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GI Joe Classified Series Haslab HISS Tank Cobra Commander In Hand Review

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The new GI Joe Classified Haslab HISS Tank has been shipping out to backers, and yes I know there are a bunch of unboxing and review videos out there, heck we even covered the Hasbro Unboxing in our Cobra Hiss Tank GI Joe Classified Series HasLab Unboxing article. But the one thing that many have not been reviewing is the Cobra Commander action figure as everyone wants to keep him on card. Well, I was able to obtain an extra Mickey Mouse Coco on the aftermarket, as I really wanted to open him and of course review him for Toy Habits. And yes many of you may be thinking that this is blasphemy to open him up, but I do have a carded one I am keeping, so all is good. So folks we have for you the GI Joe Classified Series Haslab HISS Tank Cobra Commander In Hand Review!




The new Mickey Mouse Cobra Commander comes packaged in a retro card with a beautiful illustration of Cobra Commander on the front with the classic GI Joe burst explosion in the background. He comes packaged on a nice thick card back with white piping around the edges. The back of the card features a full file card and a large Cobra logo.


Here you can see his pack out with his 2 alternate additional hands, snake wrapped globe, dagger, backpack and hair dryer pistol.


Cobra Commander up close and personal

This GI Joe Classified Series Haslab HISS Tank Cobra Commander comes with the Mickey Mouse version of the Cobra logo on his chest. This is modeled after the vintage version where there was an error on the print of Cobra Commander’s chest logo and it came out looking like Mickey Mouse. That ultra rare version of Cobra Commander fetches a pretty penny on the aftermarket, so it’s very cool that they did this stunning homage in Classified scale!

Cobra Commander has his classic design in his blue outfit with nice silver lapel details, a black undershirt, and stripes on his cuffs as well. His shirt has silver buttons as well, with that great fold over at the collars. And of course he has that huge Mickey Mouse Cobra logo on his chest. He has on a black 2 part belt with red accents.


You can see here that Coco has a really cool red stripe down the sides of his pants, which is an homage to his vintage counterpart. He also has a knife sheath on his left leg that stows the included dagger.



You can see the simple design of Cobra Commander’s head. It is the simple chrome dome with the blue helmet like the vintage action figure.

His lapels and neck have nice silver button accents which is a great touch.


Chest and Back

Here you can see the close up of Coco’s chest. That big bright red Mickey Mouse Cobra logo adorns the center of his chest. His blue shirt is folded over and he has nice big silver buttons on the right edge.

His back includes a peg hole to attach his included backpack. He comes with his classic hair dryer pistol and it stows in this backpack. You will also notice another Mickey Mouse Cobra logo on the back pack as well, which was a nice added detail.

Coco is also wearing a layered belt with nice red accents and a red belt buckle.



Here you can see the simple design of Cobra Commander’s arms. He has a simple blue sleeve, with black gloved hands. His wrists have a nice striped detail design in silver. You will notice the articulation is top notch with pinless double elbow joints and butterfly joints at the shoulders.



Cobra Commander’s legs are a very simple design with blue slender legs and black shoes. He has a knife sheath on his left leg. The sides of his pants have that classic red stripe down them.



Cobra Commander comes packed with

  • 2 alternate additional hands
  • snake wrapped globe
  • dagger
  • backpack
  • hair dryer pistol.



All in all, this is a wonderful action figure and a stunning homage to the vintage A Real American Hero version of Cobra Commander! Plus he looks incredible with you GI Joe Classified Haslab Hiss tank!



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