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Duplico and Mini Comic Man-E-Faces MOTU Origins Figures on Best Buy

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MOTU Origins figures have been found on Best Buy, including hard to find figures like Duplico and Mini Comic Man-E-Faces but there is a catch

Do you ever think about MOTU Origins and ask yourself, “Are you feeling lucky, Punk???” Well, if you have not asked yourself that question today might be your day as Duplico, Mini Comic Man-E-Faces, and a host of other hard to find Masters of the Universe Origins figures from Waves 13 and 14 are available to purchase on Best Buy, which is odd because Best Buy is a consumer electronics retailer but they do also sell toys. Best Buy is notorious for creating choose your own adventure, grab bag, type of listings where they advertise several figures and it’s a surprise which one they are sending you. If you don’t mind playing Roulette with Best Buy, place and order and see what happens! We will be doing our own test and will report what figures were shipped! We are crossing our fingers it will either be Duplico or Mini Comic Man-E-Faces but it will be the luck of the draw!

MOTU Origins Figures on Best Buy

Here are the list of MOTU Origins figures that are available to purchase on Best Buy but there is one caveat; you can’t tell Best Buy the exact figure you want so you are at the mercy of their shipping department. To illustrate this, we added 5 different figures to our cart and they are only using Serpent Claw Man-At-Arms as the main figure image. We also discovered there is an order limit of 5, so our advice is to place an order of 5 and see what shows up! Who knows, it could be Duplico or Mini Comic Man-E-Faces.


To show you we are putting money where our mouth is, we placed an order for 5 of the figures and will report back what gets shipped!


Snake Teela

Snake Teela is one of the figures that is up for grabs at Best Buy


Snake Teela looks to be a reuse of the original Teela figure, but as you can see they added some additional details to her shoulders with the flared shoulder armor. Also the colors of here outfit are all new. The face sculpt looks incredible in hand, and you can see that they even included snake fangs on her face! She comes with a green snake staff and green version of the sword that came with the Teela and Zoar Two Pack. You can see they also added a sword sheath on her back, which is all new to the Teela figure. Her boots are also reminiscent of the Teela 200X character, so perhaps that is what Mattel has in store for us in the future!


Serpent Claw Man-At-Arms

Serpent Claw Man-At-Arms is one of the figures that is up for grabs at Best Buy


Serpent Claw Man At Arms is a very cool figure reveal and one that we predicted was coming to the Origins line! He reuses most of the Man At Arms parts, but incorporates the Lords of Power version for his chest armor in a silver color. And he now also has an incredible new serpent claw! This new serpent claw takes up the lower portion of his right arm, and has a lot of cool mechanical details on it, and then ends in a bright green colored claw end.

MOTU Origins Snake Armor Man at Arms official images
MOTU Origins Snake Armor Man at Arms official image 2

Snake Snake Trooper

Snake Trooper is one of the figures that is up for grabs at Best Buy


The Snake Trooper looks amazing in hand! You can see how good the Snake head looks in the Horde Trooper armor and how well it sits! Mattel has reused the Horde Trooper body and looks like is using the Rattlor Snake Head in green. There are some nice gold accents on his shoulders as well. He comes with a red Horde Trooper staff and a red snake man shield like the one that came with King Hiss. They also changed his lower legs, and boots, as he now has the horde logo on his boots, a reuse of Mantenna’s boots! This will definitely be one of the more sought-after army builders! Compared to the official image, having this Snake Trooper in hand is amazing!


Snake Men Infiltrator

Snake Men Infiltrator is one of the figures that is up for grabs at Best Buy


The Eternian Guard Infiltrator is renamed the Snake Men Infiltrator and his subheading reads “Slithering Spy in Disguise.” This figure is basically a reuse of the Eternian Royal guard with a snake face under the helmet. He includes the halberd and a silver colored snake staff.



Hypno is one of the figures that is up for grabs at Best Buy


Mini Comic Roboto

Mini Comic Roboto is one of the figures that is up for grabs at Best Buy


Mini Comic Roboto looks amazing on card! His orange color and heart in the middle of his chest from “The Battle Of Roboto” mini comic.

King Randor 200x

The 200x version of King Randor is one of the figures that is up for grabs at Best Buy


Here we can see King Randor looking very regal in his new 200x outfit. Randor looks more youthful, but is still wearing a 200x inspired crown on his head, and yes he still has a little “Burger King” in his face! He includes a staff similar to the one that came with the MOTU Classics version which is MYP inspired. He also has a more armor-clad right leg and boot, and the standard left leg with furry topped boot.



Spikor is one of the figures that is up for grabs at Best Buy


Spikor is exactly as to be expected in terms of a recreation of the vintage figure. He includes his left hand trident that looks like it extends out of his arm, and his spiked club mace. It looks like his spikes are part of his torso rather than a chest armor sitting over his torso, so that is a very nice detail true to the vintage figure! I think they did a great job on recreating the original.

MOTU Origins Spikor official image
MOTU Origins Spikor official image 2


Duplico is one of the figures that is up for grabs at Best Buy


Duplico unlike many of the other Rulers of the Sun characters has a unique head sculpt, but shared torso, arms, wrist bracers, loin cloth and boots as the rest of the Rulers of the Sun Figures. He does come with however unique armor, and a very interesting paint scheme. He is in a really cool blue, red and white deco that compliments the figure nicely and his blonde hair gives him that really cool 80’s vibe! His look and design harkens back to the original Olmec toys figure that was never produced.


Mini Comic Man-E-Faces

Mini Comic Man-E-Faces is one of the figures that is up for grabs at Best Buy


Mini Comic Man E Faces looks incredible and I think he blows the first version outta of the water! The new faces on this version is fantastic! He comes with a new mini comic version of each pf his classic faces and they look amazing! Let’s take a look at some of the official images below.

MOTU Origins Mini Comic Man E Faces 3
MOTU Origins Mini Comic Man E Faces 2
MOTU Origins Mini Comic Man E Faces 4

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    In the Best Buy game, I won a Clawful and a Sun-Man, neither of which was pictured, LOL

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