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She-Ra MOTU Origins Fan Favorite and First Release Comparisons

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The She-Ra MOTU Origins Fan Favorite figure is hitting collectors hands and there are some notable differences in paint and stockers!

Where my ladies at!?! The devil is in the details and special thank to @kiko_prime for send us comparison images of the Fan Favorite and First Release She-Ra MOTU Origins figure! He also went above and beyond and also sent comparisons of She-Ra’s knees from all three releases (bad knees, corrected knees, and Fan Favorite). I think we all assumed that the Fan Favorite re-releases would be the exact same figure and paint app as the original release but there are some subtle differences!

Packaging Differences

The Most Powerful Woman in the Universe is holding some secrets of her own as there are some differences in her first release and Fan Favorite re-release.


Aside from the obvious difference of the orange Fan Favorite triangle in the upper right corner of the card, the Princess of Power has her sword and shield packed in the front so you can see them, which makes the first release seem like there is something missing.


Mini Comic Similarities and Differences

The cover of the mini comic are the same but there is a different cross sell on the back of the mini comic, which confirms the four-figure MOTU Origins reissue wave consisting of She-Ra, Mer-Man, Zodac, and Tri-Klops. WE got a hint that this would be the entire reissue wave when The Whole Shebang but this entire wave up for preorder!


Figure Paint App and Accessory Differences

It’s not a trick of the eye or the camera but the Fan Favorite She-Ra has some notable paint app and glittery sticker differences! The Fan Favorite gold paint app is noticeably darker than the first release.


First Release vs. Fan Favorite Comparison Video

@kiko_prime even sent us a short video detailing out the differences so check that out below!

Head Sculpt and Crown

The biggest difference which you can see right off the bat is the difference in glittery appearance of the crown. They used different stickers between the first release and and Fan Favorite. The Fan Favorite crown does look very sparkly compared to the first release.


There are also some VERY subtle differences in the whites of the eyes with the Fan Favorite version have more white than the first release!

First Release
Fan Favorite

As the song from ZZ Top states, “She’s go leg’s” and boy does she know how to use them! In all seriousness, the Fan Favorite has corrected and and better quality plastic feel than the previous releases. @kiko_prime went as far as to say that the plastic on the new Fan Favorite version feels like Masterverse quality plastic, which means it should hold up longer. He also said teh shimmer of the skirt has subtle differences too!



In addition to the darker gold paint app on the figure, the sword and shield also have a darker paint app as well! The Fan Favorite version also has a subtlety darker jewel in both the sword and the shield.


Where to buy

You can preorder all the Fan Favorite wave at the following retailers

Masters of the Universe Origins She-Ra Fan Favorite
Fan Favorite She-Ra
Masters of the Universe Origins Mer Man Fan Favorite
Fan Favorite Mer-Man
Zodac-Masters-of-the-Universe-Origins-Fan Favorite 1
Fan Favorite Zodac
King-Randor-Masters-of-the-Universe-Origins-Fan Favorite 1
Fan Favorite King Randor

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