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Masters of the Universe Full Fall 2024 Catalog Reveal

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Mattel has been firing on all cylinders with all sorts of “teased” reveals for us, and has let us know via their (@masters) Instagram page to Tune In on March 26th for the full Fall 2024 Masters of the Universe product Catalog! This is on top of their Mattel Revealed event happening March 21st and 22nd! So stay tuned to for all the drops! So be sure to come back so we can update you on all the Masters of the Universe Full Fall 2024 product catalog! A recap of what was revealed thus far is below. Preorders are currently live on Big Bad Toy Store and Entertainment Earth!

Where to Buy:

Preorders are currently live on Big Bad Toy Store and Entertainment Earth!

New Products

Cartoon Collection Evil Lyn
Cartoon Collection Webstor
Cartoon Collection Prince Adam Cringer 2 Pack
Cartoon Collection Spikor
Cartoon Collection Clawful
Horde Trooper Prime & Hover Bot
Cartoon Collection Collector
Cartoon Collection He-Man
Cartoon Collection Beast Man
Cartoon Collection Man-At-Arms
Cartoon Collection Skeletor
Cartoon Collection Teela
Cartoon Collection Trap Jaw
Cartoon Collection Mer-Man Package
Cartoon Collection Mer-Man
Cartoon Collection Stratos Package
Cartoon Collection Stratos
Masters of the Universe Origins She-Ra Fan Favorite
Fan Favorite She-Ra
Masters of the Universe Origins Mer Man Fan Favorite
Fan Favorite Mer-Man
Zodac-Masters-of-the-Universe-Origins-Fan Favorite 1
Fan Favorite Zodac
Tri-Klops-Masters-of-the-Universe-Origins-Fan Favorite
Fan Favorite Tri-Klops
Fan Favorite Mini Comic Trap Jaw
Fan Favorite Webstor
Fan Favorite Ninjor
Fan Favorite King Randor
MOTU Origins Skeleton Warriors 2 pack
Skeleton Warriors-2-Pack
MOTU Origins Fangor Mattel Creations exclusive
Fan-gor Mattel Creations
MOTU Origins Lady Slither
Lady Slither
Snake-Mountain-Playset-Masters-of-the-Universe-Origins update
Snake Mountain
Talon Fighter & Point Dread PlaysetMasters of the Universe Origins
Talon Fighter and Point Dread
Diabolical Snake Invasion MOTU Origins 4 Pack
Snake Men 4-Pack
Kikto Holographo Zap-Man
MOTU Origins Skeletor Screech 2 pack
Skeletor and Screeech
Snake Face Masters of the Universe Origins Deluxe
Snake Face
Dragon Blaster Skeletor Masters of the Universe Origins Deluxe
Dragon Blaster Skeletor
Eternian Guard Infiltrator
Serpent Claw Man-At-Arms
Mini Comic Man-E-Faces

Wave 13

King Randor 200x
Snake Trooper
Snake Teela

Wave 12

Snake Armor Skeletor
Tung Lashor
Mini Comic Roboto

Wave 11

Bolt Man
Kobra Khan He Man Masters of the Universe Origins Wave 11
Kobra Khan
Rattlor He Man Masters of the Universe Origins Wave 11
Snake Armor He Man Masters of the Universe Origins Wave 11
Snake Armor He-Man
KIng Hiss Masters of the Universe Origins Deluxe Wave 11
King Hiss
Thunder Punch He Man Masters of the Universe Origins Deluxe Wave 11
Thunder Punch He-Man

Wave 10

Whiplash Masters of the Universe Origins Wave 10
King Randor Masters of the Universe Origins Wave 10
King Randor
Digitno Masters of the Universe Origins Wave 10
Trap Jaw Masters of the Universe Origins Wave 10
Mini Comic Trap Jaw

Wave 9

200X He-Man Masters of the Universe Origins Wave 9
200X He-Man
200X Skeletor
Mantenna Masters of the Universe Origins Wave 9
Pig Head Masters of the Universe Origins Wave 9
Pig Head
Flying Fist He Man Masters of the Universe Origins Deluxe
Flying Fists He-Man
Terror Claw Skeletor Masters of the Universe Origins Deluxe
Terror Claws Skeletor

Wave 8

Anti Eternia He-Man Masters of the Universe Origins Wave 8
Anti-Eternia He-Man
Horde Trooper Masters of the Universe Origins Wave 8
Horde Trooper

Wave 7

Buzz Off Masters of the Universe Origins Wave 7
Sorceress Masters of the Universe Origins Wave 7
Mini Comic Stratos Masters of the Universe Origins Wave 7
Mini Comic Stratos

Wave 6

Wave 5

Wave 4

Wave 3

Wave 2

Wave 1

Battle Armor He Man Masters of the Universe Origins Deluxe
Battle Armor He-Man
Battle Armor Skeletor Masters of the Universe Origins Deluxe
Battle Armor Skeletor
Buzz Saw Hordak Masters of the Universe Origins Deluxe
Buzz Saw Hordak
Vinatge Head He Man Masters of the Universe Origins Wave 5
Vintage He-Man
Vinatge Head Skeletor Masters of the Universe Origins Wave 5
Vintage Skeletor

Vehicles, Playsets, Creatures, and Gift Sets

Ground Ripper & Mekaneck
Masters of the Universe Origins Rulers of the Sun 3-Pack Box Front
Ruler of the Sun 3-Pack
Rise of Evil 2 Pack Masters of the Universe Origins
Rise of Evil
MOTU Origins Teela Zoar 2 pack
Teela-Zoar 2 Pack
Land Shark Masters of the Universe Origins
Land Shark
Wind Raider Masters of the Universe Origins
Wind Raider
Castle Grayskull Masters of the Universe Origins Playset
Castle Grayskull
Prince Adam & Sky Sled Masters of the Universe Origins
Prince Adam & Sky Sled
Battlefield-Warriors-Masters-of-the-Universe-Origins Set
Battlefield Warriors
Battle Cat Masters of the Universe Origins
Battle Cat
Flocked Panthor Masters of the Universe Origins Creature
Flocked Panthor

