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Gwildor’s Forge Masters of the Universe Revolution Masterverse Concept

Yerco has created Gwildor’s Forge from the Masters of the Universe Revolution Netflix series combining elements of the 1987 Movie

Yerco keeps the 3D printing machine on fire, literally, with his Gwildor’s Forge Masters of the Universe Revolution Masterverse concept! He recently released the digital blueprints for a Masterverse version of Hordak’s Throne and and he’s also created the blueprints for the Filmation Attak Trak (v1 and v2), the Small TrakHorde Command CrawlerDoom Tower,  Eternos Palace, abd Gigantisaur. Gwildor, in the Revolution Netflix series, is a true Master of the Universe as he augmented He-Man’s Power Sword and this 3D blueprint starts to build out the world that he lives.

Gwildor’s Role in Revolution

Big things come in small packages and Gwildor is a perfect example of that. Duncan and Orko seek out Gwildor to make some enhancements to the Sword of Power, which is right up Gwildor’s alley!


After examining the Sword of Power, Gwildor gets to work with the enhancements as he hammers away as the energy flows from his forge.


Here is a far shot of the forge as Gwildor and the Horde kick the door down! These shots give you a full view of the forge, wich Yerco’s design captures really well!


Gwildor Masters of the Universe Revolution Figure

Before we knew what role Gwildor played in Masters of the Universe Revolution, we saw that he was packed with a different looking Sword of Power with yellow markings and a yellow translucent blade.


The design of the Sword of Power blends the yellow tones into silver as you travel down the blade. There were also some interesting yellow markings near the crossguard.


Gwildor’s Forge Masterverse Concept

Yerco’s design captures the essence of Gwildor’s Forge and brings it to life like only Yerco can do! Taking elements from the MOTU Revolution Netflix series, he recreates the upper and lower portions of the Forge.


In the 1987 Masters of the Universe movie, Gwildor is presented as absent-minded, wise, intelligent and good-hearted, individual. In the Movie, the focus is on his Cosmic Key, which is a complex device, which serves as a time travel device to transport its users to the location of their choice.


This 3D printed Forge will be a great edition to your Masterverse collection if you are looking to world build and recreate Gwildor’s domicile. The lower part of the Forge looks like a gear of a clock but he also referenced elements of the Forge from the 1987 Masters of the Universe movie.

You can purchase the 3D blueprints , along with his other creations, on his Cults3D page!


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