Nemesis Enforcer GI Joe Artwork
Nemesis Enforcer GI Joe ARAH

Here we have a 1/18 scale custom of Nemesis Enforcer by the incredible Stronox Custom Figures> Even though he is a smaller scale, this highly articulated custom gives us a great idea at what a Classified scale version of Nemesis Enforcer would look like.


Starduster is another fan favorite that we are happy to be added to this rumored list! As you recall, Star Duster was a mail away figure from the vintage ARAH line. Frequently shown with the Jump Jet pack, this is an easy one for the Hasbro Team to do as we recently got the Steel Corp 2 pack that used the Jump Packs. I could see Starduster being another deluxe figure release.

The vintage Starduster figure was first available as a mail-in exclusive figure from G.I. Joe Action Stars Cereal back in 1987. Then in 1988 Starduster was also available as a mail-in offer from Hasbro Direct. He appeared to have several variants until he was discontinued in 1991. He is a very sought after vintage figure and will make a great addition to the Classified Series line!

Starduster ARAH GI Joe
Starduster ARAH GI Joe artwork

Here we can see an incredible custom by YoJoeARAH (@yojoearah), and they give us a great idea of what a Classified scale Starduster might look like! He would be an incredible addition to the line!


Leatherneck was released as a single carded figure in 1986 and the the Joe Team said he’ll have a “grizzled” look.


Here we can see an incredible custom by YoJoeARAH (@yojoearah), and they give us a great idea of what a Classified scale Leatherneck might look like! He would be an incredible addition to the line!

Source: YoJoeARAH
Source: YoJoeARAH

Source: YoJoeARAH
Source: YoJoeARAH


Zandar was released as a single carded figure in 1986 and it’s great to get Zandar in the line as he can join his brother and


Zarana needs her brother Zandar and here we can see an incredible custom by YoJoeARAH (@yojoearah), and they give us a great idea of what a Classified scale Zandar might look like! Who doesn’t need more dreadnocks?!

Source: YoJoeARAH
Source: YoJoeARAH

Source: YoJoeARAH
Source: YoJoeARAH

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