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Mondo Power Con 2023 Masters of the Universe Booth Images

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Power Con is on, and we have all the latest from the Mondo Power Con 2023 Masters of the Universe Booth for you with some incredible Images! Thanks to all of those attending Power Con this year for sharing your photos for us to enjoy! Mondo had some of their favorites on display and some newer characters as well. Also Sunday is said to be having a brand panel with some new announcements for 2024! We can’t wait to see that panel and we hope that they give us more information on their previous pipeline reveals of Teela and Orko!

Flocked Panthor

One of the Standout items on display was a Flocked Panthor! Of course they had the previously shown Panthor with the new upcoming Skeletor riding him, but they also had on display a Flocked Panthor, which is incredibly exciting! Flocked Panthor will be a limited edition and available Nov 2023!

Filmation Trap Jaw Power Con Exclusive

Filmation Trap Jaw was first revealed at SDCC 2023. They now brought him to the Power Con event and he will have a limited number available for purchase!Mondo already has a version of Trap Jaw they revealed back in March of 2023 so this Filmation version is like the Power Con 2021 exclusive Filmation Hordak that looked freakin insane!!! The Filmation version of Trap Jaw pays homage to his cartoon appearance and yes, he comes a with fuzzy fluffy red loin cloth!

Below is the reveal from the Mondo Booth at SDCC 2023.

Mondo Filmation Trap Jaw Sixth Scale Figure SDCC 2023

We got another view of the side profile of Trap Jaw and we can see a better view of his arm canon, attachments, and boots.


Trap Jaw Version 1

Freshly escaped from Infinita, the psychotic interdimensional cyborg finally cracks our MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE 1:6 scale figure line. The Wizard of Weapons joins our other formidable Evil Warriors including Scareglow, Mer-Man and Faker. Complete with 30 points of articulation and an extensive array of accessories, plus a fully swappable Kronis head, Classic head and Kronis arm.


It is great to look at the figure “in hand” in the official product shot as you can get a better sense of the colors and textures for the figure!


Trap Jaw Filmation Catoon

Trap Jaw’s cybernetic enhancements have given him an array of interchangeable attachments and weapons. He has a mechanical jaw that can clamp down on objects with great force, hence his name. Additionally, his arm can be replaced with different tools, such as a claw, hook, or laser blaster, making him a formidable opponent in battle.

Trap Jaw Filmation

Beast Man

Beast Man was first revealed at this year’s Las Vegas Funkoholics collectibles show, and he is an absolutely stunning figure! This has got to be the best figure in the Mondo Masters of the Universe Line thus far! Below is a photograph by Chris Eaton as Beast Man was on display at the Mondo Booth at Power Con.

Las Vegas Funkoholics collectibles show reveal

At this year’s Las Vegas Funkoholics collectibles show, Mondo revealed their latest prototype samples of the upcoming Panthor and Beast Man 1:6 scale action figures! These figures at the 1/6 scale are humongous and I can’t wait to see them in hand! We covered Panthor in our Skeletor Deluxe Mondo MOTU Sixth Scale Official Image article, so be sure to check that out! Thanks to our friends at TOYSHIZ, and CANAL DOS ROSMINEIROS for sharing these incredible images!

Mondo Beast Man 1

Beast Man was previewed at last year’s Design Con 2022, and we were super excited when he was added to the upcoming rooster! Now we finally get to see the prototype of Skeletor’s evil henchman and they really did an incredible job on him!!

Beast Man Mondo Masters of the Universe Design Con 2022 Panel Reveal

Let’s take a look at some of Beast Man’s details. This Mondo version of Beast Man has a very classic look to him, but also recalls some of his New Eternia look as well. Beast Man’s head looks very fierce and has incredible detail with the blue around his eyes, his large fanged teeth and bushy bearded chin. He is wearing his large blue medallion around his neck, which looks really great on him! Beast Man also has his furry chest armor with huge spikes on the shoulders, and one that looks like it broke in half on a fierce battle.

Mondo Beast Man 4
Mondo Beast Man 2

Mondo Beast Man 8
Mondo Beast Man 5

I love how they treated Beast Man’s loin cloth in a tattered blue cloth. His belt has spectacular detail, and it looks like he has animal bones hanging from his belt as well. He shoulder armor and shin armor is reminiscent of the New Eternia Beast Man we got in the Masterverse line, with large spikes coming off them, and beautiful rivet details as well! He also has wrist bracers and spiked hand gaurds as well! The furry texture molded into his body looks really great as well! This Beast Man is packed to the brim with incredible detail and we can’t wait for this one to go up for preorder!

Mondo Beast Man 3
Mondo Beast Man 7
Mondo Beast Man 6

Other MOTU Favorites on display

Also on diplay were past favorites like She-Ra, Hordak, Scareglow, Mer-Man and Faker!

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