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Mattel Creations Website is Now Selling Select MOTU Items for Direct Order!

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The Mattel Creations website is now listing select Masters of the Universe items for direct purchase through their webpage. Could this be the start of a new direct order link to more MOTU products like Hasbro Pulse has? Will they be expanding this to harder to find characters and products? This is exciting news and looking forward to see what the future holds.

Mattel Creations Masters of the Universe Website

Also as a side note, MOTU Origins Mini-comic Tri-Klops was up for order for $17 on the website and sold out right away so at the moment of writing this new brief does not currently show on the site but we still have the product listing, which we will link below.

Mini Comic Tri-Klops Masters of the Universe Origins Sold Out

Another hard to find item that is currently still available for sale is Flying Fists He-Man.

Flying Fists He-Man Masters of the Universe Origins for Sale

Links to all currently available products can be found below:

You can also find all of the Masters of the Universe – Mattel Creations listings here!

Mattel Creations MOTU Origins & Revelations for sale
Mattel Creations MOTU Origins & Revelations for sale

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