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Masters of the Universe Walmart Collector Con 2023 Day 2 Preorders

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Walmart Collector Con July 2023 edition is in full swing! We saw some great figures from the GI Joe Classified Series line and the Star Wars Black Series go up for preorder on Day 1. Day 2, on July 19, 2023 at 7am PT / 10am ET begins at the same time and this time will feature Masters of the Universe! What figures could be going up for preorder? We had discovered that Duplico has the Walmart Collector Con 2023 callout on his Walmart product page so we feel like this is a shoo-in for tomorrow’s event! We also know that MOTU Origins Moss Man is showing up in Walmart stores and it would be amazing to finally order him online! Hopefully we have a good showing of MOTU Origins Walmart Collector Con figures!

July 29, 2023 Categories of Collectibles: Masters of the Universe

As you can see below, Masters of the Universe will have figures up for preorder, along with Lego, WWE, Barbie, and TMNT!


MOTU Origins Duplico

If you filter to Brand>Masters of the Universe, Duplico appears in Walmart Collector Con!


Walmart has added a new callout on their Collector Con previews that states, “Shop all Collector Con new releases, 7/18 and 7/19, 7am PST.” Yesterday, Duplico did not have this callout and he is not listed as a preview figure but this clue leads us to believe that he will be going up for preorder either on 7/18 or 7/19. If you look at other non-Collector Con toys, they do not have this callout so it’s highly likely that MOTU Origins Duplico will be going up for sale during Walmart Collector Con.


Moss Man

MOTU Origins fans have been clamoring for the release of Moss Man for the longest time and the highly anticipated elusive Moss Man has been spotted in a Walmart in Morris, Illinois! Thanks to the Baroness of Toys for the tip off, that a fellow collector, Dan Latham posted these images to Facebook MOTU Origins, WWE Masters & Superstars ~Fan Page! We got a tip off from an unnamed source that Moss Man was supposed to be hitting stores by the end of this month and will retail for $39.97! Let’s take a look at the MOTU Origins Moss Man that was found in a Walmart!

Dan was also nice enough to post some in hand images which we have for you below! Thanks again to Dan Latham!

Moss Man MOTU Origins in store Walmart
Source: Dan Latham MOTU Origins | Facebook

Another collector Nick Balistreri found 4 more Moss Man packages on the top shelf in a Walmart in Madison WI. Our hunch is that he comes packaed either 2 or 4 to a case, so perhaps this was 1 case pack with 4 Moss Men!

Moss Man in Walmart Madison
Source: Nick Balistreri MOTU Origins, WWE Masters & Superstars ~Fan Page | Facebook

Bar Code

Thanks to Dan Latham for sending us the bar code! As soon as we are able to dig up his online listing, we will be sure to let you know! Moss Man is priced at a whomping $39.97 but I think fans have been waiting for him for so long, that they will pay whatever it takes to get him home!

According to Dan Latham:

Here’s the UPC to check your areas.  It does ring up, I got scared it did that one screen but she came over and rescanned and it went through.
I’ve had 12 msgs from people about it so let me see I can cover a lot of questions.   I don’t what the case quantity is, they were just on the shelf in a different spot.   There was that tag printed though so it has a spot.  They had a lot of new Star Wars & Joes.  There’s pallets on the floor with tons of open boxes.  They say week 27 on a lot of the boxes like the Joes but Roy from Mattel said Street date is 8/1.   I didn’t see a box, there were cut down cases in another box and I went through there but it wasn’t there.  It’s possible there were more but I just found these 2.  I’ll post the comic when I can.

Dan Latham MOTU Origins, WWE Masters & Superstars ~Fan Page | Facebook

In Hand Images

Thanks again to (Dan Latham and KENNERVADER on Instagram for posting these awesome images of the Moss Man he found at Walmart yesterday! KENNERVADER on Instagram says ” Can you smell the pine?”

MOTU Origins Moss Man in hand 3
Source: KENNERVADER on Instagram

MOTU Origins Moss Man on eBay

As Moss Man is sowing up in the wild, he is popping up on eBay at ridiculous prices!


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