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MOTU Origins “Pearl of Power” Stopmotion Video Teases Cartoon Collection Sorceress

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Today, Mattel had their incredible Mattel Revealed event, and surprised us with some very cool new MOTU figures! Amongst the cool reveals was an incredible stopmotion video by @stuntpuppetpictures, entitled “Pearl of Power” featuring the MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection! If you want a recap of everything revealed thus far, be sure to check out our Masters of the Universe Full Fall 2024 Catalog Reveal article. In this video we Skeletor who obtains the “Pearl of Power” and gains incredible strength and He-Man battles against Skeletor to get it back. You will notice while Skeletor is holding that Pearl, we see image of the Sorceress inside! Could this be a tease for a Cartoon Collection Sorceress? Let’s take a look at the video below and explore this MOTU Origins “Pearl Power” Stopmotion Video that teases a Cartoon Collection Sorceress! Now this is just speculation on our part, but it is always fun to dream!

Here we can see images below from the “Pearl Power” Stopmotion Video by @stuntpuppetpictures, and you can clearly see the Sorceress’ image in the Pearl of Power! Now this could simply be the original Origins vintage style Sorceress figure, but it fun to speculate, right?


Here we can see He-Man looking at the Sorceress in the Pearl!


Here we can see some more close ups of the Pearl of Power!


Here Skeletor is holding the Pearl aloft!


Filmation Sorceress

The Sorceress was my all time favorite character from the Filmation Cartoon Series, which I think is obvious given this is being written by your own Toy Sorceress! She was powerful, mystical, kind and wise, and I really loved how she changed form into a beautiful bird! Getting a Cartoon Collection of the Sorceress would be incredible as if we look at the MOTU Club Grayskull version of 2018, you will see how wonderful she can look in her animated style!

According to: The Sorceress | Wiki Grayskull | Fandom:

The Sorceress was the mistress and guardian of the Secrets of Castle Grayskull, the source of He-Man’s great power. Although considered one of the three most powerful beings on Eternia, she exemplified humility and a truly selfless nature, never seeking credit for her efforts or aid. She dwelled alone within Castle Grayskull, keeping watch over Eternia and acting as a guide to He-Man.

Once named Teela Na, her home, the village of Nowella, was attacked, and subsequently conquered, by Morgoth and his allies Ferros, Repta, and Rachney, servants of the Evil Horde. With the aid of an old storyteller’s rhyme: In barren places find ye hope/And where no water springs, no plant grows, no wind blows/Find all you need…), Teela Na sought out Castle Grayskull, which she hoped would help her find a way to defeat her captors. Just as she was about to succumb to the Eternian wastelands, the mystical fortress appeared before Teela Na’s eyes, and she was invited inside by a mysterious voice. Once inside she came across an old woman, her predecessor as the Sorceress; Kuduk Ungol. Her predecessor invited her to take up the mantle of Castle Grayskull’s protector, and explained her duties as such: Teela Na accepted the offer and immersed herself in the Pool of Power, which inundated her with the powers of Castle Grayskull. Once she had taken her place as the guardian of Castle Grayskull, the Sorceress returned to Nowella and overthrew the invaders before returning to her new home inside Castle Grayskull.

The Sorceress | Wiki Grayskull | Fandom
Filmation Sorceress throneroom

Here we can see a few more images of her classic Filmation Cartoon appearance.

FIlmation Sorceress 2
FIlmation Sorceress 3

Sorceress in action figure form

The Sorceress was first released as an action figure by Mattel back in 1986, as part of the last wave of figures and fetches a very high price on the vintage aftermarket. Always thought of as a grail piece by vintage MOTU collectors, the Sorceress had a very cute vintage charm but didn’t quite reflect her look in the Filmation cartoon series. Pictured below is a beautiful carded version of the Sorceress, and an uncarded vintage version, from my very own personal collection. You might recogize here from my avatar!, Yes this is the actual “The Toy Sorceress”!

Sorceress_MOTU 1987 MOC mint
Sorceress Masters of the Universe 1987

MOTU Classics then released a version the Sorceress in 2012, but again this one was based on the vintage action figure with a lot more detail and articulation in the MOTU Classics style.

Sorceress Masters of the Universe Classics 2012

The Sorceress was released in action figure form in 2018 as part of the MOTU Classics Club Grayskull line by Super 7. She looked exactly like she did in the Filmation Cartoon series, and came with an alternate head sculpt and a Zoar companion bird with perch.

Club Grayskull Sorceress figure
Sorceress (Club Grayskull) Super7 Masters of the Universe Classics 2018 Wave 2

The next version of the Sorceress came in 2021 as part of Wave 7 in the MOTU Origins line. This was a perfect Origins Style homage to the original vintage 1986 Sorceress action figure! And finally the last figure we got was the recent Masterverse Revelation Sorceress shown below.

Sorceress Masters of the Universe Origins Wave 7
Sorceress MOTU Masterverse Action Pose 8

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