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Trap Jaw MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection In Hand Review & First Release Comparison

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Check out our MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection Trap Jaw review, complete with a comparison to his MOTU Origins v1 release

The MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection started off with a bang with the debut of 6 new figures at San Diego Comic Con 2023. We’ve reviewed He-Man, Beast Man, Skeletor, and Man-At-Arms but the figure that I have been looking forward to the most is Trap Jaw! I’m a huge fan of the MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection line and, as a collector, it is fun to see different variations of figures. Back in the 1980’s, the cartoons were used to sell figures figures that appeared in the shows, and, flash forward to 2023, we are finally getting Filmation accurate Trap Jaw. Of course there have been Filmation style figures before but the 5.5″ MOTU Origins figure are equiped with the articulation we were missing from the vintage figures. The pastel pinks, blues, and greens come together to make a fantastic figure that pays homage to Trap Jaw’s Filmation appearance.


You can also view our YouTube where we go over all of the details and compare the Cartoon Collection version with his first release.

Trap Jaw Packaging

Trap Jaw comes on the MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection Card and he posed with his mouth wide open! His hook is attached to his right arm and he looks amazing as the pinks play really well off the of the blues and purples of the card.


Trap Jaw Card Art

Here we can see a beautiful illustration of the Cartoon Collection Trap Jaw illustrating a scene from the Filmation episode ” Double Edged Sword”, where Trap Jaw eats a piece of Eternium from the of Sands of Time to become as powerful as He-Man. You can also see Mer-Man coming out of the water behind him, giving us another look at the second new figure from the cross sell.


Double Edge Sword Filmation Episode

The Eternium accessory that comes comes packed with the Cartoon Collection Trap Jaw was inspired by the MOTU Filmation episode Double Edge Sword. According to the Wiki Grayskull, “A young boy, Chad, who was under the care of his disabled grandfather, dreamt of joining the Royal Guard and enjoying the glory of battle, until an attack by the Evil Warriors taught him the true cost of war. There was a mad rush by both the good and bad guys to collect the energy source Eternium in the Sands of Time. Both sides invaded a neutral desert country for a rare mineral power supply. The young boy was attacked by a Spidasaur, a sea monster summoned by Mer-Man (despite being at the desert, there was a small lake, but seemingly deep enough for the Spidasaur), and He-Man came to the rescue. Trap Jaw then decided to eat some eternium to become as powerful as He-Man and convinced Mer-Man to help him get the eternium, promising to turn two thirds of Eternia into an ocean.

Double Edge Sword Trap Jaw 2

His strength greatly amplified by the Eternium, Trap Jaw rumbled with He-Man, but his newfound powers wore off and he went in search for more. Chad’s pet Burbie ingested the last piece instead, but it proved to be poisonous to the small creature, so He-Man took it to the Sorceress to help the pet get better. In the meantime, Chad’s grandfather told him that was he formerly a soldier, but once used his Scatter Ray to scare some attacking orcs and his reckless shots made a mountain crumble on him, and that’s what caused his legs to be paralyzed.


Figure Details

Overall, the MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection version of Trap Jaw looks outstanding! His color palette in the Filmation He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon was a pinkish/reddish color scheme coupled with blue skin and green accents.


Given his thinner right mechanical arm, this gives him a slimmer profile.


Trap Jaw has an angular jaw design that follows the lines of his Filmation counterpart. He has a green face, green saw’like teeth on his upper jaw, and the best part of his head sculpt is that we finally get a version of Trap Jaw with eyebrows!


His chest is simple as it is just exposed skin in the front and back of his body. The greens on his belt ties in with his wrist cuffs and he has a pink furry (sans real fur) loin cloth. The belt also has room to stow one arm attachment, which is an upgrade from his Filmation appearance, which had none.


His oversized right arm, courtesy of the comeuppance he received from Skeletor, is clad in pink, which attaches to his right arm socket that has a black piece over his right breast and shoulder. The wrist cuffs are a simple green, smooth sculpted peice.


Trap Jaw’s right mechanical arm is made up of two sections! The upper section of the arm plugs into the figure buck and the lower portion of the arm is removable.


Given that the upper portion of the arm can be removed, you can create that short armed look from the Filmation cartoon.


The leg armor is predominantly pink with an accentuated knee armor that flows into his pink shin armor. The colors are set off by the blue skin on his upper thighs and the black base of the leg.


Weapons and Accessories

In addition to the hook that Trap Jaw comes packed with, he has a pink laser canon and his Eternium!


The laser cannon attachment and Eternium are cool accessories but I wish that Trap Jaw had come with some of his tried and true weapons, the like infamous fly swatter.


MOTU Origins v1 Release Comparisons

Let’s take a look at how the MOTU Origins version one release compares to the Cartoon Collection version. We are really here to answer the question…are all of the parts swappable on Trap Jaw? The short answer is no but let’s take a look!


Overall, there are some pretty stark differences in the figures! Now seeing the Cartoon Collection side by side with his first release, the updated head sculpt makes the first release look like a muppet with no eyebrows. The The first release can still carry more weapons and it would have been great for the Cartoon Collection to come with more attachments like we saw in the Filmation cartoon.


The Cartoon Collection Trap Jaw does have a slimmer profile due to the slimmer mechanical arm.


Are are the parts swappable…like I said earlier, the short answer is not and the only parts that you can’t swap are the mechanical arms and the first release head does not fit on the ball joint of the Cartoon Collection buck. The arm attachments of the first release do fit on the Cartoon Collection figure but they are a tight fit.


Where to Buy

You can purchase the following Cartoon Collection at retailers listed below.

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Cartoon Collection Trap Jaw

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