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Evil-Lyn Coming To MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection

Get ready for the Evil Warrior Goddess to grace the MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection. Described by Skeletor as his “right hand of evil,” Evil-Lyn is both his greatest ally and worst enemy. According to an anonymous source, Evil-Lyn will be coming to the Cartoon Collection in 2024 and we will likely see her revealed during MOTU March Madness 2024. If you recall, last year during mid-March, the MOTU team dropped a ton of figures we saw in 2023. While a source as revealed that she is coming to the line, we are speculating as to what episode they will be payong homage to and what Filmation accessory she’ll be packed with. Also, given that the Cartoon Collection is pairing a Heroic Warrior with an Evil Warrior in each wave, only time will tell which figure Evil-Lyn will be paired with.

Evil-lyn Filmation Appearance

Evil-Lyn Filmation’s Appearance

The only female member of the Evil Warriors, she is an evil witch who aids Skeletor as his second-in-command with her powers of darkness. Her Filmation appearance colors were dark purple with blue accents. Her helmet is colored in black to match her cape and there are purple and blue tie-ins that match her outfit.


Evil-Lyn’s Plot Filmation Episode

As we are speculating as to which episode Evil-Lyn’s accessory will come with, a good episode for the Cartoon Collection would be Evil-Lyn’s Plot. According to the Wiki Grayskull, “Skeletor plots to steal coridite, a powerful crystal mined by the Widgets. He-Man’s baldric is made of coridite, so Skeletor believes that fashioning a coridite breastplate of his own will allow him to defeat He-Man once and for all. Skeletor attacks the Widget Fortress, leading the Widgets to send out a signal asking for He-Man’s help. He-Man goes to the fortress and fends Skeletor off. Back at Snake Mountain, Evil-Lyn decides to disguise herself as an attractive blonde woman before going to the Widget Fortress to trick them into giving her coridite.”


She pretends to be attacked by Panthor and the Widgets save her. The Widget Squinch attempts to cheer the distressed “Nadira” up by taking her to the coridite mine. Evil-Lyn steals the coridite and she and Skeletor take it to Volcano Cave, the only place the coridite can be molded. Skeletor manages to create his coridite breastplate. He-Man and the Widgets show up and defeat Skeletor and Evil-Lyn, who retreat.”


Evil-Lyn finally gets a hold of the coridite so Skeletor can create his breast plate.


Coridite Crystal Accessory

Since Evil-Lyn was the main villian who was responsible for stealing the Coridite in the episode, we feel that the crystal would be a good The Coridite is a crystal highly desired by Skeletor. It was mined by the Widgets, and Evil-Lyn was dispatched to steal it from them.


Filmation Evil-Lyn Figure

Super7, paying homage to her He-Man and Masters of the Universe Filmation appearance, released her figure in 2018 as part of their vintage line.


Her figure had the same POA as the vintage Masters of the Universe figures and featured her cartoon look!


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