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Sssqueeze MOTU Origins Card Art Teases Rio Blast and Extendar

The Sssqueeze MOTU Origins card was revealed and it contains two teases of some of the most highly anticipated figures: Rio Blast & Extendar

This week has been amazing as Roy Juarez is releasing the card art for MOTU Origins Wave 14 and there has been a tease in every single one! The week started off with Serpent Claw Man-At-Arms, Snake Men Infiltrator, and now we get a peak at who is teased on the Sssqueeze card art and it is none other than Rio Blast and Extendar (who has bee teased before).

Sssqueeze Card Art

We’ve know about Sssqueeze coming to the line for some time now. Let’s take a look at some of the official images below. This version of Sssqueeze looks just like the vintage figure, but has a darker green color. He looks so incredible and I love how they did his arms and pet snake.


Sssqueeze comes on the Rise of the Snake Men packaging, which is apropos for this character!


This amazing scene has Sssqueeze tangling (pun intended) with some very cool MOTU characters that collector’s have been clamoring for: Rio Blast and Extendar!


As Roy states: “IT’S PACKAGING TIME!
@masters of the Universe Origins Wave 14: Sssqueeze, the evil long-armed viper!
Sssqueeze constricts his victims out of their last breath with his enormously elongated arms.”

The usual suspects for Origins:
Art Direction & Graphic Design @manuel_eduardo_caritas
Artwork @axel.gimenez@fetch.franciscoetchart
Toy Design @katanarama333
Story @joshuaskywriter
Copywriter @yesreallyrob


He has huge bendy arms that can wrap around his enemies! I believe his real color is brighter than this and it’s just the lighting.


Extendar Tease

We first saw Extendar on Kobra Khan’s card back art and then on the card art for Snake Face as he was turned to stone! This is the 3rd time we are seeing Extendar teased! With three appearances, it is more likely we see Extendar coming to the line soon and we can’t wait!

MOTU Origins Kobra Khan Card Art
MOTU Origins Kobra Khan Card Art
Source: Canal Dos Rosmineiros and Manuel_eduardo_caritas
Snake Face Card Art Tease


Extendar was also a very unique figure and looked nothing like previous figures that were released in the line. Taking on more of a knight appearance, this figure came out very late in the line and was not featured in the cartoon but he does have a mini comic backstoryAccording to the Wiki Grayskull:

Occasionally referred to in comics as the ‘Tower of Power’, Extendar was introduced into the Masters of the Universe toy line in 1986, at a stage when the toy line was breaking away from its roots in pure fantasy, and introducing more robotic and mechanical characters. Given that the accompanying cartoon series had been cancelled by the time his toy reached the market, he never appears in animated form. However, he features prominently in various comics and storybooks, and is introduced in the Mattel mini-comic “The Warrior Machine”. This comic showcases him as a friend of Prince Adam who is an ordinary knight, but yearns for special powers of his own after witnessing the skills of the Horde warrior Dragstor. Hordak subsequently grants his wish and subjects him to scientific experiments which turn him into a mechanical cyborg warrior with the power of extension. Invincible at full height, he is set upon He-Man, but manages to throw off Hordak’s curse and join the Heroic Warriors. Subsequent mini-comics portray him as one of the most powerful members of his ranks.


Extendar’s gimmick was pretty cool! He could grow larger by pulling on his neck, arms, and legs.

Extendar Masters of the Universe 1986
Extendar Vintage MOTU Figure on Card

Rio Blast Tease

This is the first time we are seeing Rio Blast teased and we are sure collector’s will be going gaga over this! Rio Blast is another character that has his trademark renewed not too long ago on 5/20/2021. Released by Mattel in 1986, Rio Blast is a futuristic cowboy who has hidden blasters all over his body. With pop out laser cannons from his chest and legs six shooters at his wrists and shoulder cannons, Rio Blast was yet another one Mattel’s gimmick heavy figures that was common in the later releases of MOTU figures. A cowboy seems a bit out of place in the planet of Eternia, but this techno-heavy Cowboy sure packs a lot of techno fire power and that technology part is what makes him make sense in the line.

Rio Blast Masters of the Universe Trademark Renewal
Rio Blast Masters of the Universe Trademark Renewal

In terms of his backstory, Rio Blast is described as a nomad from the Galactic Wild West who possesses incredible shooting skills and high-tech enhancements. He aids He-Man and the other heroes in their battles against Skeletor and his minions.

Rio Blast Vintage Masters of the Universe Figure on Card

Rio Blast was introduced to the line in 1986 and is depicted as a cybernetic cowboy, wearing a western-style outfit. His chest and thighs are equipped with mechanical parts and weaponry.

Rio Blast Vintage Masters of the Universe Figure Geared Up
Rio Blast Vintage Masters of the Universe Figure

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