Mattel & Convention Exclusives

Leo Faker Duplicat Maniacal Mimics Masters of the Universe Origins Power-Con Exclusive
Faker & Duplicat
Evil Horde 4 pack Masters of the Universe Origins Power-Con Exclusive
Evil Horde 4 Pack
Mysteries of Grayskull
Sun Man Masters of the Universe Origins Mattel Creations Exclusive
Sun Man Mattel Creations
She-Ra Power Con 2020 Exclusive
She-Ra Power Con 2020
Lords of Power 5 pack Masters of the Universe Origins Power-Con Exclusive
Lords of Power Power Con 2020
Prince Adam and He Man 2 Pack Masters of the Universe Origins SDCC Exclusive
Prince Adam He-Man SDCC
Eternian Palace Guard Masters of the Universe Origins Figure
Eternian Palace Guard
Horde Trooper Prime & Hover Bot
Cartoon Collection Collector
Mer-Man MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection 5
Cartoon Collection Mer-Man
Cartoon Collection Stratos

Where to Buy: Turtles of Grayskull Wave 3

Casey Jones

Where to Buy: Masterverse

Thunder Punch He-Man
Emperor Hordak
New Eternia Sy-Klone
Movie Beast Man
Skeletor and Throne

MOTU Reveal Live Stream Recap

During Mattel’s “Reveal” live stream, they highlighted 3 new figures that are coming to the Masterverse and MOTU Origins lines! The figures included Geldor and Demo-Man for the MOTU Origins line and a larger than life Masterverse New Eternia Horde Trooper!



Geldor will be joining the Masters of the Universe Origins line! The Mattel team showed a very cool schematic which showed off the various details in the figure.


They also had a produced version of Geldor and he comes armed to the teeth! This was a figure that was produced for the Masters of the Universe Classics line and he is making his debut in Origins! The ruler of Foodar in the Dark Hemisphere, Geldor became obsessed with finding a way to extend his life after his wife was killed by a dragon attack. He began laying siege to other kingdoms in his ongoing search. One such attack led Geldor to kidnap Torgul, Grand Vizier of Vaderia in order to locate the mythical Secret Liquid of Life. Vaderia’s heroic Prince Dakon sought the help of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Together, they confronted Geldor in a stronghold in Ogre Mountain. During the battle, the liquid was spilled and a great Life Tree rose up, apparently swallowing Geldor in the process. Months later, Geldor returned, merged with the magic of the tree and now more powerful than ever. Geldor brings terror to all who get in the way of his quest for eternal life!



The team also had a produced figure for Demo-Man! He first made his appearance in the MOTU Classics line and we are also getting him in Origins! According to his MOTU Classics bio, “Realizing his pupil Keldor had no intention of releasing him from Despondos, Hordak merged him with an extra-dimensional being called Demo-Man. While this saved Keldor’s life, it also drove him temporarily insane and convinced him to open a portal to Despondos and lead what he thought were “his people” into Eternia. Hordak intended to use this ruse as a means to escape once the portal was opened, but the new merged being “Skeletor” was quickly defeated by Oo-Larr, the Jungle He-Man, and Hordak remained trapped. Soon after, with the help of Evil-Lyn, Skeletor gained control of the powerful spirit inside him, increasing his abilities ten-fold. He was now the true Overlord of Evil and one of the most dangerous men on Eternia!”


Masterverse New Eternia Horde Trooper

We knew this figure was coming but did not except to be revealed but we are so thrilled he made an appearance! Like Geldor, they showed off a slide that outlines the concept and what parts are removable.


They also showed some of the box art, which was very cool to see! We are finally putting a “face” to the name as it looks like the Horde Trooper will be getting an alien-type head.


We are happy to see the New Eternia Horde Trooper drawing from the concept art! The Horde Troopers are foot soldiers of the Horde Empire. Although each trooper is individually unremarkable, in large numbers they are used to great effect in the occupation of Etheria by Hordak.


Vast armies of Horde Troopers were also used during the Horde’s failed invasion of Eternia. The early Horde Trooper concepts look nothing like the vintage toy. As the Battle Ram Blog states, “As Mattel and Filmation worked very closely on the She-Ra series and its characters and concepts, the Horde Trooper concept is a no-brainer. An army for the main villain in the series, as well as a collect-your-own-army idea from toy marketing POV. In the script and concept, as well as the storyboard for Into Etheria, we get a look at an early design, which gives the characters a heavily-armored and barbaric look. It’s clear that these troopers (or Hordesmen) are organic beings. One is human with a scar on his face, another is reptilian, and the third is a hawk hordesman.”

The Masterverse Horde Trooper is one beefy boy! He’s just the right girth and will make a huge presence on your shelf!


Get ready for all of the Masters of the Universe drops on Tuesday, March 26, 2024!

MOTU Reveals 3-26-24

March 20, 2024 Update: Turtles of Grayskull Fall 2024 Lineup Early Reveal

The Turtles of Grayskull Waves 3 and 4 have been revealed early! Check them out here!

Cartoon Collection and Origins Reveals

Mattel unveiled an incredible stopmotion video by @stuntpuppetpictures, entitled “Pearl of Power” featuring the Cartoon Collection! Here we can see He-Man goes up against Skeletor who is holding the Pearl of Power with what looks like an image of the Sorceress inside!

Mattel is on fire as they continue to reveal and tease MOTU figures we knew were coming to the line. They confirmed Snake Teela and Emperor Hordak from the Masterverse line plus Michaelangelo and Skeletor from the Turtles of Grayskull line. As further confirmation, we reported back in February 2023 that Evil-Lyn was coming to the Cartoon Collection and get to see living proof that she is indeed making her way! If you look in background, you can see Cartoon Collection Evil-Lyn perched on the shelf as she looks at Cartoon Collection He-Man and Skeletor battle it out! We can also see Prince Adam and Cringer on the top shelf! Thanks again to kenzos__creations for keeping us on the ball today!Shaping Staff

MOTU March madness is on with some incredible new reveals and once again as Mattel has revealed their MOTU Origins Vintage figure and Cartoon Collection lineup for 2024! We were aware of a few of the figures on this list but we got thrown a whole bunch of exciting surprises! Special thanks to Geek. Dad. Life. ( for the official product images! So let’s dive in and take a look at this incredible MOTU Origins Fall 2024 Figure Lineup!


The Cartoon Collection is growing and these new Fall 2024 figures will look amazing with the rest of the collection on your shelf!

MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection 2024 Fall Collection

Cartoon Collection

Prince Adam and Cringer 2 Pack Cartoon Collection

We got a more detailed look at the upcoming Prince Adam and Cringer Cartoon collection figures! Cringer is fully articulated and is adorable!


