Masters of the Universe Masterverse and Origins Teased Figures
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Masterverse and Origins Teases and Reveals Coming Soon!

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Masterverse and Origins teases were tweeted, which could include Masterverse Beast Man, Sun-Man, Jitsu and Origins 200x He-Man and Teela!

In a fun move, Mattel released a teaser image of upcoming Masterverse and Origins figures that they will be revealing this coming week. This is great news for fans that think the line is dying or ending. If you have not see our Masters of the Universe teased figure card art roundup, I highly suggest taking a look at this as there could be a heck of a lot more figures coming our way! We have not heard a peep from Mattel since Power Con 2021 and all the reveals are exhausted so this is great news. Fans were left to decipher the silhouettes, which can lead to some interesting character interpretations, which can read on Pixel Dan’s Twitter feed as he, among others, teased this image last night. It’s cool to see Mattel being playful with Masterverse and Origins teases and news as it’s a welcomed change!

Masters of the Universe Masterse and Origins Teaser Reveals

Let’s back track to February where were broke news of upcoming figure assortments for the Masterverse and Origins lines and it looks like our informant is dead on as the upcoming figures teased in the image appear to line up with some of the figures that are being teased. Let’s start from the right and work our way over, shall we?

Masterverse Jitsu

We broke the news of a forth coming Jitsu figure for the Masterverse line and it appears that this is coming to fruition as you can clearly make out his chopping hand, and his sword. The hair silhouette also appears to be a high ponytail, which was how Jitsu was made for the Classics line. We included a custom Jitsu so you can visualize what this figure might look like please note: this is a custom, not an official image. It appears from the teased photo that his chopping hand is getting the slimmed down version, like all of the figures in the Masterverse line.

Masterverse Jitsu Masterverse and Origins Teases
Custom Jitsu Masters of the Universe

Mini Comic Teela

We also broke the news of an upcoming Teela repaint that could possibly be packed with Zoar in a two pack and it looks like this could be it. Teela was also just teased in the Masters of the Universe Origins card art, which means that we are likely to see her in the future. This version is likely to be the blonde Teela version as seen in the photo, as she is seen wielding a sword. You can also make out a huge collar flare in the silhouette, which lines up with the comic. That might also just be her snake armor head dress she is wearing as well. We also sourced a custom to show you what she could look like. Also, the Battleramblog has a wonderful write up on Teela’s history if you want to see that!

Mini Comic Teela Masterverse and Origins Teases
Mini Comic Teela
Mini Comic Teela Custom

200x He-Man

The most obvious tease, aside from Teela, is a 200x version of He-Man, which would make sense since there has been a leaked list for quite some time circling around the internet of a 200x Skeletor. That Sword of Power is unmistakable! Expect to see the Mike Young Productions (MYP) version of classics He-Man from the early 2000’s but in MOTU Origins form! You can tell by the teased silhouette that he might be getting a new head sculpt.

200x He-Man Masterverse and Origins Teases
200x He-Man

Masterverse Sun Man

We also broke the news of a Masterverse Sun-Man coming down the line and it also looks like our informant is dead on with this one too! The weapon in the teased image is a clue, not to mention the ginormous wings! MOTU Origins Sun Man is coming soon, and it would be amazing to see him in the Masterverse line! We also sourced a custom to visualize what Sun-Man could look like, and note, this is not an official image.

Sun-Man Masterverse and Origins Teases
Sun Man Custom

Masterverse Beast Man

Saving the most obscure for last is some form of a Beast Man figure and based on the stature and outline of the figure, it appears that this could either be one of two figures. Our first guess is a 200x or New Eternia Masterverse style Beast Man. Other theories have this version coming as the CGI style Beast Man. The only reason we suspect that this could be a 200x Beast Man is from the stature of the figure and also the forearm and shin armor from the outline. There are also some puzzling aspects to this outline, such as the large ring around the outline’s waste and the protruding knee armor, which does not mesh with a Beast Man style figure. If you have other, ideas, please leave a comment.

Beast Man Masterverse and Origins Teases
200x Beast Man Figure

Let us know what you think these Masterverse and Origins teases are with your theories! We would love to hear from you!

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