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Super7 GI Joe ReAction Wave 7 Preorders discovered

Super7 has done it again, with a leak of GI Joe ReAction Wave 7 preorder listings that have been discovered on Entertainment Earth and Big Bad Toy Store! This time around we get some really deep cuts and some heavy hitters and main characters that we have been waiting for a long time! So let’s take a look at these listings we have discovered! Now there aren’t any photos yet, but as soon as they are released, we will update you. We are starting to all get hints of the Tiger Force and Python Patrol figures that went up for pre-order as well. You can read more about those here: Super7 GI Joe ReAction Tiger Force & Python Patrol Pre-Order Listings on EE. So let’s take a look at the Super7 GI Joe ReAction Wave 7 Preorders that we discovered.

UPDATE 08/24/2023: Figure Tease, new releases coming next week

Super7 Teased us with this new image of Buzzer on their Super7 (@super7) • Instagram photos and videos page today and said “Tearing into your collection next week! #ComingSoon

Super7 GI Joe Reaction Buzzer Teaser Image

Wave 7 consists of:

We can’t tell if the Pilot Facemask will be some sort of Joe army builder, but we are getting a Crimson Guard and Greenshirt in Tiger Force colors, so you can sure as heck building an army of them! These of course will be either Sunbow inspired or inspired by the comic books, so let’s take a look at some images of what they might look like.


Barbecue is a member of the G.I. Joe Strike Team and is a skilled firefighter. His real name is Gabriel Kelly, and he was born and raised in a family of firefighters. He joined the military and served as an infantryman before transferring to the Army’s fire department. Barbecue is known for his calm demeanor and bravery in dangerous situations. He is an expert in using firefighting equipment and can operate all types of emergency vehicles. His specialized skills make him a valuable asset to the G.I. Joe team during combat situations. Barbecue has appeared in various GI Joe media, including the animated series and comic books. He is often portrayed as a dependable and reliable member of the team who is always ready to help when needed. He appeared occasionally in the Sunbow cartoon series and is well remembered by his A Real American Hero action figure in both his classic orange outfit and Slaughter’s Marauder’s outfit.

BArbeue Sunbow


Buzzer is most remembered for his appearance in the GI Joe: A Real American Hero toy line, comic book, and animated series. He was introduced in 1985 as a member of the Cobra organization and later defecting to the GI Joe team. Buzzer’s real name is Dick Blinken-Smythe and he is from Nottingham, England. He has a distinctive look with a shaved head, a long, braided beard, and several piercings. He often carries a chainsaw as his weapon of choice. Before joining Cobra, Buzzer was a punk rocker and anarchist who caused trouble wherever he went. He was recruited by Cobra Commander for his rebellious nature and tactics. However, Buzzer eventually became disillusioned with Cobra’s methods and joined the GI Joe team. He uses his cunning and experience to help the team fight against Cobra’s evil plans. Buzzer has appeared in multiple GI Joe media, including the animated series, comic books and video games. It will be exciting to add another Dreadnock to the ReAction line!

GI Joe Buzzer cartoon
Gi Joe Buzzer art

Crimson Guard

The GI Joe Crimson Guard is a fictional elite organization of Cobra army soldiers from the popular American toy brand, GI Joe. They are known for their crimson styled uniforms and their red helmets with black visors, which became their iconic design. Their role is to protect the Leader of Cobra, Tomax and Xamot, and they are often used in secret missions and espionage. They have been active in the GI Joe franchise since the 1980s and have made appearances in many comic books, cartoons, and movies, including the 2013 movie “GI Joe: Retaliation”. The Crimson Guard has undergone several changes, including different uniforms, ranks, and even allegiances with other factions. One of the most significant events was their betrayal of Cobra Commander, which caused a division in Cobra’s leadership. In conclusion, the GI Joe Crimson Guard is a prominent group of skilled soldiers in the franchise who play significant roles in the overall story. It will be very cool to get a couple Crimson Guards for the Crimson Twins to order around!

Crimson Guard cartoon

Cobra Commander (Fun House Robot)

What would a new wave of GI Joe ReAction figures be without a Cobra Commander, well this time, Super7 put a twist on it. We all know Cobra Commander as the fearless leader of the elite terrorist organization Cobra, but there was an episode on the Sunbow cartoon “The Funhouse” where Cobra Commander kidnapped scientists as bait to lure G.I. Joe into a deadly Cobra-themed funhouse! A robot version of Cobra Commander popped up out of a giant jack in the box.

Cobra-Commander funhouse cartoon
Cobra-Commander cartoon

General Hawk

The leader of the Gi Joes. General Hawk is a character in the GI Joe media franchise. He is the leader of the GI Joe team, a group of elite soldiers tasked with defending the world from the evil organization known as Cobra. General Hawk is portrayed as a tough and experienced military leader, who is respected by his team and feared by his enemies. He is often shown to be strategic in his approach to combat, and is skilled in both hand-to-hand combat and the use of various weapons. General Hawk has appeared in various forms of media, including comics, TV shows, and movies, and has become a fan-favorite among GI Joe fans.


Pilot Facemask & Gi Joe Green Shirt

We are not too sure what the Pilot Facemask is referring to and we won’t really take a guess, cause it can be a number of things, so on this one we will have to wait to see what it turns out to be. The Gi Joe Green Shirt, we have seen many times, but this time he will be in Tiger Force colors, which is very exciting!

Where to Buy:

You can preorder these now on Entertainment Earth, links for each are below:

Super7 Gi Joe ReactionJoe Barbecue EE Listing
Super7 Gi Joe ReactionJoe Buzzer EE Listing

Super7 Gi Joe Reaction Cobra Commander Funhouse Robot EE Listing
Super7 Gi Joe ReactionJoe Crimson Guard EE Listing

Super7 Gi Joe ReactionJoe General Hawk EE Listing
Super7 Gi Joe ReactionJoe Pilot Facemask EE Listing

You can also preorder these on Big Bad Toy Store as well, links for each are below:

Super7 Gi Joe ReactionJoe Barbecue BBTS Listing
Super7 Gi Joe ReactionJoe Buzzer BBTS Listing

Super7 Gi Joe Reaction Cobra Commander Funhouse Robot BBTS Listing
Super7 Gi Joe ReactionJoe Crimson Guard BBTS Listing

Super7 Gi Joe ReactionJoe General Hawk BBTS Listing
Super7 Gi Joe ReactionJoe Pilot Facemask BBTS Listing

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