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Fang-Or MOTU Origins Exclusive Review and MOTU Classics Comparison

Check out our in hand review of the MOTU Origins Mattel Creations Fang-Or and his comparison to his MOTU Classics counterpart!

Fang-Or, a member of the Snake Men who appeared in the MOTU Classics line, is the latest Mattel Creations exclusive that is hitting collector’s mailboxes this week! As a figure that never appeared in the vintage Masters of the Universe toy line in the 1980’s, this figure, according to the mini comic and box art teases, is being positioned as an army builder.


We take an in depth look at the MOTU Origins Fang-Or and compare him to his MOTU Classics counterpart so let’s dive into the details!


Card, Art, and Shipper Box

Fang-Or comes packed in the Mattel Creations brown shipper box with pencil illustrations of Fang-Or on the front and the back! The image on the left os also repeated in color on the front of the card, like the other MOTU Origins Mattel Creations figures.


As this is a Mattel Creations exclusive, Fang-Or’s card has the extra illustration of the character and an amazing scene on the back of the card! If you notice, Fang-Or’s card art teases He-Ro from the Powers of Grayskull line and an un-produced playset concept from the MOTU Classics era, Lady Slither’s Lair!


We have not idea if Mattel will produce Lady Slither’s Lair but we did find an concept on Instagram if you want to take a look at what this playset could look like.

Fang-Or comes in the collector friendly Mattel Creations style single card packaging, where you can slip the cardback right out and you won’t destroy the beautiful card art in the process and you can access the mini comic!


Fang-Or Card Art Reveal

The MOTU Origins Mattel Creations exclusive Fang-Or had an official card art reveal today by the ever-so talented Roy Juarez and team! This is hot off the heals of the Fang-Or official Mattel Creations preorder that will be going live on August 8, 2023 starting at 9am PT! The figure and art was inspired by the MOTU Classics figure designed by the amazing Axel Gimenez!


Fang-Or comes on the collector friend MOTU Origins exclusive blister card where you can simply pull the card out from the blister and access the figure and the mini comic without destroying the beautiful artwork!


As Roy states in his Instagram post, “BEHIND-THE-SCENES! From the savage age of Preternia, Fang-Or, the Fearsome Fanged Snake Scientist, is on the loose and ready bring down his enemies! Watch out for his enormous and dangerous fangs!

The @masters of the Universe Origins Fang-Or presale begins August 8, 2023 at 9 AM PT on

The usual suspects for Origins:
Art Direction & Graphic Design @manuel_eduardo_caritas
Artwork @axel.gimenez @natebaertschart
Toy Design @katanarama333
Story @joshuaskywriter
Copywriter @yesreallyrob
Packaging Engineer @lpukhrambam


The back of the card features an amazing scene with Fang-Or pouncing on an unsuspecting He-Ro with Lady Slither (and her Lair) in the background! It’s amazing to think we could get a He-Ro figure for MOTU Origins and a scaled down Lady Slither’s Lair, which are teased quite prominently by the card art.


Looking at the art close up, Roy brings out so much emotion and action in this illustration! The fiery oranges and greens play nicely off each to create an epic scene.


Figure Details

I love that Mattel created Fang-Or in the MOTU Origins line and his sculpt, paint apps, and details came out amazingly well given this is a smaller scale figure than the first iteration from the MOTU Classics era.


Fang-Or’s head sculpt has a snake skin texture to with beady light green eyes! He has an open mouth design, showing off those pearly bone white fangs! He comes packed with his short fangs as his longer fangs are an accessory that you can swap out in his jaw! There are some teeth poking through the bottom of his jaw and adding that extra detail makes this figure feel very premium!


From the side profile, you can get a better look at the texturing all around and you can see shape of his beady little yellow eyes and the snake skin textured crests that outline his eyes.


Fang-Or’s armor has a brown/burgundy paint app with two green snakes that come from the back of his armor and meet at the center of his chest. The gold paint app on the belt ties in all of the gold accents throughout the paint app. The furry loin cloth is painted in a brownish green motif that brings out the texture and makes it stand out.


The gold accents on the wrist armor and the knee armor bring the total package together, tying on all of the colors together! The knee and shin armor is highly detailed, making this one of the most intricate pieces of armor created for an Origins figure.



Unlike the MOTU Classics version, Fang-Or comes with only two accessories and, instead of an extra head sculpt, he comes with a pair of swappable fangs, which is a first in the line!


We’ve always thought of Fang-Or as a Snake Men Mechanic but a scientist does suit him better but he still comes with a wrench so he could do some handy work around Lady Slither’s Lair! the sword also looks great in his hand and the crossguard has a triangular shape and the handle has some nice sculpted lines wrapping around it.


MOTU Classics Comparison

Given that Fang-Or was first released as a MOTU Classics figure, we can see the similarities and differences between the two!


The MOTU Classics version is a larger scale and has more premium details than the MOTU Origins version but they look really great together. Can’t you hear the song’ “Just the Two of Us,” playing in your head right now? Both figures have a very similar texture but something that is missing from the Origins figure is the texturing on the upper neck as it looks like they used a muscular design for this one.


The MOTU Origins version has a more pronounced nose but all around, the head sculpts are very similar to each other.


The MOTU Origins Fang-Or comes pack with gold snake wrench and the MOTU Classics version has two paint apps with a darker gold on the head of the wrench and the darker burgundy for the handle. The swords are essentially the same style but the MOTU Classics version has two paint apps.


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