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GI Joe Classified Series General Hawk In Hand Review

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The latest wave of GI Joe Classified Series figures have been landing in collector’s hands and we have the Heroic Leader of GI Joe himself, yes it’s General Hawk for in hand review! He is a stunning homage to his vintage counterpart, complete with fur lined bomber leather jacket, flight wings, patches, helmet and camo pants, they really captured to the classic look of General Hawk and make this figure the perfect homage to his vintage counterpart! He is going to look incredible displayed the Haslab Dragon Fly, so glad we got him early!


General Hawk looks incredible with the worn details on his leather jacket and the intricate design of his flight wings, name tag, and metals. He also has some cool patches on his shoulders and the fur lined collar is the chef’s kiss! He even has the zippers down the middle and soft lined edges on the ends of his sleeves just like a real bomber jacket.



The GI Joe Classified Series General Hawk comes packed in the same windowless packaging as the previous waves. With stunning artwork of him in a battle scene with the GI Joe Headquarters behind him. There are also several teases on this artwork. If you look carefully there is the V1 version of General Hawk flying high and a Cobra Stun going up against a Triple T vehicle in the background! You can also see his pack out illustrated as well. The back shows the height of the figures, included accessories and some cool features. Here they point out his shoulder patch and helmet with googles.


The right side of the box has an illustration of a close up of General Hawk’s face. The left side shows he is number 103, with a QR code to scan for his file card info.


Packed inside is General Hawk with the same side illustration done in black and white behind the strapped in figure. He also includes a faux footlocker with his accessories in it. Here we can see the included accessories that General Hawk comes with and his illustrated backdrop. He includes two small pistols, a large rifle with strap and another rifle, a green helmet and two googles. One set of googles is larger to go around his helmet, the other is smaller to fit around his head.


General Hawk up close and personal

Here we get a great look at General Hawk from all four sides. You can see his vintage inspired outfit complete with Bomber Jacket and camo pants. So let’s take a closer look at General Hawk in more detail below.



Taking a look at General Hawk’s face sculpt, you can see how they gave him a very tough guy, aged look with that little hint of grey in his hair. Some would say that he looks alittle like Dan Larsen, LOL

I really like how they did his eyes, eyebrows and lips. The detailed sculpt in his furrowed brow looks great as well.


You can also display General Hawk with his helmet on. And you can add his google around his helmet as well. He has a classic green army helmet with a star in the front and two straps hanging down on the either side.



General Hawk’s torso design is stunning as he is dressed in a stunning leather bomber jacket. The jacket has weathering on it and a ton of detail. He has a zipper down the middle, a couple zippered pockets and some lower front pockets. He also has some wings and his name “Abernathy” on the his right chest. On his left chest area he has his metals, and pinned wings. His bomber jacket is complete with a fur lined collar and his army shirt collars peeking out from underneath at his neck line. He has a black gun holster strapped to his chest and it has some nice faux leather detail.



His arms are clad in his leather jacket sleeves. On his right shoulder is a GI Joe tan star logo patch. In his left shoulder he has an American flag patch. Both look as if they are made of a tan colored leather. His sleeves cuffs are lined like a real jacket. He is wearing black gloves on his hands.



Hawk is wearing green camo pants and the camo design looks excellent! He has on a series of belts. One belt for his pants and the second belt is connected to his gun holster that sits at his right hip. He is also wearing nice black boots with boot straps molded into them. And you will also notice that his pants are tucked into his boots, a very nice detail!



General Hawk’s accessories include

  • 2 small pistols
  • larger rifle with shoulder strap
  • larger rifle
  • smaller googles to fit around his head
  • larger googles to fit around his helmet
  • green army helmet





Hawk ARAH Vintage Figure

This version of Hawk has always been my favorite, with his vibrant green removeable helmet, leather jacket and green camo pants, he was the perfect GI Joe figure!

Released in 1986, Hawk was named just “Hawk” instead of “General Hawk” which was fine with me as that is what his fellow Joes called him. There was a wonderful illustration of him on the card back, and he came with a backpack and a pistol.

He had another pistol in a holster molded on his chest and one molded onto his right hip. He dawned a leather bomber jacket and bright green camo pants. He also had a knife molded onto his left ankle.

Hawk v2 ARAH
Hawk (GI Joe Commander) GI Joe ARAH 1986 Wave 5

Hawk as seen on the GI Joe 1980’s Sunbow Cartoon Series.


