Trap Jaw Masters of the Universe Revelation Techno Cult Outfit Back
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Trap Jaw Masters of the Universe Revelation In Hand Images Review & MOTU Classics Comparison


Aside from the odd and goofy looking face sculpt, the Revelation Trap Jaw figure delivers on both form and function. The arm attachments give the figure many display options and it’s great to pose him in his classic look and his Techno Cult Outfit. Overall, it’s a solid design and one of the best Revelation figures to date!

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Box and Art

Trap Jaw comes in the wide deluxe Masterverse window display box and I love that he is displayed this way in his classic form.

Trap Jaw Masters of the Universe Revelation Box Front

Side of the box it looks like Trap Jaw is hunting someone down in a very cool action shot in his techno cult garb and note that the illustration above this action shot has a different rivet design above his eyes

Trap Jaw Masters of the Universe Revelation Box Side
Trap Jaw Masters of the Universe Revelation Box Back

Head Sculpt

Starting off by taking a look at his head sculpt, Helmet has some silver riveting detail and that zip line loop on top to pay homage to his vintage figure design. The jaw attachment is overly pronounced and is more of a purple color…it has some cool rivet detail. His face sculpt isa deviation from the way Trap Jaw is normally portrayed as he’s got a darker green paint app that has a nice black wash to it. The sculpt has a lot of expression for his face and a lot of intricate detail if you look close enough.

Trap Jaw Masters of the Universe Revelation Closed Jaw
Trap Jaw Masters of the Universe Revelation Head Sculpt
Trap Jaw Masters of the Universe Revelation Jaw Open

Torso & Waist

Trap Jaw is a darker blue with some actual backwashing it to it and the chest also has some texturing to it. The chest piece is more a gun metal black with a matte finish like the circular armor piece around his left arm. Moving around to the back of the figure, the armored plate extends all the around and across the back and it even has a metal looking piece running through the mid back to connect his shoulder armor to his mechanical arm metal armored looking pieces. Taking a look at his waste area, his belt is very detailed and defined with large protruding skull and crossbones and it has places for his attachments to securely fit in.

Trap Jaw Masters of the Universe Revelation Green Belt


His right mechanical arm has the same finish as the chest plate. The sculpt is very subdued and it kind of looks like he has a bicep popping out of his arm so it looks more organic than mechanical.

Weapons and Accessories

He comes with 3 arm weapons that attach to his mechanical arm with a small post. The Cannon attachment has a cool look to it and the tip is a gun metal silver which is a nice touch.

Note that the attachments are so hard to put on so you might want to heat them up using a blow dryer. The Hook has some cool defining lines running through the middle. Moving on to his Claw attachment, in my opinion, is the most interesting attachment and a very different take on it. It has a beveled edge and it’s more compact than previous Claw attachments we’ve seen in the line.

Moving over to the left arm, he’s got a more pronounced bracer that has a light and olive green paint app. He also a black metal disc that looks like another mechanical part in his shoulder, which is similar to other Trap Jaw versions.

Legs & Boots

He’s got the standard green and black thigh armor that is articulated so you get the weird look on the legs if you pose him at the thighs. The leg pats that are showing his skin have asSimilar blue paint app on the legs with black washing. This is the most pronounced knee armor I’ve seen but it looks great! It looks like it could swivel at the joints but it is a sculpted on piece that and crates hollow effect at when the knee bends. The rest of the boot is pretty standard with a mix of black and gunmetal silver paint app.

Techno Cult Outfit

We put together a short video showing the outfit change and one thing to remember, you need to remove his green belt in order for his Techno Cult Belt to fit. Yo our surprise, he actually looks pretty good in the outfit and although it’s not my favorite look, the fabric is really thick and very good quality.

Trap Jaw Masters of the Universe Revelation Techo Cult Outfit Claw
Trap Jaw Masters of the Universe Revelation Techno Cult Outfit Back

Classics Comparison

Trap Jaw Masters of the Universe Revelation Techno Cult Outfit Back

Comparing Trap Jaw to his in his MOTU Classics figure, you can see:

  • The body armor is less pronounced and more subdued on the Revelation sculpt and the bracer is smaller
  • The armor pieces do not extend on the back in the classics version
  • Obviously the head sculpts are different but that gave me an idea! I wanted to see what the Classics head looked like on the Revelation buck and to my surprise, the ball joint at the neck is compatible
  • He looks so much better with the Classics head sculpt and seems like it’s the correct size although the neck seems little big but you can fix that lowering his jaw, giving the illusion that he has a proper size neck


Rating: 5.5 out of 7.

Although the face sculpt is not our favorite, the sculpt is animated series accurate and the paint app is outstanding. The sculpting detail really brings out the definition in his armor and the Techno Cult outfit is well designed and durable. This is the one of the best Masters of the Universe Revelation figures to date and I was pleasantly surprised that the figure came out so well given the severe departure from the face sculpt.

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