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Action Soldier Infantry 60th Anniversary GI Joe Classified Series Box Leak

The amazing gi_shark is batting a thousand today by posting another leaked image of a figure what was digitally revealed at Hasbro Pulse Con 2023. He recently leaked an image of the GI Joe Classified Series Big Boa and now it’s the 60th Anniversary Action Soldier Infantry’s turn! The figure comes packed in the newly returned window display box and what a sight to see!

December 7, 2023: UPDATE: Action Soldier Infantry Official Image Leaked

Thanks to GI_Shark for posting an image of the 60th Anniversary Action Soldier Infantry (along with the Action Soldier Recon Diver)!


The packout for this figure is outstanding and it’s great to see all of the goodies on display. The packaging is colored like a killer bee and we get to see the illustration that is on the front of the box.


60th Anniversary Figures in the Classified line

Action Soldier

In the spirit of the original Gi Joe Figures from the 1960’s. Soft goods tunic. Comes with a ton of weapons, machine guns, rifles, guns, backpack, figure stand and lots more! He also comes with a swappable head as well. He has a 3 color camo scheme.

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