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New Eternia Mekaneck MOTU Masterverse In Hand Review

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Ever since I laid eyes on New Eternia Mekaneck that was on display at San Diego Comic Con 2023, I knew this would be an epic figure! We had come across the Mekaneck figure description and I was so excited for this figure that I photoshopped what his neck extensions looked like before the official images were released. New Eternia Mekaneck was the figure I was most looking forward to in the Masterverse Wave 12 assortment even before we spilled the beans on who the secret mystery figure was in the Wave. Dubbed as the Heroic Human Periscope, the Masterverse figure delivers both style and function and is finally packed with enough neck extensions to make any collector happy! What threw me about this New Eternia version of Mekeneck is that there is no design or pack in that pays homage to his original concept, which we will get into further down the review. That said, this is the standout figure of the Wave and we are excited to have an early copy to share with you. This article is co-written by Micheal & The Toy Sorceress, with photography by The Toy Sorceress.


The neck extensions and articulation on this New Eternia Mekaneck are just incredible and makes for some really dynamic display options!


Mekaneck Box and Art

Mekaneck comes packed in the new style of Masterverse box that is mostly made entirely of amazing illustrations. His trusty telescope mace is packed beside him and the rest of the accessories are included in the box. Beautiful illustrations surround the window opening to create a stunning display for your figure to come packed in.



The left side panel of art on the New Eternia Mekaneck box shows a blue version of the Road Ripper, which seems to be Mekaneck’s choice of ride for getting around in Eternia. This is a very cool easter egg that lines up with his shield design (explained blow). On the right side panel, it shows an illustration of Mekaneck’s telescoping neck and a larger image of his upper body in the background. There is also a new storylien for Mekaneck on the back of the package. “Captain of King Randor’s submarine squadron, Mekaneck searches of the broken pieces of Grayskull in the darkest depths of the ocean, hoping to restore New Eternia to it’s former glory”. That begs the question, what happened to Castle Grayskull in New Eternia and why are their pieces of it in the depths of the Ocean? Oh my, one can only imagine!



Mekaneck comes packed holding his club / telescope. For those of you that didn’t realize it, if you turn Mekaneck’s club upsidedown, there is a hole on the other side and he uses it as a telescope! What else would the Captain of King Randor’s submarine squadron be carrying around but his very own telescope!


Blue Road Ripper Easter Egg

We love all of the nods and easter eggs that are designed into the details or accessories from the Masterverse line! I was chatting with my partner in crime, the @ToySoceress, who has very deep knowledge of MOTU, mentioned that the Mekaneck Shield has a huge easter egg on it! Like New Eternia Battle Armor He-Man’s shield was a nod to the Dragon Walker, Mekaneck’s shield is a nod to the Argentinan exclusive blue Road Ripper! The @ToySoceress is also an Argentinian exclusive herself so she should know! According to the Battle Ram Blog, “Argentinian manufacturer Top Toys produced a version of the Road Ripper in blue, although they retained the artwork on the packaging that depicted it in green.”

Image sources in this collage: Battle Ram Blog

New Eternia Concept

The whole draw for this line was the Mattel was going to pay homage to early concepts of these figures and Mekaneck is the first New Eternia figure that deviates from this. Originally dubbed Spy Man, Roger Sweet’s illusration contains the basic building blocks of the figure. The helmet on the concept looked more ornate than angular, which was colored with a greens and golds. The armor has a similar shape to the vintage Mekaneck and the figure’s chest chest and arms are red. Looking at the Masterverse figure, it would have been nice to pack an alternate head sculpt that paid homage to the original concept.

Source: The Art of the Masters of the Universe Toy Design

Figure Details

Rather than paying homage to Mekaneck’s concept, this New Eternia version leans into his vintage and MOTU Classics design, but with a twist! That articulated multiple part neck of his makes this version of Mekaneck an absolute stand out amongst all the previous versions!


Overall, thi version of Mekaneck pays more homage to the MOTU Classics figure than anything else. He has his classic red, silver, and blue color scheme that we all know and love.


Mekaneck looks amazing all around and you can see the an design of his classic helmet and his angular armor design.


The added features of being able to use his neck extensions on his club, and that very cool Blue Road Ripper crested shield are incredible details that truly make this Mekaneck the ultimate version. Did we mention that Mekaneck can ride on the Origins Road Ripper? Yes he is a little big for it, but he still looks darn cool sitting on there! Now if Mattel can only release a Masterverse scale Blue Road Ripper, like the Argentinian exclusive, I personally, (the Toy Sorceress) would be very happy!


Mekaneck’s head sculpt is classic in all respects and they even made his goggles reflective, just like the vintage and MOTU Classics figure. His red helmet hugs his face and the silver band wraps all the way around his helmet.


Unlike his vintage and all other versions, he does not share the same armor as Stinkor but it’s a very similar the piece with some design changes that is cast in red with silver paint apps applied on the front of the figure. The back of the armor has a crisscross pattern and a port to stow his shield on his back.


Here you can see what it looks like when his shield is plugged into his back. He looks really cool carrying it there.


From the arms (and the shield cuff that is reused from the New Eternia Battle Armor He-Man), loin cloth, and legs, these parts are reused and there is nothing special about them other than they are painted to go with Mekaneck’s color scheme.


You can see that Mekaneck’s legs use the standard Masterverse buck, with typical belt, loin cloth and boot design.


He can even ride on the Road Ripper with his shield safely attached to his left wrist.


Weapons and Accessories

Aside from the Telescope Mace that is packed beside him, Mekaneck comes with 5 (countem…5) extra neck extensions, a shield that pays homage to the Argentinian Blue Road Ripper, and two extra hands.


You can see that his neck extensions come with 5 pieces and they each separately articulate! Also the detail on Mekaneck’s shield is stunning, and we just love the Blue Road Ripper crest!


You can use Mekaneck’s club as a telescope cause of course he needs his trusty telescope to be a proper Captain of King Randor’s submarine squadron!


MOTU Classics Comparison

Since the New Eternia Mekaneck leans very hard on the MOTU Classics design, we are comparing him to that figure so you can see the similarities and differences, The first stand out difference between the two is the next extensions. You can see that the Masterverse version has articulated sections that can be extended from 2, or 3 or 5 pieces. In contrast, the MOTU Classics version comes with 2 neck extensions, one shorter one and one longer one, but they do not articulate at all, they are just straight pieces.


The Masterverse version gives you so much more versatility when it comes to display options. The second big difference between the two figures is the club /telescope. The Masterverse version allows you to attach the articulated neck extensions to the top of his mace so that he can use it as a cool telescope that extends like his neck! They MOTU Classics version does not do that. Finally the last big difference between the figures is that the Masterverse version has modern articulation with double jointed elbows and knees, and pinless joints. The MOTU Classics version retains the old single pinned joints.


Where to Buy

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