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Mattel Unveils New Masterverse Figures – Day 2!

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Mattel does a one two punch unveiling their new Masterverse figures including CGI Skeletor, New Eternia Beast Man, Hordak, Catra and Jitsu!

It’s been an exciting week for Masters of the Universe already and it’s only Tuesday!!! Mattel does a one two punch with another huge reveal drop today (03/15/22)! This time they unveiled their new Masterverse Figures! If you remember the silhouettes on Pixel Dan’s Twitter feed included the shape of several Masterverse figures! Some people were wondering yesterday, where are the teased Masterverse figures?

Well wait no more! Mattel unveiled their New Masters of the Universe Masterverse Figures this afternoon thru their Facebook and Instagram pages, and they are amazing!

Masterverse Reveals

The new Masterverse Figures unveiled today include 5 new figures:

  • CGI Skeletor – Net Flix Animated Series
  • New Eternia Beast Man
  • Catra – Princess of Power
  • Hodak
  • Jitsu

CGI Skeletor – Netflix Animated Series

This is a 7″ line Mastervese branded Skeletor from the Netflix Animated Series He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Much more articulated and detailed than the Mattel kids version, this Masterverse version of Skeletor Comes with complete with his Havoc staff that seems to be chained to his wrist! The paint applications on this version of Skeletor look amazing!

Masterverse Skeletor CGI Netflix
Masterverse CGI Skeletor

New Eternia Beast Man

As covered in our teaser article, thanks to @canaldosrosmineiros leaked image, we thought the Beast Man silhouette might be the New Eternia Beast Man and here he is in all his beastly glory! Mattel revealed today New Eternia Beast Man! Similar to Barbarian Skeletor and Viking He-Man, the accessories included with the new Beast Man make him 2 figures in 1! He comes with his signature whip, a spiky barbaric looking club, fur Viking style armor and beast head helmet! Beast Man is wearing his classic looking armor and shoulder guards, blue loin cloth and a skirt accent piece. He also has on his blue medallion around his neck and painted fingernails and toes! This version of Beast Man looks absolutely stunning!!!! This is the Beast Man action figure we have all been waiting for!

Beast Man MOTU New Eternia Masterverse Reveal
New Eternia Beast Man

Catra – Princess of Power

Today Mattel revealed it’s first Princess of Power sub-line character Catra! Catra is a power hungry member of the Evil Horde and is one of Hordak’s minions. Although initially specked out to be She Ra’s main nemesis, the Filmation crew decided to go in a different direction. It’s a mystery where her loyalties lay as in one episode she joins Skeletor to annihilate Hordak to become the Queen of the Magicats. She doesn’t really get along well with others as she often has her own wishes to overthrow Hordak and she does not play nicely with her other female characters in the cartoon, namely Scorpia. Catra comes adorned with her signature cat mask, silver cat faced shield, staff and purple soft goods cape! She looks absolutely beautiful and I am very excited to get our first PoP Masterverse character!

Catra MOTU Masterverse Reveal
Mastervese Catra – Princess of Power sub-line


We finally get a Masterverse filmation style Hordak! This is the blue skinned version of Hordak as seen in the She-Ra Princess of Power Filmation Animated Series. Mattel did not specify yet if this falls under the Masterverse Revelation line, or the Princess of Power sub-line, so we are not currently specifying, but Hordak looks fantastic! He comes with his classic white crossbow, blast effects, a replaceable cannon arm, claw hand accessory, red bat shield, 2 alternate hands, and a removeable red soft good cape! Wow this Hordak is jam packed with accessories!

Mastervese Hordak
Mastervese Hodak
Mastervese Hordak accessories
Mastervese Hodak with accessories


Last but certainly not least, we got Jitsu today, the Evil Samurai Warrior! Mattel did not specify yet if this falls under the Masterverse Revelation line or the New Eternia sub-line, so again here we will not specify yet. He looks stunning in his samurai armor and skirt! He comes complete with a samurai sword and yes folks a VAC METAL chopping hand!! Yes, I said VAC METAL! Jitsu comes dressed in an authentic Japanese style samurai outfit! His accessories include the previously mentioned samurai sword, samurai armor, removeable samurai style skirt, wrist bracer, alternate hand and what looks to be a historical reference to a Samurai style face mask.

Mastervese Jitsu
Mastervese Jitsu
Mastervese Jitsu accessories
Mastervese Jitsu with accessories
Japanese Samurai Armor
Japanese Samurai Armor

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