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Snow Serpent GI Joe Classified Series In Hand Images

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Check out the Snow Serpent GI Joe Classified Series in hand images courtesy of sb_toys!

Special thanks to sb_toyz for posting in hand images of the GI Joe Classified Series Snow Serpent! Revealed during Yo Joe June 2023, The Snow Serpent really brings back that feeling of seeing this figure for the first time in 1985 on the shelf at toy stores! The packout it outstanding and the figure provides so many options to display this figure just how you like it! With an updated Wolf Headdress and cape, you can even set one aside as a commander if you troop build!

Source: sb_toyz
Source: sb_toyz

The devil is in the details on this figure as he comes with a set of goggles, like the vintage Snow Serpent, but you can take them off to reveal a second set eyewear that is sculpted into his mask and helmet! The blue pack brings that nostalgia feeling home as this was a removable accessory on the vintage Snow Serpent.

Source: sb_toyz
Source: sb_toyz

As the GI Joe Classified Series is really leaning into the snow theme, you can see a detailed patch that is tampo’d on to his right arm, signifying a cold weather army for Cobra!

Source: sb_toyz

The wolf headdress and cape are a great addition to the figure, giving him a more updated modern look which we did not get in the vintage line! The accessories look very lifelike and the plastic fur looks like it was pulled right from a skinned wolf and no that is not Timber!

Source: sb_toyz
Source: sb_toyz

No matter how you display this figure, he looks amazing and you can also display him like the vintage figure design if you want to throw back time to 1985!

Source: sb_toyz
Source: sb_toyz

Snow Serpent Deluxe Reveal and Preorder

Week 3 of Yo Joe June 2023 kicked off with another hat trick with 3 new figures up for preorder, which included Low Light, Grunt, and the Snow Serpent!


Snow Serpent is a deluxe figure and comes with a Bazooka, rifle, rifle pack, snowboard and snow shoes. He also includes a wolf cape and headgear, this is cool so you can army build and denote rank of the troop. Snow Job will have his hands full taking on these Snow Serpents!


Preorders will be up today at 10am PST / 1PM EST and will all be mainline toys, so sold everywhere Classified Series figures are sold.



GI Joe Classified Snow Serpent Package
GI Joe Classified Snow Serpent Official image 1

GI Joe Classified Snow Serpent Official image 3
GI Joe Classified Snow Serpent Official image 2

GI Joe Classified Snow Serpent Official image 4
GI Joe Classified Snow Serpent Official image 4

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