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Turtles of Grayskull MOTU Origins TMNT Crossover Wave 3 Assortment

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The new Turtles of Grayskull MOTU Origins TMNT Crossover figures have fans super excited as we get getting new information this incredible new subline! As we saw in the Turtles of Grayskull MOTU Origins Mini Comic Teases article, several new characters were being teased to be coming to the line. According to an anonymous source, Wave 3 of the new Turtles of Grayskull MOTU Origins figures will consists of:

  • Michaelangelo
  • Teela
  • Skeletor
  • Casey Jones

Since we only have the names of these figures in Wave 3, we will look at either teases thus far or what their character looks. As soon as more information is available or images revealed, we will be sure to update you!


Mikey is the fourth brother that has yet to be revealed in the Turtles of Grayskull MOTU Origins TMNT Crossover line. Well now we know he will be part of Wave 3! I can’t wait to see how they MOTUize him! We already know that from the mini comic tease, that he will have blonde hair and will be wearing Battle Armor, so he is an homage to Battle Armor He-Man. You can see in the image below what he looked like in the mini comic.

Turtles-of-Grayskull-Wave-1-Mini-Comic-Page-8 Teela Mikey Tease

It will be so cool to see our favorite pizza eating turtle dawning a blonde hairdo and battle armor. Here we can get an idea of what parts of Battle Armor He Man they might incorporate into the design. Will Michaelangelo get that rotating drum battle damage effect? Only time will tell, but this is very exciting!

Michaelangelo TMNT
MOTU Origins Battle Armor He-Man


We saw Teela in turtle gear teased on both the recent Box Art reveal by Roy Juarez for the upcoming Mouse-Jaw deluxe Turtles of Grayskull and in the mini comic shown above. So it is a foregone conclusion that she will be dressed in green turtle inspired MOTU armor as depicted below.


Here again is the tease for Teela from the mini comic and what the MOTU Origins Teela Figure looks like. Will they use the original version or the Cartoon Classics one as it is hard to tell from these illustrations.

MOTU Origins Teela vs Original Teela front


Skeletor is a must have for any MOTU Origins line. Of course we have to have the evil warriors leader himself in this figure line. The question here is how are they going to Turtlize him?

On Pages 9 and 10 fo the Mini Comic that came with Donatello, we get to see Skeletor at Snake Mountain. He was illustrated sitting on his bone throne and was joined by none other than Shredder in Horde armor and a Megator inspired Krang! But Skeletor is illustrated in his normal look, there is nothing TMNT about him, so this does not let us know what they might do to him to Turtlize him. But it will be fun to find out!

Source: The Man Child
Source: The Man Child

I wonder what version of Skeletor’s face will we get in this line? Will it be the one with the articulated jaw like what came with Screech or will it be more like the vintage inspired version, or Cartoon Collection face sculpt?


Casey Jones

Casey Jones is a very cool TMNT character to include in this line. He has not yet been teased in any of the product illustrations so we don’t know how he will be MOTUized yet. Will he include his hockey gear somehow incorporated into Eternian battle gear? Only time will tell, but I can’t wait to find out!

Casey Jones cartoon
Casey Jones Playmates

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