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Kings of the Snake Men Book Teases Toxoid and New MOTU Origins Figures

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Seen on the cover of Axel Gimenez and Leonardo Vega’s new book: KINGS OF THE SNAKE MEN , two new MOTU Origins Figures are being teased! There are two figures teased on the cover of the new book, they are High Priest Pythonus, yet to be named Red Snake men character with the lower body of Lady Slither, and Toxoid! These figures have a long history of being teased on the back of Kol-Dar’s card art and on the back of the MOTU Origins Moss Man package art! So let’s take a look at what’s in this magnificent masterpiece and the teases they hold within!

According to mmtoydesign on instagram:

We know you are waiting for it. But to make our KINGS OF THE SNAKE MEN book even better than we originally planned, (which is of course an almost impossible task) we decided to add some more information, photos, and art to the book. It continues to grow and improve – so the final presale date will shift to January/February 2024, followed by the fast delivery of a great book to you. Stay tuned!


Seen below is the new Kings of the Snake Men Book that teases two new MOTU Origins figures!

KIngs of the Snake Men Cover

One of the images, which we presume is from the inside of the book or the back cover clearly show that unnamed Red Snake men Character in MOTU Origins form as you can see below! He is using the Camo Khan hooded head, Cobra Khan body and lady slither tail! Also, you will notice what looks like the prototype for Tung Lashor to the right of Fang-Or but that figure is actually a new character called Toxoid.

KIngs of the Snake Men image 2

Toxoid Tease

Thanks to Toy Habits Crew Member Allison Troy (aka Retro Toy Princess), she alerted us to the fact that the Tung Lashor repaint seen to the right of Fang-Or is actually a character called Toxoid! Toxoid was first teased on the MOTU Origins Mattel Creations Kol-Dar card art and we have not seen him since until today! You can see Toxoid, along with Red Snake Men character with the body of Lady Slither, on the card art to the right of Kol-Dar! In fact, there are a whole host of Snake Men teases which also include Shadow Master, Reptilax, and Lady Slither (who has been released as a Mattel Creations exclusive.

Kol-Darr Masters of the Universe Origins Mattel Creations Card Art

Toxoid Figure

The figure was intentionally blurred in the photo but you can clearly see the resemblance to the Toxoid illustration on the Kol-Dar card art. Given that the future Snake Men will be Mattel Creations exclusives, there is a very high likelihood that we’ll see him go up for preorder but the only question remains…when?


Moss Man Rear Box Art

The rear of Moss Man’s package is a stunning full color illustration of the entire rear of the package with Moss Man poking out of a ferny bush, fully armored up, mace in hand! He is looking over two new foes. If you want to check out our full article on Moss Man’s package art and the incredible teases found on it, head over to: Moss Man MOTU Origins Art Reveal Teases Power of Grayskull (


There is a beautiful reddish orange Eternian sunset sky in the background. Standing in the distance are High Priest Pythonus, and an unnamed Red Snake character that Axel Gimenez came up with.


Red Snake Creature

There is one more red snake creature that is prominently featured on the back of the card back art work for Moss Man and you can see the actual figure in the image below.


We searched high and low to confirm who he is, but came up empty handed. So we went right to the source to ask the artist himself! Roy Juarez did respond back to our inquiry, and says that this is an unnamed new character! They are working on giving him a name, but nothing official yet. He looks like a combination of Camo Khan’s flared snake head and body, woth an actual snake like tail on his lower half. In any case, this is an amazing new character!

Roy Juarez response red creature

High Priest Pythonus (aka Nepthu)

Nepthu first appeared as an articulated action figure in August 2013 as part of Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics toyline. He is also referred to as High Priest Pythonus on many MOTU forums. His Classics Bio makes him the first known member of the Snake Men Faction who is not part of the Snake Men species. This concept builds off of the Nepthu character from MOTU Classics who pledged his life to King Hiss during the 2nd Ultimate Battle Ground

Nepthu-MOTU-Origins-Custom-Concept sketch

High Priest Pythonus MOTU Origins Figure Concept

Since Axel Gimenez and Leonardo Vega designed and illustrated a plethora of Snake Men for Lady Slither to command, the concepts never made into plastic form and while most of them remain un-produced to this day, the deep cut Snake Men are slowly making their way to the MOTU Origins line. Since the High Priest has been teased on two official MOTU Origins packaging, we are sure that one is in the works. Until that day when the High Priest is officially announced, we are featuring the amazing work of Mega Customx, who has created the most STUNNING High Priest Pythonus figure in MOTU Origins form! This figure captures the essence of what Axel Gimenez intended for the concept and Mega Customx delivered with his detailed texturing, paint app, weapons, and accessories for this killer concept.


This figure is amazing from head to toe! First, the headwear mirrors the more recent card art teases and Mega Customx nailed the exact color orange we would expect from the concept illustrations. Around the back of the piece, there is a red and blue paint app that looks meticulously applied! The blue snake collar, also referenced in the concept art and illustrations, is spot on!


In this photo, we can see the up close and personal attention to detail Mega Customx poured into this figure! The snake texturing on the face is sculpted to perfection and the blending of darker green to light green ads depth and dimension to the face sculpt. The black outline on the lips compliments the appearance of real snake skin with his closed mouse sculpt. The bone scepter came out amazing and the way it was painted looks like it was created from an actual living being! The color of the scepter is also the exact color of bone, adding to the realism of the figure.


The loin cloth is also highly detailed and resembles the illustrations from the most recent card art teases. The figure looks amazing clutching the bone scepter and the snake staff. The additional spell casting hand adds so much displayability to the figure and you can change up the look for your shelf!


Where to Buy

Lucky for collector’s, Mega Custom X has listed his fully painted High Priest Pythonus, on eBay, with and end date for the auction set for Monday, December 4, 2023 at 4:55am PT.

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