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GI Joe Classified Series Future Waves & Yo Joe June 2023 Preorders

Thanks to, we now have the rumored list of GI Joe Classified Series Yo Joe June 2023 preorders!

Thanks to, with the help of The Full Force Podcast, they have put their heads together to cook up what they think the next GI Joe Classified Series SDCC 2023 exclusives, Waves, and deluxe figures! The usual caveats apply and we are treating these as rumor but and The Full Force Podcast have not let us down! Yo Joe June 2023 has started off with a bang and it’s only 4 days in! We’ve had the Arctic BAT, Python Patrol Crimson Guard, and Tiger Force Dusty go up for preorder on June 1, 2023 and digital renders of Grunt and the Crimson Viper drop on June 2, 2023.

Confirmed Preorder Dates

They have confirmed the following dates and it is not confirmed whether three of the dates will feature a Fans First GI Joe Live Stream and GI Joe Classified Series preorders.

  • June 5, 2023: GI Joe Classified Series HasLab reveal (rumored to be long talked about Dragonfly and Wild Bill)
  • June 14, 2023
  • June 21, 2023
  • June 28, 2023

June 14, 2023 UPDATE: Yo Joe June 2023 Official Preorders

We are keeping track of the preorders from Yo Joe June 2023 here:

GI Joe Classified Series Full Wave of 5

The next wave of of GI Joe Classified Series figures is rumored to be another 5 figure figure wave:


This new classified version of Grunt looks great from the digital render below. He comes with 2 helmets, the first is his classic green army helmet, and the second is a bonus Steel Corps helmet, so you can army build this guy! He also includes a backpack, knife, pistol, and two sub machine guns. Grubt comes with some very cool web gear, and lots of pouches on his uniform. He even has his name and an American Flag tampo’d on his chest. I really like the head sculpt they used, as he looks like a hard-core army solider.

GI Joe Classified Grunt Digital Render reveal

Crimson Viper

The Cobra Crimson ranks are growing, and now our Crimson Twins and Crimson guards will have a army of troops to command with the new Crimson Viper! This version of the Viper is a Crimson inspired repaint of the same Viper figure we got previously released now for the 3rd of 4th time in the line. He comes with his googles, neck scarf, backpack, pistol and sub machine gun. He joins the original Viper, Vipers for the 3 pack, and the Python Patrol Viper as yet another cool Viper in the rants! I guess you can never have enough Vipers in your Cobra army!

GI Joe Classified Crimson Viper Digital Render reveal


The new digital render of Low Light is a complete homage to the ARAH version of Low Light! He is completely the classic version in his grey outfit with red googles and he looks incredible! He comes with a huge pack out of accessories! He has a ginormous sniper bag and a ton of gear so let’s check it out!

Some of the features of Low Light Include:

  • Classic Colors
  • With the grey outfit and red googles
  • 20th Anniversary version of all the sniper gear
  • Rilfe bag
  • Googles do come off
  • Goes into the rifle bag and sniper comes apart and goes in the bag and backpack can peg on as well


We finally got to see the updated (or more OG) Firefly they have planned for the 2nd release of this figure. You will see some familiar accessories, like his gun, but some more updated accessories like his backpack and his remote control car.


Tunnel Rat

Originally, the character’s facial appearance is based on G.I. Joe comic book writer Larry Hama and was introduced fairly late in the line in 1987. Tunnel Rat has black hair, a bandanna, neckerchief, and paint on his face and arms. He is wearing a green short-sleeved shirt with ammo belt, black gloves and pants, a dark grey belt, and a brown holster. The pack out on Tunnel Rat was quite impressive as he had a very large, olive-green backpack with holes on top for two removable flashlights, a large black machine gun with long grip and huge scope, and an olive-green TNT pack.


The 2nd GI Joe Classified Series Full Wave of 5

The second wave of of GI Joe Classified Series consists of figures we have not seen digital renders for so this will be exciting! We only have the vintage and custom figures to referecen here but this next batch of 5 figures is rumored to be as follows:

Dreadnok Ripper

Back on June 30, 2022, GI Joe Hasbro team revealed at a round table event and Dreadnock Ripper was (and still is) a name only reveal. Ripper is one of the coolest of the Dreadnoks and we can’t be more excited about him joining the Classified series! He will join the ranks of Zartan and Zarana! Hopefully we get more Dreadnocks, but this is a great start! Ripper is the coolest of the Dreadnocks, sporting a mohock and and attitude!

According to Ripper’s file card:

Code Name : Ripper : File Name: Harry Nod : Place of Birth: Cape grim, Tasmania

There are devils in Tasmania and RIpper is probably the meanest of them all. Was expelled from nursery school for extorting candy from his schoolmates and spent most of his adult life in various correctional institutions. He is a professional criminal motivated by greed and a malignant dislike for niceties of civilization.

Specialty and M.O: Edged weapons and cutting tools. Is known throughout the swamps for using his blade like a cross between a fireman’s axe and a can opener to unlock gates and crack safes.

Dreadnock Ripper GI Joe Vintage MOC

Below are some amazing images of a customs by Stronox Custom Figures, and gives us a great look at what a Classifed Dreadnock Ripper may look like! And how cool would it be to get a motorcycle like a hog style (something other than a Ram Cycle!) for Ripper to ride around on!