It was so exciting to see that sneak peak of Prince Adam and Cringer, and even more exciting to see all of Cringer!


Cringer is a green and orange tiger-like creature who hails from the planet Eternia. He is known for his timid and fearful nature, often displaying cowardly behavior. Cringer is depicted as Prince Adam’s pet and best friend, accompanying him on his adventures. In the animated series produced by Filmation, Cringer played a significant role as Prince Adam’s trusted confidant. He often provided comedic relief with his fearful antics, contrasting with the bravery of He-Man. Cringer was typically seen lounging around or hiding during dangerous situations until Prince Adam transformed into He-Man.

Prince Adam & Cringer filmation

Battle Cat Filmation History

For Filmation’s animated series Cringer and Battle Cat are one and the same. While Prince Adam holds aloft his sword and calls upon the power of Grayskull to turn himself into He-Man in a burst of energy, he turns the energy toward Cringer, directing some of the power to his friend until he grows and changes him into the mighty Battle Cat.

Battle Cat Masters of the Universe Transformation

Evil-Lyn Cartoon Collection

Evil-Lyn looks like she is pulled right out of the Filmation cartoon as her outfit is painted in deep and light purples! She also comes with the Shaping Staff as her pack-in!

More official images of Cartoon Collection Evil Lyn!

Shaping Staff

Paying homage to an ancient and powerful tool that Evil-Lyn and Beast Man found, she comes with the Shaping Staff! According to the Wiki Grayskull, “An ancient and powerful magical tool, the Staff was first discovered by Evil-Lyn and Beast Man within a cave in the Crystal Sea. Disguised as a traveling sorceress named Majestra, the pair of villains made their way into the Royal Palace, where the Staff was put to good use transforming Beast Man into a copy of King Randor, as well as the real king into a goat and Orko into a cricket. The Staff proved efficacious even against He-Man and his allies, turning Teela into a frog and He-Man himself into a golden statue. Skeletor and Evil-Lyn next assaulted Castle Grayskull, where the Staff turned the Sorceress partway into a defenseless tree. With the telepathic assistance of He-Man, however, the Sorceress used her own magic to overcome the Staff’s spell and free the hero. In the resulting battle, He-Man sliced the Staff in half, freeing all those it had changed. Evil-Lyn attempted to use the remaining half of the Staff, but all this accomplished was to turn her into a bizarre snake-like creature.”


Get ready for the Evil Warrior Goddess to grace the MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection. Described by Skeletor as his “right hand of evil,” Evil-Lyn is both his greatest ally and worst enemy. According to an anonymous source, Evil-Lyn will be coming to the Cartoon Collection in 2024 and we will likely see her revealed during MOTU March Madness 2024. If you recall, last year during mid-March, the MOTU team dropped a ton of figures we saw in 2023. While a source as revealed that she is coming to the line, we are speculating as to what episode they will be payong homage to and what Filmation accessory she’ll be packed with. Also, given that the Cartoon Collection is pairing a Heroic Warrior with an Evil Warrior in each wave, only time will tell which figure Evil-Lyn will be paired with.

Evil-lyn Filmation Appearance

Evil-Lyn Filmation’s Appearance

The only female member of the Evil Warriors, she is an evil witch who aids Skeletor as his second-in-command with her powers of darkness. Her Filmation appearance colors were dark purple with blue accents. Her helmet is colored in black to match her cape and there are purple and blue tie-ins that match her outfit.



Dubbed The Evil Master of Escape, Webstor was only featured in a handful of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Filmation episodes and he also made a cameo, with Kobra Khan, in the She-Ra and the Princess of Power. As Mattel was introducing more figures to the line via the cartoon, the episode that featured Webstor aired close to his toy release in the 1980’s. Many of the beloved characters, like Moss Man and others, have only appeared in a handful of episodes, it made narrowing down the show Mattel might pull from to pay homage to easier as he was prominently featured as a main villain! Let’s get to know Webstor or, as Skeletor affectionately calls him, bug face! And the accessory we guessed, was correct! He comes packed with the cat artifact from the ” The Cat and Spider Filmation Episode”!

Webstor comes with his signature backpack and orange grappling hook!

Here you can see Webstor’s packout

Source: MOTU Origins: Fall 2024 Reveals! (

Webstor as seen in the FIlmation Cartoon below.


Webstor Accessory

Webstor comes with a very cool accessory that was featured in the ” The Cat and Spider Filmation Episode”. The Grimalkin statue that is featured in the episode. According to the Wiki Grayskull, “During an archaeology expedition, Prince Adam and Melaktha discover the Temple of the Cat, confirming stories of an ancient race of “Cat Folk” on Eternia. However, there is no information about what became of the Cat Folk, and so Melaktha and Adam hope to learn more by studying the temple. Little do they realize they are being watched by one of the Cat Folk, who are not as extinct as they suspect.


Webstor Vintage Figure

Webstor was introduced into the Masters of the Universe toy line in 1984. His action figure was packaged with a backpack and wire, along which his figure could be slid when the accompanying grappling hook was fixed to a surface.


Webstor can produce thick spiderweb from his palms and shoot from, which he uses for swinging around or ensnaring opponents with. Despite his bulky appearance, he is incredibly agile when moving around fighting in close range.



The Untouchable Master of Evil Combat who has a trident for a left hand is joining the Evil Warriors Cartoon Collection crew! Having only appeared in 3 episodes of the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Filmation cartoon from the 1980’s, there was a good chance he was going to come packed with the ganing pieces from the “The Games” episode and we were right!

Spikor as seen in the FIlmation Cartoon Series below.

Spikor Masters of the Universe Filmation Cartoon Appearance 1

Spikor Filmation Episodes

Spikor appeared in 3 episodes of the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Filmation cartoon:

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe


Having only appeared in a handful of Filmation episodes, Spikor is one of the coolest looking characters. According to the Wiki Grayskull, “Spikor was introduced into the cartoon series by Filmation shortly after his figure was released. While it is standard for Skeletor’s henchmen to be portrayed as dim-witted and bumbling, Spikor is portrayed as undoubtedly the most stupid and useless of them all. He is given a stilted, almost robotic voice – frequently altering in tone and emphasizing every second syllable as if singing – and an somewhat childlike personality. It is quite probable that this was intentional on Filmation’s part, in order to make his character more suitable for a children’s audience given his potentially frightening design.

