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Masterverse New Eternia Buzz Off In Hand Review

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It was only a month ago that we got the incredible reveal of the Spy in the Sky, Buzz Off during the Masters of the Universe Masterverse Monday MOTU 2023 Reveals. And now, within just 4 weeks time, we actually have the Masterverse New Eternia Buzz Off for an in hand review! This new version of Buzz Off is inspired by classic MOTU concepts from in line with the rest of the New Eternia figures. With a huge smile on his face, Buzz Off is the figure I am most excited about in this wave! He looks amazing and it totally reimagined with a removable helmet, extra chest armor, and his classic axe! I have to be honest, when I first saw Buzz Off revealed I wasn’t used to the modern design but having him in hand now, I totally love him!



Packaging and Art

Buzz Off comes back in the Masterverse window display box with the Masters of the Universe New Eternia branding on it. You can see the bright yellow and brown outfit of Buzz with his incredible pack out in the window box display, On the rear of the box we get an incredible illustration of Buzz Off. Buzz Off’s bio reads: After the Cataclysm destroyed the Great Queen’s Nest, Eternia’s Bee People known as the Andreenids nearly collapsed as a society. They were saved by the warrior-lord Buzz Off, who reclaimed order and set off to establish a new home for his people as their king.


In Roy Juarez’s Instagram post, he said “A look at the packaging for the upcoming Masterverse New Eternia Buzz-Off, the Spy in the Sky!”

Playing in the Masterverse sandbox:
Art Direction & Graphic Design @manuel_eduardo_caritas
Artwork @eamonodonoghue
Toy Design @lavakaiju
Story @yesreallyrob


Pack Out

Buzz Off comes packaged with his translucent yellow helmet and dark gray axe. He also comes with chest armor that comes attached to his chest in the package.


Side Panel Art

On the side panel we can see Buzz Off standing looking very regal in front of what looks to be a bee hive background and the Eternia moon.

Buzz OFf Masterverse-New Eternia-Package artwork side

Rear Art

On the rear of the box we can see an amazing illustration of Buzz Off flying in his Hive with other Bee people flying in the background.

Buzz OFf Masterverse-New Eternia-Package artwork rear

Figure Details

Buzz Off was an exciting reveal and a welcome New Eternia version of a Masterverse character! With all of the accessories that Buzz Off comes with, you can display him in various different looks. The thinner wings on Buzz off and new helmet design are a new look which gives us as a fresh take on a classic character.




For this New Eternia version, Buzz Off gets an all new head design! It’s a much more angular and modern look for Buzz Off. He has large greenish blue metalic shiny eyes and a large angular smile on his face. His face is bright yellow, surrounded by a brown head. His head has a lot of bee like details, with some nice texturing around the bottom. His helmet is an all new modern New Eternia design as well. Inspired by original concepts of the character, his helmet is made of a translucent yellow plastic, and has greenish blue and brown eye lenses on the front. He also has some rather larger antennae on the top, and angular linear details on the back.


Chest & Back

Buzz Off’s chest has his classic brown and yellow stripped design. The brown parts have a textured detail on it, while the yellow is a shinier paint color and smooth. Buzz Off also comes with chest armor for the very first time! It is a thin armor that crosses in the front, and wraps around the back. It has a greenish blue jewel in the center at the front of the chest armor. You can display Buzz Off in his New Eternia look with his armor on, or in his classic design with his armor off. Also a new first for Buzz off is his wing design. His as a set of 2 thinner wings on each side. They have the same circuitry design as Buzz Off’s in the past, but thinner. His wings are on ball joints, and can rotate around and in and out.


Arms, Waist & Legs

Buzz Off’s arms follow the classic design we are all used to. He has gold wrist bracers and brown pincher hands. But there is a surprise here, that his pincher hands are separately articulated, so you can articulate each side of his pinchers to grip his axe! He gets a really nice and tight grip on his axe, so I am very happy with how they executed this! A vast improvement to all previous versions of Buzz Off!


Buzz Off is wearing a classic black colored loin cloth, but has brown side panel accents on his hips. He also has a gold colored belt with a triangular buckle design with additional triangular accents that wrap around the rest of the belt.


This New Eternia Buzz Off has a classic legs design with the added insectoid like legs. These are the same legs that they will be using for the upcoming Clawful figure as well. His dark brown feet have that same classic style tri-piodal design we are used to as well. And I believe Clawful with have these as well.




Buzz Off comes packed with his classic accessory, his axe. The axe is made of a dark grayish bluish plastic color. It has a large round grip guard on the bottom half of the handle. The axe has some nice details on it so make it look like worn metal.



As menioned above, Buzz Off comes packged with a helmet. His helmet is made of a translucent yellow plastic, and has greenish blue and brown eye lenses on the front.


MOTU Classics figure comparison

The 2010 MOTU Classics Buzz Off figure was the quintessential modern version of Buzz Off, complete with his axe and a 200X inspired staff axe. He has two large wings that came on ball joints, similar to the New Eternia version. As you know the MOTUC version goes for a pretty penny on the aftermarket and also has more antiquated pined joints with less articulation, but came packed with several more accessories. So, who did it best you ask? Well let’s take a look at the two. Here you can see the MOTUC and the Masterverse versions of Buzz Off standing next to each other. As you know the Masterverse version has vastly improved pin-less joints and better articulation. With double jointed knees and elbows, and articulated claws, you can get your figure in much more dynamic poses. Although the MOTU Classics version came with additional accessories, and represented the classic version of Buzz Off, I would say that the New Eternia version does it best with the added articulation, seperate wing pieces, added chest armor, pin-less joints, new styling, add affordable price point, the New Eternia Masterverse Buzz Off wins this comparison!


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