Quicksilver Silverhawks Super7 Ultimates Review

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Check out our Quicksilver Silverhawks Super7 Ultimates review, the shining star of the line thus far! The homage to the cartoon version is spectacular!

One of the 1980’s most beloved cartoon series, The SilverHawks was a sister series to ThunderCats. The Silverhawks are a group of cybernetically enhanced heroes who protect the galaxy from the forces of evil. The SilverHawks use their special abilities and advanced technology to maintain peace and justice in the galaxy.The leader of the Silverhawks is Quicksilver, also known as Johnathan Quick. He is the pilot of the Silverhawk spacecraft, which is called the “Mirage.” Super7 did an spectacular job on this figure in capturing his cartoon look and feel and he comes with a ton of accessories so you can give him many different looks. We want to thank Entertainment Earth for providing this Super7 Silverhawks Ultimates Quicksilver for our in hand review.

Super7-Silverhawks-Ultimates-Quicksilver-action-pose-6 copy


The Silverhawks Ultimates come in very reflective packaging with the Sliverhawks logo on the front and an embossed logo and writing on the back.


The window display shows off some of the accessories and his alternate head sculpt. His bio is on the back of the box, which gives a nice backstory on the figure. You can read his bio below:


Figure Details

The overall color scheme of Quicksilver resembles the animated series from the 1980’s. His body has a suit of pearlescent silvery gray color that covers his whole body aside from the lower part of his right arm and face. He is also wearing a yellow Tally-Hawk wrist band remote control on his left wrist, which is a nice pop of color. He has a shiny silver belt buckle with a yellow dot in the center as a nice accent to his costume. Super7 Ultimates version, unlike his shiny vac-metal vintage counterpart, has a very nice pearlescent finish to the silver in his costume. I think if Super7 couldn’t achieve the vac-metal finish, this is the next best thing, and a beautiful homage to his cartoon verion.


He comes with an extra set of arms that have silver wings attached to them so he can look like he is in flight. They are a nice metallic silver and the paint app is evenly applied



Quicksilver comes with an impressive packout that Super7 is known for and they typically are secured in with a double layer of plastic trays to hold all of them.


He comes with the following accessories:

  • 2x interchangeable heads
  • 8x interchangeable hands
  • 2x Winged arms
  • 2x Alternate shoulders
  • 2x Laser effects
  • 2x Tally-Hawk figures
  • Tally-Hawk wrist band remote control

Quicksilver came with two versions of his trusty friend, Tally-Hawk. One verision was with Tally-Hawk with the wings closed. Both his legs and head are articulated and can move. The second version is Tally-Hawk with his wings spread wide open in flight, and his mouth is open as if he is screaming. His legs and head are also articulated.


You can perch Tally-Hawk on Quicksilver’s arm, although he doesn’t get that tight of a grip, and tends to fall off fairly easily. But he looks very cool there! Here you can see both the perched version and his an open wingspan version with open beak of Tally-Hawk. It is painted in the same style as the perched version.

Super7-Silverhawks-Ultimates-Quicksilver-action-pose-7 copy

One of the coolest features on this figure is the ability for the energy effects to plug into the shoulders on his winged set of arms.


Let’s take a look at some of the close ups of this figure below. Here we have his two different alternate heads. The first is the unmasked version, which has an excellent face sculpt that closely resembles the way he looked in the cartoon. The second is his helmeted version and looks very cool as well!


You can see how both the winged versions and non winged versions give him a variety of looks. His wrist remote control is removeable so you can switch it to his winged arms if you wanted to.


Having his wings on nicely frame his torso and add some interesting detail to the look of the figure.


His legs are all silver and articulated at his knees and ankle joints. Again, having him with his winged and non-winged look really changes his appearance.


Quicksilver Vintage Figure

Released in 1986, Quicksilver’s vintage action figure was the star of the line with it’s shinny vac-metal finish and being the leader of the group, it was the figure that every kid wanted! It showcased his distinctive appearance from the animated series, including his metal wings and cybernetic enhancements. The vintage Quicksilver was designed to resemble the character and featured his signature colors and details. He came with his trusty bird friend, Tally-Hawk! Pictured below is Quicksilver from my personal collection, the only vintage Silverhawk I own, but I love him!


Vintage Quicksilver Silverhawks

Quicksilver Vintage Figure Comparison

Of course there is a big difference between the vintage 1986 version of Quicksilver and this new Super7 Ultimate version, that being that the vintage version had that beautiful shiny vac-metal finish! The finish on the new Super7 Ultimates version is very nice with a pearlescent finish, and although not vac-metal, it resembles that cartoon version spectacularly! Another different is that the vintage version had an action feature when you pressed his legs together, that would activate this wings and they would pop open. His wings were made of a soft good shiny material. The Super7 version of course doesn’t have the action feature but instead uses swappable arms with the wings affixed to them. Also the vintage version has a cool Silverhawks insignia on his chest, and it would have been a cool feature for Super7 to also include this tampo’d on. It is very cool in any case to see them next to each other!




Here you can see the vintage Tally-Hawk on the left and the new Super 7 version on the right.

Quicksilver Silverhawks Super7 tallyhawk

Vintage Tally-Hawk on the left, Super7 on the right.


Quicksilver Animated Series

SilverHawks is an animated television series that aired from 1986 to 1987. It was produced by Rankin/Bass Productions, the same company that created ThunderCats. The show was about a team of cyborgs who are assembled by a good-hearted commander named Stargazer to help protect the galaxy from the evil Mon*Star and his gang of space criminals. The cyborgs are led by Quicksilver, who is able to fly at incredible speeds, and they all have weapons and abilities that make them unique. The SilverHawks were very popular in the mid-80s, and the show had a big impact on the toy industry. The toy line featured a range of action figures, vehicles, playsets, and even an electronic game. Despite its short run, SilverHawks has remained a cult favorite among fans of 80s cartoons. It’s known for its sci-fi themes, memorable characters, and catchy theme song.

Like the other SilverHawks, Quicksilver underwent cybernetic enhancements that granted him enhanced abilities. His cybernetic implants include metal wings that allow him to fly, as well as enhanced strength and agility. In the series, Quicksilver serves as the team’s leader, and alongside his fellow Steelwill, Bluegrass, and Steelheart fights against the villainous Mon*Star and his gang of intergalactic criminals known as the Mob.

Quicksilver has the ability to move at superhuman speeds, making him one of the fastest members of the team. He can run at speeds of up to 700 miles per hour, and he can also fly using special boots and wings built into his suit. In addition to his speed, he also has enhanced agility and reflexes, making him a formidable fighter in battle. Quicksilver is known for his quick wit and sense of humor, often cracking jokes and making clever one-liners during fights. Despite his lighthearted personality, he is a loyal and brave member of the team, always ready to jump into action to protect the galaxy from evil.

Silverhwaks cartoon

Quicksilver Silverhawks cartoon
Quicksilver cartoon with helmet
Quicksilver cartoon with helmet fliying

Where to Buy:

Again, thank you to Entertainment Earth for providing this Super7 Silverhawks Ultimates Quicksilver for our in hand review. Quicksilver is in stock and you can purchase him now with 10% off and free shipping on orders $59+ by using coupon code “TOYHABITS”

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