Spikor Masters of the Universe Filmation Cartoon Appearance 2

The only episode to give him a main role is “The Games” in which he is infused with the villainous energy of all of Skeletor’s minions so that he can be chosen to represent the side of evil in a series of games set by aliens, but he is clearly a bizarre choice for the role given that he is shown to foul up repeatedly and is used as mere comic relief through the whole episode.”

The Games Filmation Episode

Given that Spikor’s role was very prominent and important in the Filmation Episode, The Games, we feel that his homage in the Cartoon Collection in this episode. The episode featured, the Bendari, an alien race from a world with no evil, come to Eternia wanting to pit the greatest representatives of good and evil against one other.


In this episode, the Bendarians select Fisto instead of He-Man, as Skeletor uses his latest invention the Evilgizer to increase the evil powers of Spikor, making him the Bendarian’s selection. It soon becomes apparent that evil will cheat, which is perfectly acceptable behavior for the villains!


Spikor Accessory

Spikor’s accessory is the yellow game piece he is going after as part of the games in the “The Games” Filmation Episode. This accessory was very easy to make as they have already made a sphere for the Cartoon Collection Mer-Man’s accessory. Mer-Man’s Pearl of Power could easily be repainted and cast as this yellow game piece.


Spikor and the Evil Henchman

With Spikor coming to the line, it will be cool to recreate this sceen with Mer-Man and Beast Man from The Games Episode!

Spikor Club Grayskull Super7 Figure

Released in 2018 as a Power-Con 2021 exclusive, Super7 created a Filmation accurate Spikor in 7″ scale. In only one of his three Filmation appearances showed Spikor with his trident.


Covered with spikes, this evil henchmen of Skeletor intimidates others with his physical appearance. This imposing villains also wields a frightening arm trident.


Clawful Cartoon Collection

Everyone’s favorite Evil Warrior Langostino, Clawful is coming to the MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection. Known as the Warrior with the grip of evil, Clawful was one of Skeletor’s bumbling idiot henchmen that appeared in 7 episodes of the Filmation cartoon. He comes packed with the Horn of Evil from the Filmation epsiode “Dree Elle’s Return

Source: MOTU Origins: Fall 2024 Reveals! (

Here we can see how Clawful appeared in the Filmation Cartoon Series

FIlmation Clawful Cartoon 2
FIlmation Clawful Cartoon 1

Vintage Toy Clawful

The version of Clawful was completely different than his vintage toy counterpart. The Filmation artists often were basing their work on concept sketches given to them by Mattel, so for Clawful, it seems that Mattel was going to go one way, and they ended up reusing a lot of parts from Buzz-Off to create the vintage action figure where the Filmation version already done. Below you can see what the 1984 Mattel version of Clawful looked like.

Clawful Club Grayskull Figure

Released in 2016, Super7, in it’s Club Grayskull line paid beautiful homage to his He-Man and Masters of the Universe Filmation appearance. He appeared just like he did in the cartoon series.

By taking a look at this Super7 version gave us have a very good idea of what the Clawful MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection figure might have looked like.

Clawful (Club GraySkull) Super7 Masters of the Universe Classics 2016

This highly articulated 7″ scale figure had the same POA as the rest of the MOTU Classics line and featured his cartoon look!

MOTU Classics Clubgrayskull Clawful 2
MOTU Classics Clubgrayskull Clawful 1

Clawful’s Filmation’s Appearance

Clawful’s look in the Filmation cartoon was totally different than the vintage toy. He had a much more lobster like red appearance. He had an orange chest armor and two equal sized claws, unlike the toy version which had a large claw and one small claw. Clawful appeared in 7 episodes of the Filmation cartoon.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Here we can see Clawful as he appeared in several different episodes of the FIlmation cartoon series.

FIlmation Clawful Cartoon 3
FIlmation Clawful Cartoon 4

Dree Elle’s Return Filmation Episode

Clawful’s accessory comes from the Dree Elle’s Return According to the Wiki Grayskull, “Dree Elle’s Return is the 53rd episode of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, written by Robby London and directed by Lou Kachivas. When the Horn of Evil is stolen from TrollaDree Elle returns to Eternia to warn Orko of the danger…although her little brother Yukkers may prove to be the greater threat.”

MOTU Origins


Another character we got teased on the Eternia Box artwork was Vypor! That really cool looking red snake man that is reminiscent of the Viper tower of the Eternia playset. We recently covered that Vypor and Reptilax were coming to MOTU Origins line as fan channel exclusives! If you want to read more about it, you can check out our Reptilax & Vypor Coming to the MOTU Origins article.

Here we can see his illustration on the MOTU Origins Eternia box art below.


As designed in the MOTU Classics line, Vypor would reuse parts from Snake Face, Lord Dactus and Prahvus but he would need new armor, a new head and a new neck piece. What does make him a possibility is that his head sculpt is inspired by the Snake Tower from the Eternia playset, which comes out in 2024. Also as Mattel goes deeper into 200x , we could see Lord Dactus (who’s trademark was recently renewed by Mattel) and Prahvus as possible figures they could make out of Vypor., who are are both unique characters to that era of MOTU and strong contenders for figures for the MOTU Origins line.

Vypor MOTU Origins Concept

Here is a custom concept of Vypor, from the MOTU Classics line, created by the talented Orsogranito Granitebear Shop! You can see the nods to Viper Tower with the shape of the Snake Head , the chains, and the manta spy!


Reptilax is another figure Axel designed using a character who appeared in the vintage mini-comics. And he’s also appeared in Origins materials – both on Kol-Darr’s card and in the Camo Khan comic as well as the card art. However, other than parts from He-Man and King Hiss, he requires parts from Tuvar (Two Bad has been teased but yet to be released and Laser Light Skeletor plus he uses parts from Fang Man.


From the back you can see his cool tail!


Repilax is a great addition to the Snake Men army and is one very unique figure!

Lord Gr'asp & Terroar On Camo Khan Card art
Lord Gr’asp & Terroar On Camo Khan Card art
Lord Gr'asp & Terroar On Camo Khan Card art close up
Lord Gr’asp & Terroar On Camo Khan Card art close up
Source: Axel (@axel.gimenez) • Instagram photos and videos

Below you can see a concept sketch of Reptilax.

