Zoar Teela Masters of the Universe Origins Gift Set v3
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Zoar & Teela Two Pack Exclusive Confirmed Masters of the Universe Origins Release

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Our Toy Habits source has confirmed that a Zoar and Teela two pack is in the works for the Masters of the Universe Origins line, is reported to be a Big Bad Toy Store and Entertainment Earth exclusive. Release dates were not provided and the is subject to change but this is the most up to date info we have.

Zoar and Teela Origins Two Pack

Given that the Origins features new figures based on the original vintage line, this set would most likely look very similar to the gift set that came out in 1983.

Teela Zoar Masters of the Universe Origins Gift Set
Zoar and Teela gift set from 1983

We can only speculate as to which version of Teela would be included in this pack and it could be very similar to the card art that was recently revealed on the Clawful Wave 8 figure, which would feature an updated knee sculpt and possibly a sword.

Teel Masters of the Universe Clawful Card
Clawful Wave 8 Card Art featuring Teela

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  1. I hope this is true and she does get the updated gold trim on her outfit plus a sword and shield.

    If the cats and Stridor are any indication then Zoar should be very well articulated.

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