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Chuckles GI Joe Classified Series SDCC Exclusive 2023 In Hand Images

Check out the amazing in hand images of the Sand Diego Comic Con exclusive Chuckles GI Joe Classified Series from gi_diego_

Thanks to the AMAZING toy photographer gi_diego_, we have stunning in hand photos of the GI Joe Classified Series SDCC 2023 exclusive Chuckles. Chuckles went up for preorder during San Diego Comic Con 2023 and not only do we get to see the figure but the way gi_diego_ has photographed him it tells a cool story!

Chuckles In Hand Images

It looks like Chuckles is vacationing on the sunny beaches of Cobra Island and is enjoying an ice cold Corona in this beautiful setting. He’s got his lay around his neck and some pink shades that match the flowers on his shirt. He’s got a huge smile on his face but he’s still armed and ready for duty!

Source: gi_diego_

Being on call, He got called into a special briefing Beachhead and General Hawk and it looks like Chuckles vacay is cut short. He attends a classified briefing and gets his orders to infiltrate one of the secret weapons depots on Cobra Island. It looks like Chuckles forgot to select the ‘nowhere near Cobra’ checkbox on Expedia when planning his vacation so he’s back on duty. With his trusty sidearm strapped to his chest, he takes off to find this secret weapons depot and he did not even have time to change.

Source: gi_diego_
Source: gi_diego_

While hiding in plain site, he’s pretty easy to notice with his light blue Hawaiian shirt so Cobra pulls the alarm and descends on Chuckles but he is prepared! His years of secret agent training has come in handy as he takes care of a battalion of Cobra Troopers the only way he knows how. Grabbing the secret black Cobra briefcase was his mission and he almost makes it out unscathed before being capture by a Cobra Trooper.

Source: gi_diego_
Source: gi_diego_
Source: gi_diego_

Having roughed up Chuckles face by using it as a punching bag, the Cobra Trooper pulls out his last resort weapon to get him to talk. Little does the Cobra Trooper know that Chuckles is hiding his pistol in the small of his back and gets the upper hand!

Source: gi_diego_
Source: gi_diego_

He quickly deals with the Cobra Trooper the only way he knows how, sets some explosive devices and calmly walks away laying waste to the secret weapon depot and it is back to his Island vacay he goes!

Source: gi_diego_
Source: gi_diego_

Official Images and Preorder

Chuckles is up for preorder!


UPDATE 7/26/2023: Chuckles Preorder

Thanks to gi_shark for the tip off! The SDCC 2023 GI Joe Classified Series exclsuive figure goes up for preorder on the Hasbro Pulse website this Friday, July 28, 2023 for Hasbro Pulse Premium members starting at 9am PT / Noon ET and the rest of fans starting at 10am PT / 1pm ET


UPDATE 07/21/2023: Chuckles Dio shots

Looks like Chuckles is having fun in the sun on his vacation in the tropics! We got some more Dio shots of the SDCC 2023 Chuckles exclusive figure looking oh so sweet! Mahalo everyone and pass the Pina Coladas!

GI Joe Classified Series SDCC 2023 Exclusive Chuckles Dio 7

GI Joe Classified Series SDCC 2023 Exclusive Chuckles Dio 4
GI Joe Classified Series SDCC 2023 Exclusive Chuckles Dio 10

GI Joe Classified Series SDCC 2023 Exclusive Chuckles Dio 9
GI Joe Classified Series SDCC 2023 Exclusive Chuckles Dio 3

GI Joe Classified Series SDCC 2023 Exclusive Chuckles Dio 8
GI Joe Classified Series SDCC 2023 Exclusive Chuckles Dio 2

Thanks to GI Shark for posting this incredible diorama shot of the upcoming Chuckles GI Joe Classified Series SDCC 2023 Exclusive! He is looking totally MIam Vice and ready to hang ten! Can’t wait to see more images of the actual figure!

Chuckles Bio and Skills

We still had the image from the retired GI Joe Meet the Characters page, where it lists out Chuckles bio and skills! His bio reads: “Chuckles works deep undercover for GI Joe, infiltrating Cobra operations around the world to gain valuable intel and put a stop to their schemes. He’s and incredible actor who can talk his way out of most situations…and fight his way out of the rest. For Chuckles, the end justifies the means, and he’s not afraid to break the rules to accomplish his deep cover missions.”


Chuckles SDCC 2023 Exclusive

Since this is figure is an SDCC 2023 exclusive, beginning Wednesday July 19 at 5:30 PM PT, you’ll need to find the Hasbro Pulse booth #3213 where you’ll get a “one-time use code, which can be scanned for preorder on” The limit is one set per code. Like last years Dr. Mindbender exclusive, we expect that they will make the left over stock available on Hasbro Pulse.


With Chuckles being an undercover agent, he comes with accessories so he can don a disguise, like a pair of sunglasses, a manila folder filled with top secret documents, a portable cassette player, and other fun accessories like a lay and hand cuffs.


The box art looks like an old fashioned radio or TV, which is very fitting for the character.


Here is Chukles with his alternate head and a rear shot! Gotta love that classic Hawaiian shirt!


Chuckles SDCC 2023 Rumor

We are unsure what an “Armory” packout will look like just yet but Chuckles is a figure that needs a ton of weapons. One look at Chuckles and you wouldn’t have given a thought he was an undercover agent. Most undercover specialists try not to stand out too much, their interaction with the enemy is often limited, most of their efforts are concentrated on the source for information, and they don’t wear loud Hawaiian shirts. With his burly figure, Chuckles already stands out from the crowd. He has a gregarious personality that makes him the life of the party, quick-witted and possesses a natural likability. He is very conscientious of his work that he’ll volunteer for dangerous missions just to keep up his cover. He has shifted from one undercover assignment to another for so many times, no one is sure who he works for anymore. He started as an investigator at the South-eastern Insurance Group in Fort Lauderdale. He still feels a debt of allegiance there. He eventually made his way to the US Army’s Criminal Investigations Division.

Chuckles Vintage GI Joe On Card
Source: 3DJoes
Chuckles Vintage GI Joe
Source: 3DJoes

GI Joe Classified Series Concept

We love to see concepts that might come to fruition and yojoearah is one of our favorites so this is what Chuckles could look like when he comes to the GI Joe Classified Series!

Chuckles GI Joe Classified Series Concept 2
Chuckles GI Joe Classified Series Concept 1

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