Buzzer is a long awaited character reveal as well. Now we get to build out the Dreadnoks! Again, we are using a custom concepts to show you what he may look like.

Buzzer GI Joe Classified Series Concept Back
Buzzer custom concept
Buzzer GI Joe Classified Series Concept Front
Buzzer custom concept


We are still unclear if Hawk refers to vs or v2 but Abernathy, Clayton M. will be joining the GI Joe Classified Series in the way distant future but the question is which version will it be? Will it be the original green shirt version that came out in 1982 or version 2 that came out in 1986? We explore what both versions could like!

Version 1

While we could not find any Classified Series scale customs, we did come across these two versions in 3 3/4″ scale. We’ve found that the Classified Series molds are sometimes very similar so here is these figures could look like.

Version 2

General Hawk, as his version 2 figure is called, looked drastically different than his v1 counterpart. Drawing inspiration from one of our favorite GI Joe customizers, yojoearah, we see what this figure could like and this one is in Classified Series scale.

Hawk Version 2 GI Joe Classified Series Concept 1
Hawk Version 2 GI Joe Classified Series Concept
Hawk Version 2 GI Joe Classified Series Concept 2
Hawk Version 2 GI Joe Classified Series Concept Front View
Hawk Version 2 GI Joe Classified Series Concept 3
Hawk Version 2 GI Joe Classified Series Concept Back View

Agent Helix

Agent Helix is a covert operations officer for the G.I. Joe team. She is an expert marksman with advanced martial arts training. She uses dual 10 mm automatic pistols as her preferred weapon. She’s an Olympic-class gymnast and uses her distinctive “Whirlwind attack” to deliver overpowering combinations of kicks and firepower to Cobra agents. She also has the ability to identify and solve complex physical calculations at a rate that some consider extremely spooky. To her, everything has a data set, like miles left before a car will run out of gas or ammo count in the bad guy’s guns, etc. This ability is referred to as “Total Organic Battlefield Awareness.”

Agent Helix IDW Comics 1
Agent Helix IDW Comics 2

Could we have predicted this Agent Helix pipeline reveal coming from a mile away? Well, maybe but you need to know where to look! Agent Helix has been hiding in plain site on the Hasbro GI Joe Meet the Characters page for quite some time now and it is high time that she was developed into a GI Joe Classified Series figure!

Agent Helix Hasbro Meet the Characters

Her Bio reads: “Helix is a covert operations agent with advanced martial arts training, world-class gymnastics skill, and expert marksmanship. She has a unique near-psychic ability called Total Organic Battlefield Awareness (TOBA). This allows her to perceive elements of her surroundings before they are visible. Her distinctive “whirlwind attack” is an overpowering combination of kicks and firepower.

Agent Helix Rise of Cobra Figure

Agent Helix was released in 2009 as part of Series 4 of the Rise of Cobra line. She has black hair dyed white, a yellow and grey jumpsuit, a black harness and corset, a black belt with silver pouches, grey pants, black kneepads, and black boots. With respect to her weapons, she has dual grey autopistols, a grey machete, a grey spring-loaded missile launcher, and a blue missile with grey dish.

Agent Helix Custom Concept by Stronox Customs

To visualize what the GI Joe Classified Series pipeline reveals could look, we love featuring customs from the community and we are proud to feature the amazingly talented Stronox Customs as we love how he adds in the extra level of paint app detail that really makes the figures come to life! Although this is a 3 3/4″ figure, the Rise of Cobra style is a good blueprint for what a GI Joe Classified figure could look like and Stronox did an amazing job customizing her! The gray camo on the outfit and weathering detail are superb!

Deluxe Figures

With three different deluxe figure price points, there is one two pack and a standard deluxe figure rumored to be going up for preorder during Yo Joe June 2023!

Snow Serpent

The Snow Serpent is an exciting name only reveal and we are using a custom concepts to show you what he may look like. This one is exciting because he comes packed with a ton of really cool accessories like snow shoes, googles and a ton of rifles.

Snow Serpent GI Joe Classified Series Concept
Snow Serpent custom concept
Snow Serpent GI Joe Classified Series Concept Profile
Snow Serpent custom concept

Steel Corps.

The third reveal of GI Joe Day 2023 is the G.I. Joe Classified Series Steel Corps. and now this connects the dots with what Lenny and Emily alluded to a pipeline reveal Troop Builder 2-Pack that could “handle land or sky.” This pack harkens back to the Steel Brigade and what an amazing pack out with weapons, blast effects and jet packs! Hasbro is on a roll today! It also looks like we are getting a female Steel Corps figure too, which is great as we need more lady Joes in the line!

Here is the announcement from Hasbro: “You didn’t think we were done, did you? The #GIJoeDay celebration is still in full swing and bringing some reinforcements in from the sky! The G.I. Joe Classified Series Steel Corps. are the next render reveal we’re bringing you. These Joes are coming in hot with their jetpacks, alternate heads, and an array of weapon and blast effect accessories that are sure to turn up the heat in their battle against #Cobra! Pre-order later this year!”

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