Reptilax bio

We came across a 3D rendering of a MOTU Origins style Reptilax figure so you can see what this figure might look like it if was produced.


Horde Trooper Prime

Horde Trooper Prime is a Red and Black Horde Trooper deluxe figure that includes a hover bot robot. Both Were teased on the Eternia Box art as seen below. He comes packed with recolored Trap Jaw accessories and is outfitted with a red cape.

Source: MOTU Origins: Fall 2024 Reveals! (

This is a new figure tease, that we previously could not make out. There seems to be a Red Captain Horde Trooper running up steps of Eternia Tower. It’s a mix of the Red and Black Horde Troopers that came with the Power Con exclusive 4 pack, plus wearing a cape, so that tells you he is a Captain!

Red Captain Horde Trooper

Hover Robots

Thanks to keen eye of Toy Habits Crew Member, Grrrraffe he thinks he spies a red version of the Hover Robots. Hover Robots were metallic, robotic soldiers that served as minions for Skeletor and his Evil Warriors, much like the robotic Horde Troopers served Hordak and the Evil Horde as foot soldiers.A Hover Robot was apparently equipped with anti-gravity technology permitting it to fly. It could attack foes by grabbing them with its mechanical arms, ramming into them with shoulder tackles, using whirling blades, or shooting laser blasts.

MOTU-Origins-Eternia-Official-Box-art-Hover Bot-Tease

Stranger Things Vecna Vs He-Man 2 Pack

Mattel does it again with another MOTU Stranger Things crossover 2 pack. This time it’s with Vecna vs. He-Man. Vecna is the main antagonist from the Fourth Season from the TV series Stranger Things. This version of He-Man is based on the v2 Vintage Head He-Man from the Origins line, but you will notice that he has a very pale and odd skin tone. Vecna comes with the same tentacles they used on the Mutated Moss Man from the Turtles of Grayskull deluxe figure. Vecna also includes a fiery staff. He-Man comes with his signature sword and axe, plus a kabuki mask shield that was sometimes photographed with the Turtles of Grayskull Beast Man figure.

According to Vecna | Stranger Things Wiki | Fandom:

A fearsome entity aligned with the Upside Down, Vecna had humble origins as the human Henry Creel. In childhood, Henry experienced a traumatic incident involving stolen government technology and a shadowy entity; after this, Henry’s family noticed a permanent shift in his personality.


The Collector

The Collector was featured as Skeletor’s ride in many Filmation Cartoon episodes! As you can see, it looks cartoon accurate and fits Skelly and 2 more of his Evil Henchman comfortably inside! We predicted this was going to be coming to the Origins line in out The Collector Vehicle Coming to MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection article.

Source: MOTU Origins: Fall 2024 Reveals! (

More images of the Collector vehicle

You can also fit up to 3 figures seated inside!

Collector on Snake Mountain Box Art Tease

With the confirmation of Lord Gr’asp, Terroar, Necro-Conda, the other teases on the MOTU Origins Snake Mountain have a better chance at landing in the MOTU Origins line. With the three aforementioned characters crossed off the list, only two teases remain! The Collector and Two-Bad, who has been teased on many a card art and now box art!


The Collector

As we examine the new card for the Cartoon Collection, we are also seeing more figure teases and a vehicle would not be too far fetched an idea to ponder! The Collector is an aircraft used by Skeletor in his attacks upon the forces of good in Eternia. It resembles a skull with large pincers on each side of the hull. According to the MOTU Character Guide and World Compendium Volume 2:

The Collector Filmation Cartoon

“The Collector was Skeletor’s personal flying ship, named for its specially designed ability to “collect” enemies by turning them into stone and harvesting their life energy. Skeletor created the ship with the intention of using its abilities to resurrect the sleeping stone giant Colossor. Skeletor also used the Collector to infuse life into statues, turning them against He-Man and his allies. The Collector resembled a large dark-blue skull, with a yellow visor-like windshield where the eyes would be and two large, pincer-like claws that acted as energy weapons. The vessel also had a spine-like line of sharp fins along the top of its hull and a single door on the side. Although He-Man seemingly caused Skeletor and the Collector to crash and plunge into the bottomless gorge around Castle Grayskull, both Skeletor and his ship later returned. He no longer employed its life-force-draining capability and used it mainly as a simple attack craft and as transportation. The Collector returned briefly as Skeletor’s transport during an attack on the Royal Palace. He-Man easily broke through the ship’s hull to thwart the villain.”

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: A Character Guide and World Compendium Volume 2

Turtles of Grayskull Reveals

Mattel has released their Fall 2024 Turtles of Grayskull lineup! This lineup includes the Wave 3 (standard / deluxe) and Wave 4 figures we covered earlier in the year. The MOTU team had already teased Skeletor and Michaelangelo and it’s great the entire lineup as the line is looking amazing!


The 2024 Turtles of Grayskull lineup includes

  • Michael Angelo
  • Skeletor
  • Teela
  • Stealth Ninja Leonardo
  • Stealth Ninja He-Man
  • April O’Neil
  • Mer-Man
  • Casey Jones
  • Leatherhead
  • Splinter-Skull
  • Hordak

This collection of Turtles of Grayskull figures is growing and looks wonderfully displayed all together!

MOTU Turtles of Grayskull 2024 Fall Collection

April O’Neil

April looks amazing as the Sorceress and she has the body from the test shot we put out today! She comes with a very large golden hammer.



Slotted for a Target exclusive, Sprinter is very King Grayskull’esque as he comes with a cape, blue power sword that plugs into a stick and a cool rat tail!


Spliters baby blue Power Sword attaches to his cane staff!


Although not pictured, it looks like you can also remove his armor to give him a classic TMNT look!


Stealth Ninja Leonardo

We heard rumors that Leonardo was getting a repaint and is slotted for Wave 4. He comes with some cool stealth ninja garb and two swords!



This rajun cajun is slotted for a Wave 3 deluxe figure exclusive to Walmart. He looks amazing as the figure pays homage to the classic Leatherhead figure from the TMNT line with a little added MOTU flaire!



We also heard rumors of a Two-Bad style mashup of Bebop and Rocksteady and here he is! It is litterally a mashup of the two and this paves the way for the MOTU Origins Two-Bad figure as it will reuse the same buck! They come with a large sword and a mace that looks like it’s a reuse of Krang’s!



