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BAT GI Joe Classified Series In Hand Review

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Hasbro knocked it out of the park with the GI Joe Classified Series BAT! It is a real homage to the vintage 1986 BAT! They did everything right and went above and beyond on the sculpting detail. The B.A.T. one of the best figures in the classified series line! He’s got a ton of displayability options and he can actually stow ALL of his gear so he does not have any orphan accessories, which earns extra points!

BAT GI Joe Classified Series Front 2

BAT GI Joe Classified Series Back

Box and Art

The BAT comes in the standard GI Joe Classified Series Window display box and the box art is one of the best I’ve seen! The art reminds me of a post apocalyptic scene where the BAT’s rage against humanity and suffer the consequences. You can see the inner workings of the BATs, which show a very cool battle damaged version.

BAT GI Joe Classified Series Box Front
BAT GI Joe Classified Series Box Side Art

Head Sculpt

The BAT has a classic head sculpt, which mirrors the vintage figure. There are a lot of angles and hard lines and the raised crest on the head that gives it a lot of depth and dimension. The silver face plate has a fantastic shape and there is even so silver detailing on both sides of the sculpt. It also comes with a battle damaged alternate head and chest plate, which adds to the display options. I love this because you can see the inner workings of the head with steel plate and circuitry in the battle damaged version, making the android aspect really stand out. The cracks in the face shield are spider out like a cracked windshield on a car and make for a worn and tattered look.

BAT GI Joe Classified Series Chest Plate
BAT GI Joe Classified Series Battle Damage Close

Chest and Back

The chest shows the inner workings of the BAT and has the same green as a piece of ram or a motherboard, which is a nice touch since the BAT is an android. It has raised detail on the chest that is fully sculpted piece versus a lenticular like they did on the vintage 1986 BAT
Has a chest has a black plate to cover it up, which I am not very fond of because it hides the detail on the chest but I guess Dr. Mindbender had to make an upgrade since the BAT’s pretty much explode on contact.

BAT GI Joe Classified Series Black Chest Plate
BAT GI Joe Classified Series Back

I love the upper back as the silver paint app and detail makes it appear that there are working pistons and wires. It’s a shame that this part it’s covered by the backpack but be careful, you will get some paint transfer on the backpack.


Now the arms are symmetrical meaning they are the same on both sides so let’s just take a look at the left arm and start off with the amazing cobra symbol on the side. The main difference between the vintage figure and this one is the Cobra sigil is the placement is on the side of the arm versus the front. I liked the placement of the sigil on the front in the vintage figure because you can always see it. I Love the look of clothing with the folded sleeve and a button and if you think about it, the BAT is a robot so it does not need clothing but maybe Cobra Commander had save money and just make cloth uniforms instead of providing extra protection. He has exposed forearms with that look like they have working pistons and rods and the other side is covered, creating a unique look.

BAT GI Joe Classified Series Cobra Symbol and Hand

Waist and Legs

The BAT has a very basic waist sculpt and he has a yellow utility belt with a silver belt buckle that has a connected holster that is a separate piece. The legs are pretty standard, and the right leg looks like it has a silver communication device while the left leg just as the holster for the pistol. The boot design is really cool as it has silver plating around the top. The boot design is angular with metal plates over the talus of the foot.

BAT GI Joe Classified Series Wste and Legs

Weapons and Accessories

The weapons and accessories pack out is off the charts! Let’s take a look at all of the parts, which include a backpack, pistol, two chest plates (regular and battle damaged), and extra battle damaged head sculpt, and the following attachments: hand, laser, claw, and flamethrower.

BAT GI Joe Classified Series Weapons

Backpack: There is a female slot built into the backpack so the attachments can store safely and it’s an upgrade to the vintage backpack where they had pegs that could break off.

BAT GI Joe Classified Series Backpack

Pistol: The pistol is pretty basic but has a futuristic look to it. It can holster on the BAT’s left leg for safe keeping and I am guessing that this is a last resort or close quarters type of weapon because the BAT comes with so many amazing weapons that are so much better than a pistol.

BAT GI Joe Classified Series Pistol

Chest Plates: There is one standard black plate and one battle damaged plate that fits over the chest and covers the inner workings (or dare I say weak spot) on the BAT.

BAT GI Joe Classified Series Battle Damage Close
BAT GI Joe Classified Series Black Chest Plate

Hands: Both hands are detachable and can stow in the backpack if you choose do display him with two weapon attachments, which is a nice upgrade!

BAT GI Joe Classified Series Cobra Symbol and Hand

Laser Attachment: The Laser has a tapered end to it and is often mistaken for a drilling type bit due to it’s look.

BAT GI Joe Classified Series Laser Attachment

Claw attachment: The Claw looks like it has working pistons and it even is vented on the bladed end, which I am assuming is to make it weigh less.

BAT GI Joe Classified Series Front

Flamethrower: They really paid attention to detail and it looks like a real flamethrower…has an igniter at the bottom feeding up into the barrel. I’m not sure where the fuel is coming from to ignite the torch but maybe this why they blew up so much. There is a small hole in the barrel for a flame effect, which is cool if they ever made blast effects but if you have the effects from Transformers or Marvel Legends figures, those might work too!

BAT GI Joe Classified Series Flamethrower

The cool aspect about this BAT is that you can take BOTH hands off to make him the ultimate killing machine! The first stow away in the backpack while his more deadly weapons are in use.

BAT GI Joe Classified Series Laser Flamethrower Attachment


Rating: 7 out of 7.

I don’t usually give figures a perfect score so this a first for me. It is pretty much a direct translation of the vintage figure that is highly detailed in both form and function. There are so many was to display this figure and it seems to have endless possibilities. The attachments fir snugly in the backpack and they are easy to take on and off the figure. This is my favorite GI Joe Classified Series figure to date! Well do

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