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Turtles of Grayskull MOTU Origins TMNT Crossover Wave 3 Deluxe Figures

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The new Turtles of Grayskull MOTU Origins TMNT Crossover figures have fans super excited and the news doesn’t stop coming! The deluxe figures for this line thus far have all been either Walmart or Target Exclusives, as we discussed in Turtles of Grayskull Wave 1 & 2 Deluxe Big Box Retailer Exclusives. This wave is no exception, because according to an anonymous source there will be 2 Turtles of Grayskull MOTU Origins Deluxe exclusive figures that will be part of Wave 3 and they include:

  • Splinter (Target Exclusive)
  • Leatherhead ( Walmart Exclusive)

Since we only have the names of these Deluxe figures in Wave 3, we will look at either teases thus far or what their character looks. As soon as more information is available or images revealed, we will be sure to update you!

Deluxe Figures

These two deluxe figures are headed for Target and Walmart! As we mentioned above, Leatherhead will be Walmart exclusive (and suddenly “millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror.”) Splinter will be as you guess it a Target exclusive. Let’s recap the exclusives from the first two waves:

Wave 1 Deluxe Figures

  • Mouse Jaw (Target exclusive)
  • Krang (Walmart exclusive)

Wave 2 Deluxe Figures

  • Sla-ker (Target exclusive)
  • Moss Man (Walmart exclusive)

Wave 3 Deluxe Figures

  • Splinter (Target exclusive)
  • Leatherhead (Walmart exclusive)

Wave 3 Deluxe Exclusives

Let’s take a look at the two characters we know will be Deluxe exclusive figures in Wave 3.

Splinter (Target Exclusive)

Splinter has got to be included in this new subline as the Turtles need their sensei! I can’t wait to see how Splinter turns out for this line! How will they MOTUize him? Will he be flocked or not? So many questions, but to suffice to say because he is a deluxe figure, nothing is off the table at this point!

Splinter cartoon
Splinter animated

Leatherhead (Walmart Exclusive)

Leatherhead, our favorite Cajun Gator is joining the line! He is one of the two exclusive figures that we actually got a tease for in the Mini Comic, which we covered in the Turtles of Grayskull MOTU Origins Mini Comic Teases article. The strange thing is that Leatherhead looks rather in his normal state. You can see his illustration in the image below. I can’t wait to see what this MOTU crossover version of Leatherhead will look like, especially since he is a deluxe figure! Here we can see the tease for Leatherhead as he struggles to hold on to Mutated He-Man

Turtles-of-Grayskull-Wave-1-Mini-Comic-Page-9 Leatherhead Tease

Pictured below is how he appeared in the 1980’s cartoon series and his vintage 80’s Playmates toy version.

Leatherhead cartoon

Previously revealed Target Exclusives: Mouse Jaw and Sla’ker

The deluxe figures heading to the big box retailer with the bullseye are Mouse-Jaw and Sla’ker!


Mouse Jaw

Trap Jaw (or Mouse Jaw) is also joining the line and boy is he supercharged! He has a while helmet and a flame attachment with a blast effect that looks like the Mouser from TMNT. It also looks like Trap Jaw’s attachments on his belt can be used to form an actual Mouser! How freakin cool is that?


Mouse Jaw is a cross between Trap Jaw and a Mouser! He has Trap Jaw’s arm, but perhaps using the new Cartoon Collection sculpt, and his head isTrap Jaw with a Mouser head for his helmet! There is also a full Mouser included that can be attached to his arm as well!


He also comes with Roboto’s attachments in a light blue color, which is a departure from his normal set of weapons like his hook, laser blaster, and his claw.



Sla’ker looks like a hilarious take on Faker and the TMNT Slash figure! You can see he pizza’s through the busted chest armor and he comes in the classic Faker blue with orange, pink, and purple accents.


Previously revealed Walmart Exclusives: Mutated Moss Man and Krang

The deluxe figures heading to the big box retailer that is synonymous with folding the beautiful figures we love into tacos are Mutated Moss Man and Krang.


Mutated Moss Man

Mutated Moss Man looks to be a cross between Moss Man and the stranger things Demogorgon. He is made of translucent green plastic and not flocked. He comes packed with a Demogorgon accessory and 2 translucent blue blast effects.


Mutated Moss man is wearing some crazy purple armor that looks very organic, like weeds growing off his body. He has brand new beast like hands and he has Demogorgon feet!


From all angles, Moss Man looks like a force to be reckoned with!



It looks like Krang uses the Andre the Giant buck from the WWE Superstars line. As you can see, he has the Krang Robot body style head, visor and all, and it looks like Horde chest armor.


He is wearing a red helmet, red gloves, a black loin cloth with what looks like a bronze chain, and red boots.


Krang’s brain is in a center portion that from the images looks like it can be removed as the Origins bucks have that modularity to them.


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