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Buzzer, Ripper, Shockwave, Agent Helix, & General Hawk GI Joe Classified Series Wave Confirmed

Thanks to @ChazTheGuru and his inside source, he has revealed the box numbers and figure names for the next Wave of GI Joe Classified Series figures. In this upcoming wave, we will see Dreadnok Ripper, General Clayton “Hawk” Abernathy, Agent Helix, Jason “Shockwave” Faria, and Dreadnok Buzzer! All of these figures were digital render revealed at SDCC 2023 and they were on our list of possible GI Joe Classified Series preorders for Hasbro Pulse Con 2023. As @ChazTheGuru states on his Instagram page, “Per my source, these are the box numbers for the next Classified wave. As I posted before, these are set for a December 1 [2023]ship date. So expect to see actual figure reveals and preorders during the September 22 PulseCon!”

Source: @ChazTheGuru

Ripper (# 102)

He comes with removable sunglasses and his classic weapons. He is sporting his signature mohawk. 

General Hawk (# 103)

Hawk is looking very World War II hero with a dry brush on his leather jacket. He comes with 2 sets of goggles. He has a nice touch of grey on his temples. 

Agent Helix (# 104)

She is the ultimate weapon character, data fighting. She comes with Mantua blades you can put on her arms.

Shockwave (# 105)

Shockwave in his classic colors. He includes a swat shield and a removable hat. He has digital style cammo.

Buzzer (# 106)

He has slick back hair with his signature ponytail, and stubble on his face. He comes with his chain saw of course.

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