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New Eternia Mekaneck Masterverse Mace and Shield Details Revealed

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There are some really cool details from the New Eternia Masterverse Mekaneck, if you know your MOTU history and know where to look!

Now that the frenzy of reveals and preorders have settled down, it’s time to look at the finder details from the latest Fall, Spring, and Summer Masters of the Universe line up! We love all of the nods and easter eggs that are designed into the details or accessories from the Masterverse line! I was chatting with my partner in crime, the @ToySoceress, who has very deep knowledge of MOTU, mentioned that the Mekaneck Shield has a huge easter egg on it! Like New Eternia Battle Armor He-Man’s shield was a nod to the Dragon Walker, Mekaneck’s shield is a nod to the Argentinan exclusive blue Road Ripper! The @ToySoceress is also an Argentinian exclusive herself so she should know!


According to the Battle Ram Blog, “Argentinian manufacturer Top Toys produced a version of the Road Ripper in blue, although they retained the artwork on the packaging that depicted it in green”

Image sources in this collage: Battle Ram Blog

Mace Easter Eggs

I was chatting with friend of Toy Habits, vex_doppel, and he queued me in to details that we typically gloss over and he discovered something really cool! Mekaneck’s Mace looks very much like club but he mostly likely does not use this weapon to lay beat downs on the Evil Warriors. The purpose of this club conveniently doubles as a telescope, a detail that some people might not realize. You will notice, in the example below that there is a hole in the wide end of his Mace, and he uses it as a telescope. And with the added MOTU Origins articulation, you can pose him scoping out the evil warriors in the distance!

MOTU Origins Mekaneck Ground Ripper action pose 19a

Mekaneck Description

In the Amazon listing when Mekaneck went up for preorder, they have some really cool details in the description:

  • This Masterverse action figure of Mekaneck, is designed at 7-inch tall scale as part of the Masters of the Universe: New Eternia line, which features original character designs inspired by classic MOTU concepts.
  • This bionic-necked character comes with 5 swappable neck extenders that makes him ready for epic combat poses in the fractured world of New Eternia.
  • His signature look includes his iconic mace weapon, which can extend using the neck extenders, 2 sets of swappable hands and a shield that can attach to his left arm or be stowed on the back of his armor.
  • The Masters of the Universe Masterverse collection celebrates MOTU content from Masters of the Universe: Revelation to New Eternia and Masters of the Universe: Revolution.
  • This Masterverse Mekaneck figure makes a great gift for collectors and fans 6 years and older, who will appreciate the preservation of MOTU traditions combined with modernized design elements.

With a quick Photoshop job, we can get an idea how this massive telescope would look and it’s looks pretty darn cool! The only issue with this is that if you want a fully extended telescope AND a fully extended neck on the figure, you’ll have to buy two figures.


New Eternia Mekaneck

This is the first time we are seeing Mekaneck in the Masterverse line and he looks outstanding! He is heads and shoulders of the rest (pun intended). His shield design is a nod to the Argentinian


He comes with a giant articulated neck piece, a shield, and his trusty mace! A new edition for Mekaneck is the shield and he looks amazing holding it!

Source: ToyArk

Where to Buy

You can purchase Mekaneck at the following retailers:

New Eternia Mekaneck

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