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Mega Jay Retro Viewers Enter to win Mondo Trap Jaw

Mondo Reaches out to Mega Jay Retro to give back to the community for being so amazing! Mondo will be giving viewers of the Mega Jay Retro Community a chance to win a MONDO MOTU Trap-Jaw! We tell you how Mega Jay Retro Viewers can enter to win a Mondo Trap Jaw!

Mega Jay Retro is an incredible friend of Toy Habits, and we were so touched to see how the Mega Jay Retro viewer community reacted to his incredible Figure FOMO Live Stream! Mega Jay was hesitating about purchasing a Mondo Trap Jaw because of the cost and was having major figure FOMO! Well the community rally around him in the live stream and were super generous with super chats and super stickers and help Jay be able to preorder a Mondo Trap Jaw! Suffice to say Mega Jay was very touched by the generous outpouring of the Mega Jay‘s viewers! It seems that Mondo was listening too, because they subsequently sent Mega Jay a letter to let him know that they want to give back to the toy collecting community, specifically Mega Jay‘s viewers. They were so touched that his viewers were so cool that they wanted Jay to get one, that Mondo wanted to give back to the community with a chance to win a Mondo Trap Jaw!! So with this, let’s tell you how Mega Jay Retro Viewers can enter to win a Mondo Trap Jaw! Be sure to check Mega Jay Retro‘s channel out as he has amazing You Tube Channel! If you want to enter a chance to win a Mondo Trap Jaw, be sure to follow the steps below!

Complete the 4 steps below to enter! The Giveaway will be livestreamed on Thursday March 16th 2023 at 9pm EST

To Enter the Contest see the rules below:
1) You must be Subscribe to the Mega Jay Retro Channel
2) You must LIKE THIS VIDEO specifically
3) You must comment on this video #MJRMondoTrapJawGiveaway
4) Share this video with other MOTU Fans

If you want to catch Mega Jay Retro’s video on how to enter, you can watch it below:

If you want to catch Mega Jay Retro’s incredible Figure FOMO Live Stream you can watch it below:

Today, is the last day to preorder a Mondo Trap Jaw Sixth Scale figure and it is looking mighty impressive. This figure went up for preorder on March 7, 2023 and ends today March 9, 2023 starting at 10am PT / 1pm ET at a price of $235 with a limit of 3.

Official Images

Freshly escaped from Infinita, the psychotic interdimensional cyborg finally cracks our MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE 1:6 scale figure line. The Wizard of Weapons joins our other formidable Evil Warriors including Scareglow, Mer-Man and Faker. Complete with 30 points of articulation and an extensive array of accessories, plus a fully swappable Kronis head, Classic head and Kronis arm.


It is great to look at the figure “in hand” in the official product shot as you can get a better sense of the colors and textures for the figure!


The details on the weapons are outstanding and the paint app on them makes them look like they are metal.


Along with Trap Jaw’s vintage style attachments, we get nods to his Filmation appearance with his trusty fly swatter and crossbow.


The large, oversized hook is amazing and looks like it can do some real damage! Also, the expression on Trap Jaw’s face captures a good amount of rage that shows through in the sculpt.


Another nod to the vintage figure is the zipline mechanism attached to his helmet, which you can see Mondo doing some very creative photography with.


Trap Jaw would not be complete with a way to turn him into Kronis! We are not sure about the expression on this head sculpt as it looks a little goofy but maybe that is what they were going for.


February 23, 2023: Mondo Live Stream Images

Since Mondo revealed the latest iteration of Trap Jaw on their YouTube Channel, we had to take screenshots but we brightened them up and sharpened just a wee bit so we can eek out so more detail so here are the pics from the live stream for your viewing pleasure! Trap Jaw is, pardon the pun, jaw dropping and he is decked out to the nines with tons of accessories, armor, and, best of all, gadgets.


You can see the back view of Trap jaw with several nods to his weapons and accessories from the Filmation cartoon, including (WAIT FOR IT!!!), his fly swatter!


His jaw is hinged as it would not be the same if Mondo left this part and as you can see, it exposes his teeth!


They did an amazing job on his arm and it is so intricately detailed!


His arm even comes with a working piston that can move up and down when you articulate his elbow.


The details on the claw are absolutely stunning as you can see the rivet and metal detail they poured into this piece!


Complete YOUR Collection!

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