You gotta love the hairdo on Mikey as he is sporting a classic surfer look and vibe that his character gives off.


He comes in a nice bronze battle armor with some orange accents plus a pair of nunchakus!


You can also remove the toupee to give him his classic TMNT look!



Skeletor looks amazing as he comes decked out in armor and the neon’ish green they used really goes well with the design of the figure.


He comes with a very cool neon green havoc axe that is on a chain and this weapon is off the chain!


Another cool accessory he comes with is a vile of mutagen!


Casey Jones

Casey Jones is a very cool TMNT character to include in this line. He includes his hockey gear that has been incorporated into Eternian battle gear with a barbarian style.


He also comes with a classic MOTU style axe and spear, and all of that can be carried in his hockey bag! He also has a Jitsu style glove that I believe is removable! He also includes his signature hockey mask which is removeable as well!


You can also dress Case Jones down to his classics TMNT look!



Teela is looking amazing all decked out in turtle armor!


She comes with removable forearm gauntlets, a turlte shell shield, and a large sword that has been reused from other figures.


You can dress Teela up in all of her armor


From the back you can see that her shell attaches to her back like the rest of the figures in the line!


Mutated Mer-Man

The standout figure in the line is Mer-Man! The translucent plastic and the color scheme are truly a site to see!


The figure is very versatile as you can give him a look with legs and and he comes with a sword and a trident!


Reusing Lady Slither’s tail, you can turn him into his mutated form!


Stealth Ninja He-Man

Like Leonardo, He-Man comes in stealth version with a disguise and more armor!



It is great to see Hordak with large Horde wings, a blast effect and a mutagen weapon that has many viles!


Masters of the Universe Revolution Reveals

As Mattel gets ready for their big official “Revealed” event happening on March 21 and 22, 2024, they have teased a couple Masterverse figures. In an Instagram story, Mattel has a image of Emperor Hordak, confirming his figure in the Masterverse line. Snake Teela is also seen in the background, which also confirms her figure in the Masterverse line up as well! We had reported, back in December 2023, that Emperor Hordak would be part of the Masterverse Wave 13 figure assortment. We also recently reported that Snake Teela was coming to the Masterverse line so it is great to get confirmation on those two figures! Special thanks to kenzos__creations for keeping us on our toes with the heads up!


Emperor Hordak

Although not making any physical appearances or being mentioned, Hordak turns out to be the mastermind behind the cult of Motherboard by the end of the second part. His most significant action is the enslavement of Skeletor as the latter attempted to destroy the robotic statue which not only proved unresponsive to its magic before transforming into a winged humanoid and infecting Skeletor with robotic material, while leaving displaying a hologram depicting Hordak. Hordak subsequently appears physically as the main antagonist of the first half of Masters of the Universe: Revolution


Hordak is decked out in all black with red accents and this was how he appeared in Revolution. The head sculpt captured his indignant look very well and his staff looks amazing! He comes with a silver and black staff with a Horde symbol that has his face on it. His head sculpt has an indignant look and the color of his face is mostly a yellow/white color with some bones starting above his forhead and moving back to the top of his hood.




Hordak played major role in the Masters of the Universe Revolution Netflix series and the Revolution figures, thus far, have captured their on-screen appearance very well. Hordak is decked out in all black with red accents and this was how he appeared in Revolution. The head sculpt captured his indignant look very well and his staff looks amazing!


Emperor Hordak History

We know that Hordak will play a major role in the upcoming Masters of the Universe Revolution Netflix series and we’ve seen his animated form in promos from Mattel! We are speculating that the Emperor Hordak figure will likely fall into the Masters of the Universe Revolution subline given the impending release of the series and there was no former MOTU figure by that name.


Given the oversized armor and stature of Hordak, we are guessing that he will be developed like Skelegod and be an oversized deluxe figure.


Snake Teela

Fans of the Masters of the Universe Revolution Netflix animated series can rejoice that Snake Teela is coming to the Revolution subline! This will be our first “Green Goddess” figure in the Masterverse The Masters of the Universe Classics figure came in a translucent plastic that was not that durable, but this new Teela is not translucent. Snake Teela looks amazing and her likeness is spot on with her appearance in the Masters of the Universe Revolution Netflix series. She also resembles the Green Goddess from the MOTU Classics line as her body.

Teela comes with an amazing Staff of Kah (aka Snake Staff), a very cool neon green blast effect, and some extra hands.


Snake Teela History

Teela’s Transformation into Snake Teela

Just looking at the poster alone won’t give you the full picture of how Teela transforms into the Green Goddess so we broke it down frame by frame from the official trailer. We see Teela holding on to a golden shaft (let’s be adults here), which produces some yellow/green energy.


We can see the flesh of her skin turn green right before our eyes but this happens so fast in the trailer. When the transformation is complete, we can see the classic mint ship green skin of the newly transformed Goddess!


As she transforms into Snake Teela, you can the snake scales running through her body, taking over her arms and waist.


In her Goddess state, she dons her snake armor headdress and you can also see her wielding her Sorceress staff and her Snake staff.


The Goddess was released as a figure in the Masters of the Universe Classics line so we can get an idea of what she might look like as a Masterverse figure!


Her bio reads, “After the death of King Grayskull, the Power of the Universe was transferred from the Sword of He to the Council of Elders, who hid it deep within his castle. Knowing the full sword was the key to channeling the power again, they split it in two to prevent it from falling into the hands of evil. For five thousand years, they waited for a worthy heir to be born. During this time their spirit guide, the creature known as The Goddess of Eternia, trained secret heroic guardians to keep the two halves of the sword separated. Many of these brave warriors took the name “He-Man” in honor of the sword they protected giving birth to many different legends of the protector of Eternia.”


Man of War

In the Masters of the Universe Revelation Netflix animated series, the title of Man-At-Arms as passed down to Andra, leaving Duncan to find himself and figure out how to help the people in Eternia. In the Masters of the Universe Revolution Netflix animated series, we see Duncan taking on a new role as Man of War as he dons a mech suit very reminiscent of something we’d see in the Marvel Universe.


The face sculpt looks a little too animated for my taste but this figure would look the best, in my opinion, with his armor mask on. He comes with two extra hands, a blast effect, a mace gauntlet, a regular gauntlet that fit over his right hand and forearm, and face shield fits on to his helmet that provides protection for his mug. The former Man-At-Arms has become a man of armor as he’s clad from head-to-toe (at least on the right side) with oversized pieces of white armor with gold accents.


