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Emperor Hordak and Snake Teela Masterverse Figures Confirmed

The Masters of the Universe Revolution Emperor Hordak and Snake Teela are confirmed to be coming to the line!

As Mattel gets ready for their big official “Revealed” event happening on March 21 and 22, 2024, they have teased a couple Masterverse figures. In an Instagram story, Mattel has a image of Emperor Hordak, confirming his figure in the Masterverse line. Snake Teela is also seen in the background, which also confirms her figure in the Masterverse line up as well! We had reported, back in December 2023, that Emperor Hordak would be part of the Masterverse Wave 13 figure assortment. We also recently reported that Snake Teela was coming to the Masterverse line so it is great to get confirmation on those two figures! Special thanks to kenzos__creations for keeping us on our toes with the heads up!


Emperor Hordak

Hordak played major role in the Masters of the Universe Revolution Netflix series and the Revolution figures, thus far, have captured their on-screen appearance very well. Hordak is decked out in all black with red accents and this was how he appeared in Revolution. The head sculpt captured his indignant look very well and his staff looks amazing!


Emperor Hordak History

We know that Hordak will play a major role in the upcoming Masters of the Universe Revolution Netflix series and we’ve seen his animated form in promos from Mattel! We are speculating that the Emperor Hordak figure will likely fall into the Masters of the Universe Revolution subline given the impending release of the series and there was no former MOTU figure by that name.


Given the oversized armor and stature of Hordak, we are guessing that he will be developed like Skelegod and be an oversized deluxe figure.


Snake Teela

Snake Teela looks amazing and her likeness is spot on with her appearance in the Masters of the Universe Revolution Netflix series. She also resembles the Green Goddess from the MOTU Classics line as her body appears to semi-transparent plastic.


Snake Teela History

Fans of the Masters of the Universe Revolution Netflix animated series can rejoice that Snake Teela is coming to the Revolution subline! This will be our first “Green Goddess” figure in the Masterverse line so we can’t wait to see what the figure actually looks like. We hope she comes in green translucent plastic, which we hope is stronger and more durable than her Masters of the Universe Classics figure.

Teela’s Transformation into Snake Teela

Just looking at the poster alone won’t give you the full picture of how Teela transforms into the Green Goddess so we broke it down frame by frame from the official trailer. We see Teela holding on to a golden shaft (let’s be adults here), which produces some yellow/green energy.


We can see the flesh of her skin turn green right before our eyes but this happens so fast in the trailer. When the transformation is complete, we can see the classic mint ship green skin of the newly transformed Goddess!


As she transforms into Snake Teela, you can the snake scales running through her body, taking over her arms and waist.


In her Goddess state, she dons her snake armor headdress and you can also see her wielding her Sorceress staff and her Snake staff.


The Goddess was released as a figure in the Masters of the Universe Classics line so we can get an idea of what she might look like as a Masterverse figure!


Her bio reads, “After the death of King Grayskull, the Power of the Universe was transferred from the Sword of He to the Council of Elders, who hid it deep within his castle. Knowing the full sword was the key to channeling the power again, they split it in two to prevent it from falling into the hands of evil. For five thousand years, they waited for a worthy heir to be born. During this time their spirit guide, the creature known as The Goddess of Eternia, trained secret heroic guardians to keep the two halves of the sword separated. Many of these brave warriors took the name “He-Man” in honor of the sword they protected giving birth to many different legends of the protector of Eternia.”


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