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Evil-Lyn, Prince Adam, and Cringer MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection Confirmed

Mattel is on fire today as they continue to reveal and tease MOTU figures we knew were coming to the line. They confirmed Snake Teela and Emperor Hordak from the Masterverse line plus Michaelangelo and Skeletor from the Turtles of Grayskull line. As further confirmation, we reported back in February 2023 that Evil-Lyn was coming to the Cartoon Collection and get to see living proof that she is indeed making her way! If you look in background, you can see Cartoon Collection Evil-Lyn perched on the shelf as she looks at Cartoon Collection He-Man and Skeletor battle it out! We can also see Prince Adam and Cringer on the top shelf! Thanks again to kenzos__creations for keeping us on the ball today!

March 21, 2024 Update: Prince Adam and Cringer Image from Mattel’s Reveal Event

We got a more detailed look at the upcoming Prince Adam and Cringer Cartoon collection figures! Cringer is fully articulated and is adorable!


Evil-Lyn Cartoon Collection

Evil-Lyn looks like she is pulled right out of the Filmation cartoon as her outfit is painted in deep and light purples! She also comes with the Shaping Staff as her pack-in!


Shaping Staff

Paying homage to an ancient and powerful tool that Evil-Lyn and Beast Man found, she comes with the Shaping Staff! According to the Wiki Grayskull, “An ancient and powerful magical tool, the Staff was first discovered by Evil-Lyn and Beast Man within a cave in the Crystal Sea. Disguised as a traveling sorceress named Majestra, the pair of villains made their way into the Royal Palace, where the Staff was put to good use transforming Beast Man into a copy of King Randor, as well as the real king into a goat and Orko into a cricket. The Staff proved efficacious even against He-Man and his allies, turning Teela into a frog and He-Man himself into a golden statue. Skeletor and Evil-Lyn next assaulted Castle Grayskull, where the Staff turned the Sorceress partway into a defenseless tree. With the telepathic assistance of He-Man, however, the Sorceress used her own magic to overcome the Staff’s spell and free the hero. In the resulting battle, He-Man sliced the Staff in half, freeing all those it had changed. Evil-Lyn attempted to use the remaining half of the Staff, but all this accomplished was to turn her into a bizarre snake-like creature.”


Get ready for the Evil Warrior Goddess to grace the MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection. Described by Skeletor as his “right hand of evil,” Evil-Lyn is both his greatest ally and worst enemy. According to an anonymous source, Evil-Lyn will be coming to the Cartoon Collection in 2024 and we will likely see her revealed during MOTU March Madness 2024. If you recall, last year during mid-March, the MOTU team dropped a ton of figures we saw in 2023. While a source as revealed that she is coming to the line, we are speculating as to what episode they will be payong homage to and what Filmation accessory she’ll be packed with. Also, given that the Cartoon Collection is pairing a Heroic Warrior with an Evil Warrior in each wave, only time will tell which figure Evil-Lyn will be paired with.

Evil-lyn Filmation Appearance

Evil-Lyn Filmation’s Appearance

The only female member of the Evil Warriors, she is an evil witch who aids Skeletor as his second-in-command with her powers of darkness. Her Filmation appearance colors were dark purple with blue accents. Her helmet is colored in black to match her cape and there are purple and blue tie-ins that match her outfit.


Prince Adam and Cringer

Cringer (aka Battle Cat) was teased on the Cartoon Collection Mer-Man card art but Prince Adam was a surprise!


Cringer is a green and orange tiger-like creature who hails from the planet Eternia. He is known for his timid and fearful nature, often displaying cowardly behavior. Cringer is depicted as Prince Adam’s pet and best friend, accompanying him on his adventures. In the animated series produced by Filmation, Cringer played a significant role as Prince Adam’s trusted confidant. He often provided comedic relief with his fearful antics, contrasting with the bravery of He-Man. Cringer was typically seen lounging around or hiding during dangerous situations until Prince Adam transformed into He-Man.

Prince Adam & Cringer filmation

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