New Eternia

Thunder Punch He-Man

The head sculpt might look mighty familiar as Thunder Punch He-Man is sporting the New Eternia Faker head! I’ve been a fan of that head sculpt as it is one of the better heads I’ve seen on He-Man. He comes with a new chest harness and two thunder punch fist blast effects so he can pull a double whammy one-two punch on the evil warriors. He has new designed forearm gauntlets and a golden power sword. There is a light brown paint app on his loin cloth and boots, which goes well with the red harness and armor.


He looks very cool with his Thunderpunch effect!


Here we can see some images from the back as well!



Going back to the roots of the New Eternia line, we see a version of Mer-Man that pays homage to his early concept sketches. Mer-Man was part of the first series of Masters of the Universe action figures released by Mattel in 1981-1982. The character was conceived as Skeletor’s most prominent henchman after Beast Man. Although a version of this style of Mer-Man was developed and produced in the Power Con 2020 exclusive Lords of Power 5-Pack, we finally get to see the New Eternia version, making this the third Mer-Man figure in the Masterverse line.

Mer-Man Masters of the Universe New Eternia Color Render
Mer-Man Masters of the Universe New Eternia Color Render (source: Battle Ram Blog)

This version of Mer-Man deviates from the concept sketch with the only piece resembling the early illustration is the loin cloth. He comes with two open hands that can clutch his corncob spear and his corncob sword, which resembles a Rapier type blade in its shape.


Battle Armor Skeletor

Skeletor’s battle armor is a sight to behold! Now this is a way to clad a figure and truly call it battle armor. His removable Ram’s head helmet pays homage to his havoc staff, which is conspicuously missing but his extra weapons more than make up for it. In a mostly purple toned battle armor, Skeletor knows how to step into war in style! The oversized, spiked shoulder armor make his presence massive. The black ribbing on the front of the armor resembles bones and come to together to meet a silver skull in the center of his chest. Like previous versions of battle armor figures, the plates are removable. He comes with a large sword and a hefty axe to wield, which puts him on even ground while sparring with Battle Armor He-Man and his axe.


New Eternia Sy-Klone

Sy-Klone looks amazing with an updated sculpt! He comes with some blast effects and a very cool removable mask to give him a very different look than what we are used to seeing!


Masters of the Universe Movie

Beast Man

This version of Beast Man pays homage to his appearance in the 1987 Masters of the Universe movie.


Alcala Skeletor and Bone Throne

This bone throne and Skeletor set was truly a pleasant surprise. Paying homage to Alfredo Alcala, illustrator of the first four Masters of the Universe minicomics, this version of Skeletor features a portrait based on his appearance in the minicomics. This one is said to be a Fan Channel Exclusive, like BBTS & EE!


Aside from the Acala head sculpt, this version of Skeletor is a repaint of the New Eternia Skeletor with gold and purple paint apps on the armor. The Bone throne is highly detailed and it looks like the flames light up in various colors!


It’s incredible how the fire effects glow on his throne!


Princess of Power


Masrterverse Leech looks like a mashup of his Filmation appearance and his Classics figure! He comes with a whip and Horde Crossbow.


Some more amazing images of Leech below!


Sy-Klone Mattel Creations Exclusive

Just a couple days ago, Mattel teased us with a “Spinning Secret” was going to be coming as part of the Mattel Revealed event starting this week on March 21st and 22nd. Mattel Creations put the Sy-Klone preorder page up today and the figure will be going up for preorder on March, 21, 2024 at 11:15am PT.


Today ¡Yo tengo el Poder! posted official images of the upcoming MOTU Origins Mattel Creations Exclusive Sy-Klone figure along with his official package! We get to see some incredible teases on the card art. On the rear card art, we see Sy-Klone battling the Snake from the Fright Zone and on the front it’s Hurricane Hordak leading an army of Horde Troopers!! Special thanks to friend of Toy Habits,@dandiego77 for the heads up! Be sure to also check out Dan’s new You Tube Channel at: .So let’s check this Sy-Klone MOTU Origins Mattel Creations Exclusive official Images reveals and card art teases!

Here we can see Sy-Klone MOTU Origins Mattel Creations Exclusive official package reveal and it looks freakin’ incredible! He comes packaged in the same style deluxe packaging as Moss Man with art wrapping around all sides! The front of the package includes a stunning illustration of Sk-Klone battling against an army of Horde Troopers coming out of some sort of tower, being lead by none other than Hurricane Hordak!

The rear of the package is where we get to see the incredibly beautiful card back art that features Sy-Klone battling against the Snake at the classic Fright Zone from the vintage playset of the 1980’s!

According to ¡Yo tengo el Poder! Masters del Universo (@yo_tengo_el_poder) • Instagram photos and videos

Official Mattel photos of the Sy-Klone figure from Masters of the Universe Origins.

The blue-skinned revolving hero known as Sy-Klone returns as a Masters of the Universe Origins figure. Originally introduced in 1985, this character has had a few different origin stories. Whether a cyborg, an acrobat, a samurai or a prince, Sy-Klone is a force for good with its spinning tornado powers.

– Masters of the Universe Origins™ Sy-Klone™ action figure.
– 5.5 inches tall.
– More than 16 points of articulation with giro function.
– It features a lenticular lens on the chest and removable rear disc wings.
– Comes with shield and extra hands.
– Packed in a protective box with window and headboard.

The figure will go on sale on March 21st at 19:15 Spanish time on @mattelcreations for 29€.

¡¡Yo tengo el Poder! Masters del Universo (@yo_tengo_el_poder) • Instagram photos and videos

Here we get to see the official images for the Sy-Klone MOTU Origins Mattel Creations Exclusive figure and he looks freakin amazing!

Sy-Klone will come packed with 2 cyclonic blue tornado hand accessories and a red cyclonic ring, similar to the one that came with the MOTU Classics version.

It looks like Sy-Klone retails his giro spinning action feature which Im sure will make fans very happy!

He even includes his classic lenticular sticker on his chest!

Sy-Klone comes packaged with an all new mini comic entitled “The Fog of War” which features Lord Gr’asp and Sy-Klone on the cover. Below you can see a sneak peak inside too!


