Teela MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection Hands On Review
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Teela MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection Hands On Review + Video

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Check out our Teela Cartoon Collection Review from the MOTU Origins line plus we have a ladies only Teela parts swapping party!

We obtained an early figure of the MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection Teela at the same time we received the MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection Trap Jaw to round out the first 6 Cartoon Collection figure reviews. Like the other MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection figures, Teela features a Filmation style look as well as accessories from the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe episode, “Pawns of the Game Master.”


Packaging and Card Art

Teela comes packed on the MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection card back and she looks amazing with her weapons and accessories front and center! On the cross sell, we can see the next Cartoon Collection figures, Stratos and Mer-Man.


The card art is inspired by the Pawns of the Game Master MOTU Filmation episode. The illustration shows Teela fending off a blast from the Training Robot.


Pawns of the Game Master Filmation Episode

Teela’s card art and accessory pay homage to the Pawns of the Game Master MOTU Filmation episode. According to the Wiki Grayskull, they provide a very detailed synopsis of the episode:

“The Game Master comes to Eternia in search of new warriors to participate in gladiatorial combat. He dismisses Ram Man as too clumsy and Beast Man as too savage for his purposes, but He-Man piques his interest. The Game Master fakes a distress call and has his servants attack He-Man when he comes to investigate, but He-Man easily defeats them and pointedly tells the Game Master that he isn’t interested in becoming a gladiator. The Game Master calls off his servants and lets He-Man go, but sends a winged spy to collect information that he can use against He-Man.


Back at the Royal Palace, Teela is sparring with Man-At-Arms’ new Training Robot, which knocks her to the ground and shoots her sword out of her hand. He-Man arrives just in time to take her shield and throw it at the robot, switching it off and making it collapse to the ground. He tells her about his encounter with the Game Master, leading Teela to remark that it would have been terrible if he’d been taken away. The Game Master’s spy overhears them confess that they mean a lot to each other, and flies back to the Cosmic Arena to report to its master.


Later, Prince Adam is showing off Strider to a couple of female courtiers, but the horse goes wild and throws him into the fountain when he tries to activate it. Teela shows up and tells Adam that Strider only recognizes Man-At-Arms’ voice and her own, then encourages Adam to rely on his natural charm rather than showing off to impress people and trying to compete with He-Man. The Game Master then shows up with some servants, who capture Teela and subdue Adam when he tries to fight them. The Game Master takes the Power Sword as a trophy and tells Adam to send He-Man to the Cosmic Arena alone if he ever wants to see Teela again. Orko and Cringer then show up, and the three of them set out in the Wind Raider to rescue Teela on their own.


At the Cosmic Arena, Teela tries to escape from her cell and is recaptured by the Game Master, who intends to add both He-Man and her to his roster of gladiators permanently. Orko arrives soon after with Cringer, who he describes to the Game Master as “one of the fiercest, most savage creatures on this or any other planet.” Adam sneaks onto the Game Master’s ship and goes looking for Teela while Orko and Cringer have their audience with him, but he gets caught once the Game Master becomes wise to his friends’ charade.


Adam and Cringer are taken to the ship’s gladiatorial arena, where they are forced to fight Kraggox the Terrible while the Game Master, Teela, and Orko watch. Adam becomes trapped under a slab of stone that Kraggox blasts off the wall, but Orko uses his magic to untie the ropes around his and Teela’s wrists and help Adam get free. Teela takes the Power Sword from the Game Master and charges Kraggox, but is hit by his stinger and knocked unconscious. The Game Master delightedly proclaims that the match is the best one he’s seen in ages, but Orko drops a tapestry on him and blinds Kraggox with a flash of light, buying Adam and Cringer time to transform into He-Man and Battle Cat. The two of them easily defeat Kraggox, but the Game Master decides to engage He-Man personally. He uses his trident and an exploding discus even after He-Man challenges him to unarmed combat, and when he orders his servants to fight He-Man, they walk out on him. He refuses to accept his loss even as He-Man ties him up with his own trident, and when Teela regains consciousness, she is just as surprised as He-Man is that Adam showed up to help rescue her.


Later, He-Man and Teela are at Castle Grayskull, where the Sorceress tells the Game Master’s former servants that they are free to return home now that he is in the palace jail. As the creatures step through her time corridor, He-Man asks Teela whether she would prefer a man like Adam or a man like him. Teela replies that she’d prefer a man with Adam’s wit and his courage, but has no idea where she’d find him. He-Man and the Sorceress exchange knowing winks as the episode ends.”


YouTube Video Review

You can also check out the video review we also posted on YouTube.

Figure Details

Teela’s Cartoon Collection figure is pretty spot on with her Filmation look! The only aspect of the figure that appears off is the color of her tiara, chest armor, and bicep cuffs. I would have rather those parts be painted or cast in that nice gold, like she was portrayed in the cartoon. Her hair flows naturally from front to back and they nailed her hair color.


From the side profiles, you can see how slim this this figure is as she did not get a special Cartoon Collection buck as they are reusing the first release MOTU Origins bucks.


Her face is painted very nicely and I love the dark red lipstick! Her collar on her armor is raised up and it fits her like a glove all the way around.


Her tiara is made of the same material that her chest armor is made of and they did an amazing job integrating that into the head sculpt.


Her chest armor is also made of a gummy, pliable plastic, which is overlaid on her figure buck and this piece is not sculpted on.



Teela comes packed with her Training Robot, a Filmation inspired sword, and a hard plastic shield.


The Training Robot has articulated arms, which was a nice surprise!


Teela also looks amazing with her Filmation inspired sword!


He-Man Cartoon Collection Comparison

Since Mattel simply reused the MOTU Origins buck for her figure, she looks really small and dainty standing next to the Cartoon Collection He-Man. The two different styled bucks, in my opinion, don’t really go together.


Teela Parts Swapping Party

Let’s see what parts are swappable and which are not so we have Teela’s first release, her Zoar release with the high ponytail, and her Snake version.


The headdress from her first release fits really nicely on the figure and it a nice option if you want to throw that on her!


As I discovered, the ball joint for her Cartoon Collection figure is ever so slightly larger so any previous versions of Teela will not fit BUT the Cartoon Collection version head will fit on earlier Teela figures. The arms and upper torso’s will also work!


The Snake version of Teela looks super cool if you want to change things up!


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