She-Ra Beast Man Masterverse MOTU Leaks
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She-Ra & Beast Man Masterverse Masters of the Universe Reveals?

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She-Ra & Beast Man Masterverse versions could be coming soon! Concept art reveals figures could be on the horizon for the New Eternia & PoP!

Thanks to a tip from viewer @orion, who led us down the rabbit hole of tracking more leaked concept art down from none other than @canaldosrosmineiros (sub their channel and help them reach 3K!!!)! Last week, we covered the fun image Mattel released to influencers like Pixel Dan where he tweeted a photo from Mattel showing outlines of figures that could be revealed this week!

Masters of the Universe Masterse and Origins Teaser Reveals

So we originally thought that the Beast Man silhouette could be a 200x version or a CGI version as this was the most obscure image to figure out! Thanks again to @canaldosrosmineiros, the mystery of the Beast Man silhouette could be solved!

Beast Man Masterverse and Origins Teases
Beast Man Masterverse New Eternia Concept

I guess the third theory is the charm! Seeing this concept image and style Beast Man makes this image crystal clear that the reveal could be a New Eternia Masterverse figure coming down the line! Since we saw the outline of Beast Man last week, we have been racking our brains to figure out which version it could be, and it’s been fun! The stature of the silhouette and the they way the armor on the shoulders and the knees really lines up with the look! The belt also makes sense now so this version of Beast Man HAS to be it!

Masterverse She-Ra

Another puzzle to solve is when and where She-Ra will make her debut and a Masterverse She-Ra could be on the horizon based on the concept art @canaldosrosmineiros sent us and talked about on their YouTube Channel (be sure to like and subscribe their channel!!!). It’s been puzzling to us that Frosta could be coming out before She-Ra but seeing this concept art makes sense!

Could we see a Masterverse She-Ra ahead of a Frosta release? This would make the most sense having She-Ra kick off of the Princess of Power Masterverse sub line. This version of She-Ra has more of an animated look and feel to her and she would be AMAZING to see in the Masterverse line! Like her MOTU Classics version, It looks like she will come with an alternate head sculpt and possibly a soft goods cape, which would be AWESOME!!!

Masterverse Leaked and Rumored Roundup

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