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Python Patrol Crimson Guard GI Joe Classified Series Teased Further Confirms Leak

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Just like the GI Joe Classified Series Arctic BAT was teased on Snow Job’s box art, the previously leaked Python Patrol Crimson Guard made a cameo in the official production images for Bazooka. You can barely make out the figure in the background but he is there, and Bazooka knows it!


The original leaked images of the Python Patrol Crimson Guard is a little deceiving as they are using digital renders for the box art in some cases and the face shield looks more like a matte gray vs. a shiny gray in the teaser image.


January 19, 2023: Python Patrol Crimson Guard Leak

Special thanks, again, to the TheArtistShArK (here is a link to his YouTube Channel and Instagram) for the tip off and for sending us images of what looks to be leaked images of an unannounced Python Patrol GI Joe Classified Series figure. We also saw these same images from chaztheguru and now, based information supplied to us by TheArtistShark has confirmed that the back of the box has the # F7322, which lines up with the Target exclusive codename Kerouac with that same code #f7322. This is new confirmation that this figure is legit as the Crimson Guard san Crimson was not on the pipeline reveal but on the codename list!

Python Patrol Crimson Guard GI Joe Classified Series Leak 1
Python Patrol Crimson Guard GI Joe Classified Series Leak 3
Python Patrol Crimson Guard GI Joe Classified Series Leak 2

Another image has surfaced, courtesy of Frank from Facebook!

Python Patrol Crimson Guard GI Joe Classified Series Leak 6
Python Patrol Crimson Guard GI Joe Classified Series Leak 7

Zooming into the back of the box, it looks like this figure comes with the same exact packout as the standard release and the retro carded release with red paint apps on some of the weapons. Again, we still don’t know if this real or not so we will keep you posted if we find any updated information!

Python Patrol Crimson Guard GI Joe Classified Series Leak 4

GI Joe Classified Series Code Name List

According tot he leaked list of GI Joe Classified Series retailer code names, the code F7732 lines up with the code name GIJ CS THR Kerouac:

Gi Joe Classified Pipeline 2023 Reveal Code Names

– F7732 GIJ CS THR Kerouac
– F7731 GIJ CS THR Shakespeare
– F7472 GIJ CS Tolkien
– F7471 GIJ CS Fitzgerald
– F7470 GIJ CS Lovercraft
– F7469 GIJ CS Woolf
– F7746 GIJ CS Dumas Pet: Scrap Iron w/ Drone
– F7748 GIJ CS DLX Dovle
– F7729 GIJ CS FTYS Wells
– F7728 GIJ CS FTYS Dickinson
– F8376 GIJ CS Hobbes
– F7741 GIJ CS ADV Aesop
– F7718 GIJ CS Steinbeck
– F7717 GIJ CS Plath
– F7468 GIJ CS Twain
– F7467 GIJ CS Verne
– F7466 GIJ CS Carrol
– F7465 GIJ CS Dickens
– F7464 GIJ CS Shelly
– F7463 GIJ CS Bronte
– F7462 GIJ CS Austen

Also covered on TheArtistShark’s YouTube Channel:

The Python Patrol

Hasbro is coming out in full force with the Python Patrol and, according to Joepedia, “The Python Patrol was introduced in issue #88 of the original Marvel Comics run. Loyal to the imposter Cobra Commander, Python Patrol’s technology was developed by Dr. Mindbender in order to help Destro’s cousin Darklon increase his company’s armament sales. Despite their eventual defeat in a minor border skirmish, the technology proved successful enough for Cobra to continue developing. They later appeared in issues #99, #100, and Special Missions #28. The same year Python Patrol released Hasbro contracted DiC to produce a new G.I. Joe cartoon. The Operation: Dragonfire mini-series came after a two year hiatus of no new cartoons. It followed the Sunbow continuity. Unhappy with Serpentor’s leadership, the Baroness and Gnawghyde kidnap Cobra Commander, who is still a snake as result of being exposed to mutating spores in Cobra-La. Upon discovering an ancient mystical energy called Dragonfire, they use a neanderthal focusing mask and Cobra sonic technology to return him to humanoid form. Upon being restored, the Commander uses the mask and Dragonfire focusing technology to create the Python Patrol. Afterwards, they help Cobra Commander regain control of Cobra from Serpentor.”

Python Patrol Crimson Guard 1989 Vintage Figure

According to the file card, “The PYTHON CRIMSON GUARD is the creme de la creme of shock troopers. All Crimson Guardsmen met be college graduates and in top physical condition. The Python Crimson Guard is a master at infiltration and sabotage. His function is to spy on his fellow vipers and report all violations of Cobra policy to the Python Patrol commander.”

“This guy is too precious to be wasted on the conventional battlefield. He is usually dispersed throughout the country, assuming an apparently normal appearance and lifestyle. Watch out! That friendly new neighbor of yours just might have a snake skin Python Patrol uniform hanging in his closet…”

Python Patrol Crimson Guard 1989 Vintage Card Front
Python Patrol Crimson Guard 1989 Vintage Card Back

With respect to the vintage figure, the Python Crimson Guard was first released 1989 as a carded figure and was sold in 1990 and was discontinued domestically in 1991. He was a straight up repaint of the Crimson Guard from 1985 but with special Python Patrol deco and black accessories.

Python Patrol Crimson Guard 1989 Vintage Figure 1
Python Patrol Crimson Guard 1989 Vintage Figure 2

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