Steelwill Silverhawks Super7 Ultimates Review

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Check out our Steelwill Silverhawks Super7 Ultimates review as this line contunies to impress! The nod to the cartoon version is outstanding!

One half of the Hart Twins, Sgt. Will Hart – AKA Steelwill – and his cyborg modifications give him enhanced speed, agility, and strength to take on even the mighty Mumbo Jumbo! The SilverHawks are a group of cybernetically enhanced heroes who protect the galaxy from the forces of evil. One of the main characters in the series is Steelwill, also known as Commander Stargazer. Steelwill is the field commander of the SilverHawks and plays a crucial role in their missions. The SilverHawks use their special abilities and advanced technology to maintain peace and justice in the galaxy. Super7 did an amazing job capturing his cartoon look and feel and he comes with a ton of accessories so you can give him many different looks. We want to thank Entertainment Earth for providing this Super7 Silverhawks Ultimates Steelwill for our in hand review.



The Silverhawks Ultimates come in very reflective packaging with the Sliverhawks logo on the front and an embossed logo and writing on the back.


The window display shows off some of the accessories and his alternate head sculpt. His bio is on the back of the box, which gives a nice backstory on the figure.


Steelwill Vintage Figure

Steelwill’s action figure showcased his distinctive appearance from the animated series, including his metal wings and cybernetic enhancements. The figure was designed to resemble the character and featured his signature colors and details.


Steelwill Animated Series

The backstory of Steelwill is not extensively explored in the series, but it is established that he comes from the planet of Hawk Haven. Like the other SilverHawks, Steelwill underwent cybernetic enhancements that granted him enhanced abilities. His cybernetic implants include metal wings that allow him to fly, as well as enhanced strength and agility. In the series, Steelwill serves as the team’s strategist and second-in-command, working closely with the team leader, Quicksilver. Alongside his fellow SilverHawks, Steelwill fights against the villainous Mon*Star and his gang of intergalactic criminals known as the Mob.


Figure Details

The overall color scheme of Steelwill resembles the animated series from the 1980’s. His body has a suit of pearlescent blue that covers his whole body aside from his left arm and face. There is a metallic blue band on this right arm and right leg, that help break up the solid blue of the figure.


He comes with an extra set of arms that have silver wings attached to them so he can look like he is in flight. They are a nice metallic silver and the paint app is evenly applied



Steelwill comes with an impressive packout that Super7 is known for and they typically are secured in with a double layer of plastic trays to hold all of them.


He comes with the following accessories:

  • 3x interchangeable heads
  • 10x interchangeable hands
  • 2x Winged arms
  • 2x Alternate shoulders
  • 4x Laser effects
  • 2x Stronghold figures
  • 1x Streamer blaster with effect
  • 1x Screamer blaster
  • 1x Alternate Screamer blast effect

His screamer weapon is a mostly blue and grey gun with a pink lipped mouth with white teeth on the front. It comes with two ways to display this weapon with an open and closed mouth. His other blaster is a dark military green and a black barrel and a yellow blast effect that is removable.


Stonghold is his trusty companion and he is given a dark blue and pearlescent blue paint app that is complimented by the white fur on this chest and head. This version is shown perched and he has a closed beak.


He also comes with an open wingspan version of Stronghold that has an open beak. It is painted in the same style as the perched version.


One of the coolest features on this figure is the ability for the energy effects to plug into the shoulders on his winged set of arms.


There are so many ways to display and pose this figure as it comes with a ton of accessories to mix and match the perfect style for your shelf.


Where to Buy:

Again, thank you to Entertainment Earth¬†for providing this Super7 Silverhawks Ultimates Steelwill for our in hand review. Steelwill is currently sold out, but when he comes back in stock and you can purchase him now with 10% off and free shipping on orders $59+ by using coupon code “TOYHABITS”

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