Package Art Teases

The Joe team was on 🔥 during Hasbro Pulse Con 2023 as they revealed some amazing GI Joe Classified Series figures! Along with a gaggle of digital render reveals, they showed off the next wave of GI Joe Classified Series figures, which included General Hawk. The Joe team has been taking a page out of the Mattel Masters of the Universe Origins book and teasing possible figures and vehicles that might be coming to the GI Joe Classified Series. We first saw these types of teases on Snow Job’s box with the Artic BAT and we’ve seen some subsequent teases of other figures like the Python Patrol Crimson Guard, who was teased on Bazooka’s box. General Hawk’s box is the latest tease and this time its a hattrick of future teases, which include General Hawk Version 1 (you might be scratching your head at this point but we’ll get to that in a bit), the Triple T, and the Cobra STUN!


Hawk Version 1 (1991)

According to YoJoe, The GI Joe Classified Series version of General Hawk that we know today, was just called Hawk in the vintage line until 1991, where he became General Hawk (version 1). Although he is the 3rd version of Hawk (4 if you count Wave 1.5), it was great to see a tease of this figure on the box for the GI Joe Classified Series General Hawk.


We can see a pixilated image of a soldier with a jet pack with wings flying above in the same color scheme that General Hawk (1991)! This is a very cool homage to the vintage figure and a surprise as the year that this version of General Hawk came out, the GI Joe line was well on its way to going off the rails with neon and outrageous figure designs.


This version of Hawk is actually quite good for the time! In 1991, Hawk becomes a commander in a flight suit and jet pack. From this point forward, he was renamed as General Hawk. His file card reads:

“As a rule, General Officers direct battle from the safety of the rear echelons, but the commander of a tightly coordinated, rapid deployment force like the G.I. Joe Team has to be right on top of the action at all times, ready to make split-second decisions on tactical developments as they happen. The combination of jet pack and communications helmet allows HAWK to survey the progress of battle as well as keep in constant radio contact with all elements of his command!

“Some Generals like to come out and give a nice speech before a fight, full of ‘go-get-’em’ and ‘yay-team’, and that’s the last you see of them until the dust settles and they’re back up from the rear again, handing out medals and trying to look as battle-weary as they can in starched fatigues. When Hawk takes you into a hairy situation, he’s usually in FRONT of you yelling, ‘Follow me!'””


His figure has brown hair, light brown face straps, light green flight suit with light brown helmet support, straps, gloves, and boots and to top it all of, yellow stripes on arms, side, and legs!


Triple T

The Triple T is the personal vehicle of Sgt. Slaughter. A tankette with white armor, and black tracks, armed with two guns on the section behind the drivers seat. The Triple T was released in 1986 and came with a Sgt. Slaughter figure and Hasbro must have had this in mind when they made the GI Joe Classified Series Sgt. Slaughter as this version of him has already been released. The Triple T, funny enough, stands for Tag Team Terminator and it has foot pegs for other Joes to ride in alongside the Sarge in battle.


It was seen in several episodes of the Sunbow cartoon with the Sarge piloting his Triple T and charging into battle against Cobra!

Triple T from Mark2Design

This vehicle is the exact size and form factor to make an amazing GI Joe Classified Series small vehicle. You can see Storm Shadow getting ready to lay waste to the Triple T with his mad Ninja skills!


One of cooler apsects of this custom Triple T is that the treads actually roll, as demonstrated in the video below:

There is no guarantee that Hasbro will make the Triple T but if you want to get a head start and own one right now, this exact Triple T is up for sale on Etsy.


Mark2Design Etsy Shop

IF you want to check out some killer 3D prints, files, and resin models, head over to Mark2Design’s Etsy shop!


Cobra STUN

The Cobra STUN was one of the coolest vehicles in Cobra’s aresenal! The SSTUN is a high-speed Cobra vehicle used for patrolling and pursuit. According to JoePedia, “A derivative has been upgraded with stealth capabilities, which is used by the Python Patrol. It has a 4-man crew and weighs 4.2 tons fully loaded. The vehicle has a maximum road speed of 75 mph, a maximum cross-country speed of 44 mph, and a maximum range of 340 miles.”


Now that the GI Joe Classified Series is making small vehicle repaints in Python Patrol, like the Cobra Fight Pod, the STUN lend itself to this repaint. Released in 1989, the Python Patrol STUN made a fashion statement in the Cobra vehicle line.


To get a feel for how large this vehicle could be, we came across a custom 3D printed GI Joe Classified Series Cobra STUN on YouTube.

The STUN also makes a perfect candidate for the GI Joe Classified Series because it is really not that large of a vehicle. It can fir the 6″ figures nicely and there is room for friends to ride along!


We can also get a sense of the must have details on the vehicle like making numerous foot pegs so other Cobra troops can ride into battle as well as the Cobra logos on the wheels. This particular custom has a Viper manning the rear blaster and he looks great!


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