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Horde Command Crawler MOTU Origins Concept In Hand Images

Remember when the Horde Command Crawler was a part of Mattel’s Eternia’s Choice Fan Vote to pick the next crowdfunding project? Since then, we’ve featured yerco_ub‘s Filmation inspired Horde Command Crawler as a 3D concept blueprint, Mr Home Arcade did the impossible and used Yerco’s STL files to 3D print (with some help from his friend) this unique tank and this thing is one beefy boy! If you are not familiar with Yerco’s work, he has created accurate and scaled 3D blueprints for many Filmation vehicles, playsets, and accessories that you’ll find in the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Filmation cartoon. He also has created the files for a larger than life Eternos Palace MOTU Origins 3D blueprints and the result is not only outstanding, but the palace is massive in all of the right ways. Taking inspiration directly from the source, Yerco has recreated the Filmation Princess of Power Horde Command Crawler and pays homage to the Filmation vehicle based on the original animated illustrations but on a much larger scale! When we say larger, this thing is massive! Mr Home Arcade did an amazing job painstakingly painting, glueing, and assembling this beast!


Behind the Scenes

If you are not familiar with 3D printing, the output may not be what you think! There are several pieces and parts that need to printed separately. The process from here is a lot painting and glueing.


Here are some work in process pics that Mr. Home Arcade sent to us that show how large this tank is with Hordak standing on one of the large peices.


The tracks are equally as massive and the way that Yerco designs his wheels is that they actually move!


Horde Commander Crawler Assembled

Hordak must have taken some notes and learned from Cobra Commander the importance of branding because this massive tank has Hordak’s ugly mug front and center! The massive single canon stands erect with the help of some tack Mr. Home Arcade put in the joint and the quad canons look like they can do some real damage.


Getting a peak at the side of the Command Crawler, you can see the turbine engines that are used to power this mo fo and Mr. Home Arcade added some nice red accents to spice them up a little! The red Horde symbols look great and the suble pant applied in various parts gives a lot of dimension to the tank.


Getting up close and personal, you can see the tank treads and the wheels are almost as large as Hordak. Mr Home Arcade also put a light in the back of Hordak’s command chair, giving it a really cool effect.


This tank is the only way to come to battle with a large battalion of Horde Troopers and the Evil Horde and Hordak at the top in command!


Video Review

Check out Mr. Home Arcade’s video review on his YouTube channel!

Size Comparisons

Could you imagine this beast rolling up on Eternia? It would level this stronghold likes nobody’s business!


It would also reduce Snake Mountain and Castle Grayskull into rubble but the Horde Command Crawler dwarfs both of them.


I thought the Filmation Attak Trak was large but this beast and the Horde Command Crawler dwarfs it by a long shot! I often want vehicles scaled to the figures but be careful what you wish for, this would be how massive a tank would look if it was scaled to fit MOTU Origins figures.


Horde Command Crawler Filmation

The Horde Command Crawler was one of Hordak’s wonderful toys and, according to the Wiki Grayskull, “The Horde Crawler, also known as the Command Crawler, was a powerful command tank used by Hordak himself. It used Etherium for fuel and was equipped with a giant Freeze-Ray. It also came equipped with a throne for Hordak and an ejector function so he could get rid of any Hordesman that annoyed him. When Hordak wanted to make an example of the village of Dryl, he commanded a Horde Army in his Horde Crawler to level the city with bombs, troopers, tanks and multiple freeze rays until every last villager had fled. Once the city was empty, Hordak ordered his Horde Troopers to burn it to the ground.”


This ridiculous looking tank featured Hordak’s face with red glowing eyes and a giant freeze cannon that he can raise and lower at will!


The interior of the Command Crawler looks nice, comfy, and spacious! Who wouldn’t want a thrown to command your army of Horde evildoers? There is also room for two Horde Troopers and a very large heads up display because…why not???


The Command Crawler is featured in only two episodes in the She-Ra and the Princess of Power Filmation cartoon before it meets its demise at the hands of Skeletor.


The poor Horde Command Crawler is nothing but a heap of twisted metal and wreckage!


MOTU Origins Concept

This command vehicle, also known as the Horde Crawler, isn’t just a powerful tank used by Hordak – it’s a symbol of dread across Etheria, powered by Etherium and equipped with a massive Freeze Ray. Internally divided into two sections: the front leads you to Hordak’s throne, where he meets his continuous line of nefarious cohorts. In the rear of the vehicle, there’s a grim captive storage space, because let’s be real, Hordak isn’t about to spread love and peace!


The great thing about Yerco’s designs is they are at the appropriate scale to acomodate action figures and also function as a stand alone vehicle. The size of this tank comes is nearly 24″ wide and 30″ tall! The vehicle is equipped with two sets of vertically adjustable cannons on the top, showcasing Hordak’s offensive capabilities.
The rear features a set of four cannons, while the front boasts a giant cannon capable of launching devastating projectiles. The vehicle’s underside is designed with just the right height to pass over Motu figures, suggesting the ease with which it can abduct future captives.


Inside, you’ll find Hordak’s imposing throne, where this malevolent leader receives his loyal henchmen and strategizes for the control of Eternia. Recreating the throne that Hordak commands his troops from, the interior resembles the Filmation cartoon. The rear of the vehicle boasts a space designated for prisoner storage, highlighting Hordak’s ruthless nature. espite their reduced size, the interior spaces are designed to accommodate LED lights, giving the Emperor of Evil in Eternia an even more impressive and sinister appearance. There is a Horde symbol smack dab in the middle of the control room and the pipes and wall detail are realistic to what the tank looked like in the animated series.


Not only does this tank look amazing, it’s also functional! The tourette can raise and lower and if this vehicle is anything like the Attak Trak he designed, the treads will also be functional!


About Yerco

Yerco shared why he creates these 3D models and it was such an amazing story! He states,

“When I was a child, I would sit in front of the television, captivated by the colorful world of cartoons. Armed with my crayons, I embarked on a mission to recreate those vibrant characters on paper. It felt like an impossible dream back then.

As I grew older, my journey took a new turn when I got my hands on my very first computer. Armed with a simple mouse and a basic paint program, I ventured into the digital realm. Suddenly, the characters from my imagination had a new canvas, and I could bring them to life in ways I had never imagined.

Now, with the passage of many years, I’ve come to realize that I can do things that were once considered beyond our reach, things that were once deemed impossible for everyone. I’ve discovered the incredible ability to create toys – not just any toys, but toys that are a reflection of the beloved characters we’ve watched on TV. These are the characters that, for various reasons like licensing or financial constraints, never made it to store shelves.

And what brings me the greatest joy is knowing that many people out there find happiness in these creations. It’s like a dream come true, a way of giving everyone the chance to have the things we might never have thought to ask for. It’s about turning the impossible into reality, one toy at a time. That, my friends, is a journey worth taking.”


Where to Buy

You can purchase the 3D plans for this amazing Horde Command Crawler on his cults3d page now!


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