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Big Boa GI Joe Classified Series In Hand Images

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The one and only sb_toyz is really hitting it outta the park with his incredible photography and this time with stunning in hand images of everyone’s favorite prizer fighter, the GI Joe Classified Series Big Boa! Big Boa went up for preorder during the GI Joe Classfiied Series FanStream in December 2023 so it’s awesome to see in hand images of cobra’s trainer and boxing machine, Big Boa! Big Boa is such a classic GI Joe character that was meant to be Rocky, but at the last minute was changed due to licensing and became an instant classic! It’s great to add him to our line up of Corbas in the Classified Series Line! Sb_toyz really brought out the details and character of Big Boa with his stunning photos! Big Boa has an such a cool packout including freakin dumbbells for him to train with! So let’s check out these amazing Big Boa GI Joe Classified Series In Hand Images by sb_toyz!

The return of the window display box is a nice sight and the Big Boa has his incredible packout is on full display. There is not much room for art or imagery on these new boxes, and it’s sad to see that in the latest wave of figures, they did away with the front illustrations all together! We hope they make some changes because it was fun that the team included teases on the box.

Here you can see Big Boa’s packout, which includes his boxing helmet, boxing gloves, and a set of dumbbells!


I love how he looks working out with the dumbbells and also using the boxing gloves!

The boxing helmet they designed is a wonderful homage to the vintage figure, and I just love that you can remove it to expose a brand new design for Big Boa’s head that we never got to see before! Anyone else kind of see Rocky in that face?

This is a classic figure that will make an excellent addition to any GI Joe collector’s collection!

Big Boa Reveal

They gave Big Boas extra head sculpt a “deadpan” look and he comes with extra fists that have blood on them. He also comes with 90 pound dumbells!


Big Boa Official Images




Big Boa Digital Render

Big Boa is Cobra’s trainer. He has swappable heads. Finally, we can see what he looks like with his helmet off. He has his teeth knocked out, and a grizzled face. He comes with some weights and swappable hands. Big Boa was first released carded as part of the sixth series (1987). He was also sold in 1988 and was discontinued domestically in 1989. Big Boa came with a silver mouthpiece, two red flexsteel-mesh boxing gloves with white Cobra logos, a brown punching bag, and a black stand for the punching bag.

Where to Buy

You can purchase these figures are the following retailers:

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