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Retro Recondo GI Joe Classified Series In Hand Images

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The one and only sb_toyz strikes yet again, this time with some amazing in hand images of everyone’s favorite Aussie, the GI Joe Classified Series Retro Recondo! Retro Recondo went up for preorder during the GI Joe Classfiied Series FanStream in December 2023 so it’s awesome to see in hand images of this Outback trekking Joe! Recondo is such a classic GI Joe character and it’s great to finally have him in the Retro Classified Series Line! Sb_toyzreally brought out the details and character of Recondo with his amazing photos! Recondo has an amazing packout that pays homage to the vintage figure while providing some really cool updates that makes this figure standout Joe in the wave. So let’s check out these amazing Retro Recondo GI Joe Classified Series In Hand Images by sb_toyz!

The new Retro Card Backs are a vast improvement to the previous versions that used to come folded up like a taco! They are now using a much thicker card back that is sandwiched around the bubble, similar to the Retro Marvel Legend figures! Retro Recondo has an incredible packout and looks amazing on the Retro Card back. The Card Back also includes a classic style illustration of Recondo with the signature GI Joe burst explosion. The cross sell on the back includes only the 3 retro figures in the wave, and a multilanguage file card.

I just love how classic Recondo looks with his Ausie hat, handlebar and mustache!

His vintage color scheme with the tan and green camo pants looks amazing and it’s wonderful to have the vintage style version of Recondo.

I just love his classic look as this pays a beautiful homage to his vintage counterpart. His backpack also has some very nice detail with the sleeping bag painting brown and his backpack green. You can also see a close up of his torso below.

Retro Recondo Reveal

Recondo is in his classics look with the tiger pattern cammo and he looks awesome!


This is the first time we are seeing the Retro Cardback Recondo and he looks stunning!


Retro Recondo Official Images



Retro Recondo Digital Render Reveal

Redeco of the Tiger Force version in his classic colors. He comes with the same accessories as the Tiger Force version and he will be on a retro card back and comes with a stand.

Where to Buy

You can purchase these figures are the following retailers:

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Quick Kick
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Techno Viper
Big Boa
Retro Duke
Retro Scarlett
Retro Recondo

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