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Masterverse Princess of Power Grizzlor In Hand Review

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Fresh off last month’s Masters of the Universe Masterverse Monday MOTU 2023 Reveals, we got to see the upcoming Masterverse Princess of Power Grizzlor figure. And now, within just a few short week, we have the Masterverse Princess of Power Grizzlor for an in hand review! This new version of Grizzlor is inspired by FIlmation She-Ra Princess of Power cartoons from the 1980’s. Wearing a furry vest, this version of Grizzlor is a fresh take on this classic figure!


Packaging and Art

Grizzlor comes back in the Masterverse window display box with the Masters of the Universe Princess of Power branding on it. The rear of the package has an incredible illustration of Grizzlor by artist Eamon Odonoghue. Grizzlor’s bio reads: Few are feared across Etheria more than the bloodthristy beast, Grizzlor. Captured and brainwashed by Hordak, Grizzlor now loyally serves the leader of the Evil Horde, as well as feral solider to be unleashed in the battlefield.


In Roy Juarez‘s Instagram post, he said “A look at the packaging for the upcoming Masterverse Princess of Power Grizzlor, the Hairy Henchman of The Evil Horde!”

Playing in the Masterverse sandbox:
Art Direction & Graphic Design @manuel_eduardo_caritas
Artwork @eamonodonoghue
Toy Design @lavakaiju
Story @yesreallyrob


Pack Out

Grizzlor comes packaged with his silver axe and greeh Horde Crossbow. He also comes with a removeable furry vest, and chest armor that comes attached to his chest in the package.


Side Panel Art

On the side panel we can see Grizzlor ready to pounce with the Etherian moon behind him! Don’t know about you, but this is giving me Werewolf of London vibes LOL!

Grizzlor Masterverse-Princess of Power-Package artwork side

Rear Box Art

On the rear of the box we can see an amazing illustration of Grizzlor with his Horde Bat adored axe ready to strike, again with the Etherian moon in the background.

Grizzlor Masterverse-Princess of Power-Package artwork rear

Figure Details

Grizzlor was an exciting reveal and a welcome new version of a Masterverse character! It’s neat to see how they gave him a furry removeable vest to create his chest fur. Mattel went with an all plastic head though on this version of Grizzlor, rather than give him a furry head. I wasn’t sure not how I felt about this as one at first, because the thing I love about Grizzlor is teasing his hair! So this plastic version is a little bit of a letdown, but the sculpt is great and still looks cool. So he is definitely growing on me, and now that I have him in hand, I actually love how he came out!



Grizzlor’s head design is similar to that of the Masters of the Universe Classics figure in that is it all molded plastic, rather than a face that is surround by fur, like all other Grizzlor figures. He has a very animated Filmation She-Ra Princess of Power look, with a look of details sculpted into his furry hair design, He has a very huge furrowed brow on his face, with yellow eyes and fangs coming out of the sides of his mouth.

The back of his head has a lot of sculpted details in his hair and looks incredible!


Chest & Back

Grizzlor is wearing a removeable furry vest to simulate that typical furry action figure we are all used to. The fur however is soft and fuzzy so they did do a great job with it. He has on his classic Horde armor with back straps and a large red Horde bat on the front. The rear has a holster to stow his axe.


Here we can see what his removeable furry vest looks like and what he looks like with his vest removed. A disclaimer as I did not want to loosen the chest armor on my version, so I am using the stock promotional images here.

Masterverse Grizzlor no fur
Masterverse Grizzlor fur

Arms, Waist, Legs


Grizzlor uses the standard Masterverse buck but with fur sculpted into the body. This is the same as what was used for instance on Stinkor. He has on black wrist bracers on both his left and right arms, and he is wearing a black arm band with red Horde logo on it.



Grizzlor has the traditional Masterverse loin cloth in a brown color with a dark wash on it to bring our the textures in it. He has a black belt with some very nice details sculpted into it.



Grizzlor’s legs have some very cool fur details sculpted into them, which is basically the same type of legs used for Stinkor. He is wearing black boots with large red Horde bats on them. The boot tops have a nice bone accent trim along the top similar to what Hordak’s boot tops looked like.




Grizzlor comes packaged with a Horde Crossbow that has some very cool detail. It is molded in green plastic and has a cyborg creature face on it, with a painted single red eye. There is also a red power beam in translucent plastic, running through it as well, just like the one that came with Hordak.


Grizzlor also comes packed with a silver colored axe. It has some nice textured detail on it, with a large Horde bat sculpted on the center of it on both sides.


Figure Comparison

We did a figure comparison with all three 7″ figure versions of Grizzlor., the Club Grayskull version, the new Masterverse version and the Masters of the Universe Classics version so you can see what they look like compared to each other. So of course the contrast between the MOTU Classics version and the Masterverse version is obvious. The MOTUC version replicates the vintage Grizzlor figure but done in the more detailed 7″ scale Classics style, complete with full fur suit and extra accessories. The Club Grayskull version of course was an homage to the Filmation version of Grizzlor from the 1980’s Princess of Power cartoon series. so the new Masterverse version blends alittle bit of both. The head and chest armor is much more Filmation / Club Grayskull style. Where adding the fury vest, detailed axe and cross bow brings in a bit of the vintage / MOTU Classics style.


Club Grayskull Head Swap

So one of our viewers of our You Tube channel asked if the head from the Club Grayskull Grizzlor fits on the Masterverse version, and the answer is yes it does, and below is what it looks like on this Masterverse version! The skin tone is actually really close and it does look good!


Where to Buy

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