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New Hiya Toys GI Joe Cobra Commander

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Hiya Toys comes out swinging with their latest in their 4″ GI Joe highly articulated 4″ figure line! This time they reveal the exquisite New Hiya Toys GI Joe Cobra Commander action figure! Loaded with weapons and accessories, this 4.1 inch version of Cobra Commander harkens back to the good olde days of the 4″ 25th & 50th Anniversary GI Joe line! This figure will cost a whomping $19.99 and is set to be released in Q4 of 2023.

Hiya Toys GI Joe Cobra Commander dio 3

Per Hiyatoys (@hiya_toys) • Instagram photos and videos:

New Item of Hiyatoys EXQUISITE MINI series

The leader of Cobra is the most treacherous and despicable criminal the world has ever known. Cobra Commander has channeled his boundless ambitions into building a worldwide criminal organization with one goal: global domination at any cost. Highly intelligent and dangerously unstable. Wields a strange form of charm that can twist intentions and morals, making his poisonous words seem plausible and relatable and masking the true motives behind his treachery.

With our designer’s secondary creations of Cobra commander we bring new image to him, he wears his blue battlesuit with Cobra logo, stands at 4.1 inches tall with 17 points of articulation for poseability. The face mask and part of helmet are painted in silver. The mark on the belt, the edge of the gloves and the Cobra mark on the chest are accented with red.

Accessories include 4x changeable hands, 1x pistol, 1x snake engraved with a snake head symbolizes the identity of the gold painted scepter and knife.

Release time: 2023 Q4
Price: 19.99USD

Hiyatoys (@hiya_toys) • Instagram photos and videos

Given the $19.99 price point, being only a few dollars less than GI Joe Classified, will there be room for this line in the GI Joe Collecting community? Also with GI Joe reaction figures that the same price point, what does this do for that line? The GI Joe ReAction line is really focused on a 5 POA Sunbow inspired nostalgic line, but these being very highly articulated and detailed, how will the Hiya 4″ line fit in to collector’s buy habits or collections? This is yet to be seen , as this is only Hiya toys send announced release next to Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. So only time will tell, but for now, it is a very cool little 4″ Coco for your desk or shelf!

Hiya Toys GI Joe Cobra Commander dio 2
Hiya Toys GI Joe Cobra Commander dio 4

Hiya Toys GI Joe Cobra Commander dio 5
Hiya Toys GI Joe Cobra Commander dio 1

This 4″ version of Cobra Commander is highly detailed and has a whomping 17 points of articulation, which is alot for a 4″ figure! The stature of this Coco looks incredible! They did a wonderful job at nailing the correct proportions and stance of Cobra Commander. He has a strap around his chest, his signature belts, several weapons holsters and a beautiful gold chain around his right shoulder. The chrome color of his mask is super shinny and I really love how they matched that with the stirp at the top of his helmet! He has a large molded red cobra logo on his chest, a cool red belt buckle and of course the signature red strips on his pants! I absolutely love the super shinny gold snake staff and snake knife! This one is a must have!

Hiya Toys GI Joe Cobra Commander 1
Hiya Toys GI Joe Cobra Commander 5

So let’s take a closer look at this 4″ version of the supreme leader and see what he comes packed with!

  • gold snake staff
  • 4 additional alternate hands
  • gold dagger with silver blade
  • Hair Dryer Gun
  • display stand
Hiya Toys GI Joe Cobra Commander 4

It looks like you can stow his knife in a knife holster on his left leg, and his gun stows on a gun holster on his right hip.

Hiya Toys GI Joe Cobra Commander 2
Hiya Toys GI Joe Cobra Commander 3

Where to Buy

You can preorder this Hiya Toys Cobra Commander at:

HIYA Exquisite Mini Series 1/18 Scale 4 Inch G.I.JOE Cobra Commander A (

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