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SGT. Slaughter + Leatherneck Triple T as Kup GI Joe Transformers Crossover Confirmed

The Triple T GI Joe Transformers crossover with SGT. Slaughter rumor has been confirmed. A listing was found that showed Kup and Leatherneck!

Special thanks to Jtprime17 doing the lords work and digging up confirmed listings that provides more detail on the then rumored, now confirmed, SGT. Slaughter with Triple T as Kup GI Joe Transformers crossover! We had originally reported this rumor way back in January 2023 so it is great to see this crossover coming to fruition! Codename TRA PROJECT GEE WIZ, the Sarge and Triple T that transformers into Autobot Kup will be a great addition to the line. We’ll also see an O-ring Leatherneck, one of the coolest Joes from 1986, joining the O-Ring line! The cool thing about this duo is that the Sarge and Leatherneck both appeared on the box front for the Triple T! The listing reads, “TRA PROJECT GEE WIZ: GI JOE X TRANSFORMERS SGT Kup as the Triple T with SGT Slaughter and Leatherneck Product Number: F9941.” Although a small form factor vehicle, the Triple T will pair well with Kup, another small form factor vehicle. Hasbro could of stopped at including just the Sarge but they are also including Leatherneck, which recreates the classic box design as pictured below.

Source: TFW2005

Triple T

The personal vehicle of Sgt. Slaughter. A tankette with white armor, and black tracks, armed with two guns on the section behind the drivers seat.

Source: 3DJoes
Source: 3DJoes

The Triple ‘T’ was first released boxed in U.S. toy stores in 1986. It included the driver, Sgt Slaughter (v2). The Triple ‘T’ was also sold in 1987 and was discontinued domestically in 1988.

Source: 3DJoes
Source: 3DJoes

SGT. Slaughter

The Triple ‘T’ was first released boxed in U.S. toy stores in 1986. It included the driver, Sgt Slaughter (v2). The Triple ‘T’ was also sold in 1987 and was discontinued domestically in 1988.

Source: 3DJoes


In the Joe universe, Leatherneck, according to Joepedia, “is loudmouthed, opinionated, uncouth, and overbearing. He has no patience whatsoever with anything which strikes him as indecisiveness, laziness, or dishonesty; any of these will set him on a tirade. Most of his fellow Joes don’t like Leatherneck, because they can’t; but in the field, all of them trust him completely‚Ķbecause they can. A marine’s marine (hence the call-sign), Leatherneck prides himself on his toughness; he demands the best from himself, not to mention everybody around him.”


Leatherneck was first released as part of the 1986 series of A Real American Hero toys. He was also available in 1987 and was discontinued in 1988. He has black hair and mustache with a green cap, shirt, and pants with brown “bird’s foot” camouflage. He is also clad in a beige vest with dark green pads with a black belt and holsters. With respect to his accessories, he has a small, light green backpack (with sculpted roll and canteen) and he carries a grey M-16/203 rifle with grenade launcher.

Source: 3D Joes
Source: 3D Joes

Here is Leatherneck’s file card so you reacquaint yourself with him!

Source: 3D Joes


Kup was a seasoned veteran who found himself constantly having to look after the other young whippersnappers that made up the bulk of the Autobot forces in his role as Cybertron’s chief of security. Originally stationed on Earth, he and the other Autobots were drawn into the battle against Unicron, eventually defeating the giant Transformer. More adventures followed, including a trip back to planet Dread to confront an old nemesis, being turned into a zombie, witnessing the return of Optimus Prime, helping Rodimus Prime handle the burdens of command, and the menace of the Hate Plague.


The Transformers Kup transforms into a Cybertronic pickup truck (though how he is able to carry goods safely with no tailgate is a mystery). The entire front of the vehicle (including the windshield) is made out of die-cast metal. In robot mode, Kup has full shoulder rotation, though the way his elbows are set up means he cannot make full use of their joints. He (somewhat) makes up for it with swivel wrists. His legs feature no articulation whatsoever. Maybe Hot Rod left a piece out. He is armed with a blue laser rifle. Early releases of Kup had metal rear wheels, while later releases replaced them with black plastic.


January 2023: SGT Slaughter and Triple T GI Joe Transformers Crossover Rumor

Special thanks to the TheArtistShArK (here is a link to his YouTube Channel and Instagram) for the tip off and to the Full Force Podcast for breaking the rumor but there appears to be a new Sgt. Slaughter and Triple T GI Joe Transformers crossover collaboration in the works. Let’s dig into this Sgt. Slaughter and Triple-T GI Joe Transformers Crossover Rumor. According to Full Force Podcast, the Sarge himself let the news slip about an upcoming Sgt. Slaughter and Triple T GI Joe Transformers crossover collaboration. This isn’t the first time the Sarge let information slip about future GI Joe projects, but as of yet there is nothing officially announced from Hasbro. This rumor has also been reported by TFW2005, where they also report ” According to the information shared this would be a transformable Triple T vehicle (which Transformers character is still unknown) packed with a Ring-O Sargent Slaughter figure. Apparently mentioned by Sargent Slaughter himself during a convention. In any case, we suggest you to take this with a grain of salt until we get an official confirmation or images.” No official details as to what Autobot the Triple T could transform into but let’s check out the Triple T and Sgt. Slaughter in the meantime to refresh your memory. Once we get more information, we will be sure to update you.

Triple T with Sgt. Slaughter

The personal vehicle of Sgt. Slaughter, the Triple T or Tag Team Terminator as it was also known, is a tankette with white armor, and black tracks, armed with two guns on the section behind the driver’s seat. It was seen in several episodes of the Sunbow cartoon with the Sarge piloting his Triple T and charging into battle againist Cobra!

Triple T Variation: The Night Raider

The Triple T was also released and redone as part of the Night Force line! This could open the door to a possible repaint and more Night Force figures and vehicles coming down the line! That would be really cool to get this subline in O-Ring form!

GI Joe Night Raider Box Front
Source: 3DJoes
GI Joe Night Raider Box Back
Source: 3DJoes

GI Joe Night Raider Night Force
GI Joe Night Raider Night Force 2
Source: 3DJoes

Sgt. Slaughter

The Triple T came packed with Sgt. Slaughter v2, where he had green military hat, brown hair and mustache, silver sunglasses, a whistle around his neck, a black tank top, black wristbands, with light and dark green camouflage pants with dark green belt and green and black boots! The USA logo, from the version of the figure is not present. Getting this version of the Sarge on a new single release cardback with the Transformer Triple T vehcile would be a dream for collectors, as this version of the Sarge has never been released on a single cardback!

Sgt. Slaughter 1986 GI Joe
Sgt. Slaughter 1986 GI Joe Back

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