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The Collector Vehicle Coming to MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection

Since the reveal and figure drops for the MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection, we’ve seen the first 6 figures for that line and we hope to see more. As Mattel stands up the line and is thinking about the future, we wanted to circle back to a tease we first so on the MOTU Origins Snake Mountain box art! As we know, the teases on the MOTU Origins card art and box, most of the time, manifest themselves into plastic form. The most recent evidence of this was the massive MOTU Origins Skelebration figure drop that revealed Terroar, Lord Gr’asp, and a brand new figure called Necro-Conda are coming to the line! With new figures brings new card art and speculation so it’s exciting to see what new figures or vehicles we might see teased on not only the mainline figures, but the exclusive as well since there is more room for the illustrations on the full cardbacks. To sweeten the deal, an anonymous source has disclosed that The Collector is in the works and will be released as a vehicle for the Cartoon Collection.

November 12, 2023: The Collector 3D Printing by Kenzo’s Creations

Kenzo is one talented customizer and artist and he has 3D printed The Collector using yerco_ub‘s blueprints and the result is outstanding! This model looks like it was ripped right out of the Filmation cartoon and it’s cool to see the scale of this vehicle as it is massive! If you have not followed Kenzo on Instagram or subscribed to his YouTube Channel, you will not regret it as this collector, customizer, and artist is top notch!

From all angles, The Collector looks amazing and we can’t wait to see what Mattel has up their sleeve for this vehicle but one thing for sure is that it won’t look nearly as good as this one!


Kenzo added red lights to pave the way for the vehicle to scoop up unsuspecting Eternians and what a difference it makes! The red eyes make the vehicle colors pop and it looks badass!


There are also purple lights, which is apropos for the vehicle as I am sure this was a special request from Skeletor himself!


There is also room two and I love seeing Beast an and Skelly at the helm!


We also get to look at the dashboard and we have poor Man-At-Arms in the sights of The Collector!


Snake Mountain Box Art Tease

With the confirmation of Lord Gr’asp, Terroar, Necro-Conda, the other teases on the MOTU Origins Snake Mountain have a better chance at landing in the MOTU Origins line. With the three aforementioned characters crossed off the list, only two teases remain! The Collector and Two-Bad, who has been teased on many a card art and now box art!


The Collector

As we examine the new card for the Cartoon Collection, we are also seeing more figure teases and a vehicle would not be too far fetched an idea to ponder! The Collector is an aircraft used by Skeletor in his attacks upon the forces of good in Eternia. It resembles a skull with large pincers on each side of the hull. According to the MOTU Character Guide and World Compendium Volume 2:

The Collector Filmation Cartoon

“The Collector was Skeletor’s personal flying ship, named for its specially designed ability to “collect” enemies by turning them into stone and harvesting their life energy. Skeletor created the ship with the intention of using its abilities to resurrect the sleeping stone giant Colossor. Skeletor also used the Collector to infuse life into statues, turning them against He-Man and his allies. The Collector resembled a large dark-blue skull, with a yellow visor-like windshield where the eyes would be and two large, pincer-like claws that acted as energy weapons. The vessel also had a spine-like line of sharp fins along the top of its hull and a single door on the side. Although He-Man seemingly caused Skeletor and the Collector to crash and plunge into the bottomless gorge around Castle Grayskull, both Skeletor and his ship later returned. He no longer employed its life-force-draining capability and used it mainly as a simple attack craft and as transportation. The Collector returned briefly as Skeletor’s transport during an attack on the Royal Palace. He-Man easily broke through the ship’s hull to thwart the villain.”

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: A Character Guide and World Compendium Volume 2

The Collector Custom Concept

yerco_ub, the amazing 3D digital artist who created the Doom Tower playset, the larger than life Eternos Palace playset and the Filmation Atttak Trak, has also thought through and designed a 3D printable spect for the Collector! To envision what a MOTU Origins Collector could look like and if this is anything of what a potential vehicle could be, this would make an amazing addition to the line!


The cockpit can fit a single MOTU Origins figure and looking the control panel, it has a display and the details resembles a futuristic dashboard.


As the Collector’s primary purpose is to capture people, the inside of the vehicle has a holding cell. If you look closely, you can see an image of Skeletor laughing and can you imagine getting scooped up and that’s the last thing you see!


The inside the of the Collector is intricately detailed and with the cell door closed, the floor becomes a space that you can walk around in (not literally).


It appears that you can have a single or double cockpit and you can see the increase in size side by side. On the bottom of the vehicle, you can see the inside of the cell where unsuspecting Eternians are captured. At least the Evil Lord of Destruction left vents for people to breathe.


Looking at the images alone, you can’t really get a sense of how large the vehicle is. Calling this Collector large is an undestatement as it is downright massive. As you can see, this the approximately scale compared to an Earth human (versus an Eternian).


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