Card Art Teases

Hurrican Hordak

We get to see a couple card art teases on Sy-Klone’s packaging. On the front we get a tease for Hurricane Hordak, as Hordak leads an army of Horde Troopers to attack Sy-Klone. Hurricane Hordak with his spinning right hand of evil is the perfect nemesis for Sy-Klone!

Hurricane Hordak is one of the original vintage deluxe figures we yet to get in the line, so maybe this is a tease of things to come. The original Hurrican Hordak was released in 1985 and came with a spinning Horde bat gimmick on his right hand that could be swapped out for two other accessories, shown below.

Hurricane Hordak He-Man Masters of the Universe 1985
Hurricane Hordak He-Man Masters of the Universe 1985

Fright Zone Tease

Big as day, we can see on the rear card back art Sy-Klone at the Fright Zone, battling against the cave snake drawn in the style of the classic vintage playset! Fans have been asking for a Fright Zone now for a very long time, and it is just the perfect size for a retail playset! If you recall, last October, The Fright Zone was one of the choice during the Eternia’s Choice Crowd Fund Fan vote, where Lady Slither’s Snake Lair won the vote. But that did not satisfy fans who were still wanting a Fright Zone Playset. Well maybe this is just the tease we all needed! You will also notice Mossy climbing up the side of the cliff to help his friend out from the dreads Fright Zone Snake! It’s amazing to see this beautiful comparison to a vintage poster art and the stunning homage this new card back art pays to the original!

Source: michaelbreithmeier : Sy-Klone Vintage vs. Origins Great artwork by @fetch.franciscoetchart | Instagram

A vintage style Fright Zone is as it brings us the Fright Zone we all know and loved as kids, but embellishes it to another level. Complete with Snake puppet coming out of the cave, dead tree with the crows and cave jail cell, this set pulls at those nostalgic heartstrings! Below you can see the sketches that were part of the Eternia’s Choice Crowd Fund Fan vote.

MOTU Eternia's Choice Fan Vote Traditional Fright Zone

The Fright Zone playset was released by Mattel in 1985. More of a diorama piece, the Fright Zone was a simple looking playset that consisted of that famous green colored craggily stone, a rustic dungeon door, a tunnel for a puppet snake to come thru and a scary looking tree complete with scarecrows. This playset was a huge departure for the vast environments that Castle Grayskull and Snake Mountain brought, but I think it holds a special place in the hearts of Evil Horde fans. It didn’t resemble the techno-future location depicted in the Filmation cartoon at all, but it was still cool!

Masters of the Universe Fright Zone Vintage Box
Masters of the Universe Fright Zone Vintage Box
Masters of the Universe Fright Zone Vintage box rear
Masters of the Universe Fright Zone Vintage Box rear
Source: The Toys of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
Masters of the Universe Fright Zone Vintage
Masters of the Universe Fright Zone Vintage
Source: The Toys of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
Masters of the Universe Fright Zone Vintage Snake
Masters of the Universe Fright Zone Vintage Snake
Source: The Toys of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

First illustrated on the 2020 Power Con exclusive She-Ra figure card back artwork, the Fright zone was featured on both the front and rear of the card back art. Shown below, you can see Hordak attacking Adora at the fright zone. It is also pictured on the front of the fold out artwork in stunning color showing Hordak’s minions Mantenna, Grizzlor and Catra atop Clawdeen her evil pink lion at the steps of the Fright Zone near the evil tree.

Masters of the Universe Origins Power Con She-ra partial rear hordak Artwork
Masters of the Universe Origins 2020
Power-Con She-ra exclusive Artwork
Masters of the Universe Origins Power Con She-ra partial Horde Artwork
Masters of the Universe Origins 2020 Power-Con She-ra exclusive Artwork

The Fright Zone shown for a second time on the Origins Hordak card back artwork. Again with a bevy of his minions by his side. This time a pair of Horde Trooper, Grizzlor, Leech, Mantenna and Modulock join him.

Masters of the Universe Origins Hordak Card back Artwork
Masters of the Universe Origins Hordak Card back Artwork

We see the Fright Zone for the third time featured center stage in all its 1980’s style glory on the 2021 Masters of the Universe Origins Power Con Exclusive Horde 4 Pack – lamp shade box, as I like to call it. This time depicted in stunning wrap around artwork by the great Axel Gimenez. In all 3 cases, your will notice that the Fright Zone is depicted as it was in 1985 Mattel playset release and not what the Filmation cartoon location looked like. Again, giving us a hint that perhaps Mattel in classic Origins style has its sights set for a Fright Zone Origins release?! Only time will tell…..

Masters of the Universe Origins Horde 4 Pack Fright Zone exterior Artwork
Masters of the Universe Origins Power Con Exclusive Horde 4 Pack Fright Zone exterior Artwork
Masters of the Universe Origins Horde 4 Pack Fright Zone interior Artwork
Power Con Exclusive Horde 4 Pack Fright Zone interior throne room Artwork
Masters of the Universe Origins Horde 4 Pack Fright Zone Prison Artwork
Power Con Exclusive Horde 4 Pack Fright Zone interior prison Artwork

Mattel Revealed event

Mattel explained on their @mattelcreations handle on Instagram:

We geek out over the same fandoms you do. So we created Mattel Creations REVEALED – a virtual experience where you can connect with our designers, go behind the scenes, and get new exclusive collectibles. ​Start clearing space on your shelves. Tune into #MattelCreationsRevealed on March 21 and 22, starting at 9am PT. Collectibles featured each day will be at at 1pm PT after the show.

Mattel Creations (@mattelcreations) • Instagram photos and videos

Be sure to check back here for information on the figure reveals as we’ll be covering both days for Mattel’s March epic Masters of the Universe figure drops!


Sy-Klone was introduced into the Masters of the Universe toy line in 1985. Given that the cartoon series was drawing to a close by the time he was introduced, his role in the show is so brief as to be almost nonexistent. He appears only in minor, fleeting cameo appearances in two episodes: “Beauty and the Beast” and “Here, There, Skeletors Everywhere”.


Sy-Klone is a member of the Heroic Warriors. A blue-skinned cyborg with the ability to spin at super-speed and generate a whirlwind, he is also able to spin different parts of his body individually and was dubbed the ‘Heroic fist-flinging tornado’.

Masters of the Universe Sy-Klone Vintage Figure
Sy-Klone Vintage Figure
Masters of the Universe Sy-Klone Filmation
Sy-Klone Filmation Appearance

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