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GI Joe Classified Series SDCC 2023 and Con Exclusive Rumors

Thanks to, we have a rumored list of GI Joe Classified Series Con exclusive for SDCC 2023, Walmart, Target, Amazon, & PulseCon

Thanks to, we have the rundown of rumored Con exclusives for 2023, which cover SDCC 2023, Walmart Collector Con 2023, Amazon Collector Con 2023, Target Collector Event 2023, and PulseCon 2023! Yo Joe June 2023 has started off with a bang and it’s only 4 days in! We’ve had the Arctic BAT, Python Patrol Crimson Guard, and Tiger Force Dusty go up for preorder on June 1, 2023, digital renders of Grunt and the Crimson Viper drop on June 2, 2023, and rumors of the next waves going up for preorder for Yo Joe June 2023.

June 14, 2023 UPDATE: Yo Joe June 2023 Official Preorders

We are keeping track of the preorders from Yo Joe June 2023 here:

SDCC 2023: Chuckles with Armory

We are unsure what an “Armory” packout will look like just yet but Chuckles is a figure that needs a ton of weapons. One look at Chuckles and you wouldn’t have given a thought he was an undercover agent. Most undercover specialists try not to stand out too much, their interaction with the enemy is often limited, most of their efforts are concentrated on the source for information, and they don’t wear loud Hawaiian shirts. With his burly figure, Chuckles already stands out from the crowd. He has a gregarious personality that makes him the life of the party, quick-witted and possesses a natural likability. He is very conscientious of his work that he’ll volunteer for dangerous missions just to keep up his cover. He has shifted from one undercover assignment to another for so many times, no one is sure who he works for anymore. He started as an investigator at the South-eastern Insurance Group in Fort Lauderdale. He still feels a debt of allegiance there. He eventually made his way to the US Army’s Criminal Investigations Division.

Chuckles Vintage GI Joe On Card
Source: 3DJoes
Chuckles Vintage GI Joe
Source: 3DJoes

GI Joe Classified Series Concept

We love to see concepts that might come to fruition and yojoearah is one of our favorites so this is what Chuckles could look like when he comes to the GI Joe Classified Series!

Chuckles GI Joe Classified Series Concept 2
Chuckles GI Joe Classified Series Concept 1

Walmart Collector Con 2023

Night Force Shockwave(v2) was released carded as part of the eighth series in 1989 as in a Toys R Us exclusive in a Night Force two-pack with Lightfoot (v2).

Source: 3DJoes
Source: 3DJoes

Shadow Tracker

Shadow Tracker came from the GI Joe Pursuit of Cobra line in 2011 and he is a rather odd character choice but if his Classified Series sculpt is anything like his figure, he will be the most unique one on the line! His bio reads:

SHADOW TRACKER works for COBRA as a wilderness hunter and guide. Scorning conventional firearms, he uses traditional weapons from around the world. He tracks his prey using primal instinct: He hears the dark whispers of the jungle, senses distant footfalls in the earth and tastes his victim’s fear in the wind.


Generaljoesreborn has a fantastic review of Shadow Tracker and a nice summary of the new character that was added to the line:

First of all, Shadow Tracker has a distinct advantage…I love new characters, and Shadow Tracker is a new character. He’s a Cobra tracking specialist and jungle operative, which is something we’ve seen surprisingly little of in Cobra’s thirty year history. Now, within a couple of months we not only have the first mass release “Jungle Viper” but we also have a Cobra Tracker. But he’s not just a Cobra Tracker, he’s a completely bad ass looking Cobra tracker who oozes personality in a way that only the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero universe can provide. This is something that G.I. Joe has always been able to do, for whatever reason. The way Hasbro can perfectly meld a straight-line military line with a fantastical science fiction element never ceases to amaze me, and Shadow Tracker walks that line to perfection. But, none of this means anything if the figure isn’t any good, and trust me, this figure is great above and beyond his cool history.

Shadow Tracker – General Joes Reborn
Shadow Tracker GI Joe 2011 Figure on Card
Shadow Tracker GI Joe 2011 Figure on Card
Shadow Tracker 2011 GI Joe Loose
Shadow Tracker 2011 GI Joe Loose

Regarding the figure:

Beyond the theory and mythology, though, you have a toy. And the fun value of that toy will impact the rest of it more than anything else…Shadow Tracker is quite simply an awesome toy. Even underneath all of that gear, Cobra’s Wilderness expert has some excellent detailing, incredibly smooth articulation and some insane paint apps. His elbow joints actually bend the full 90 degrees many figures cannot achieve, he’s got the great pivot wrists, and even though his legs are sculpted like one piece legs (without those joint disguising kneepads) his double-jointed knees work without flaw. And his head? His head sculpt is simply insane. The wild mane of dreadloks spirals from underneath a semi-translucent hockey mask which gives the character an absolutely evil, insidious look about him. The figure is obviously at least somewhat inspired by the Devils’ Due Skullbuster, I believe, but it takes that design aesthetic and totally runs with it. Upon first glance, it almost looks like his mask is removable, but take Twink Viper’s advice and don’t do it.

Shadow Tracker – General Joes Reborn

He comes with a gaggle of weapons as well:

Shadow Tracker GI Joe 2011 Weapons and Accessories
Shadow Tracker GI Joe 2011 Weapons and Accessories

Like every other figure in the Wave 4 assortment, the accessories are really where it’s at, and Shadow Tracker is loaded. He comes with a pretty simple vest, nicely colored and detailed just right. His compound bow was first seen with the TRU Exclusive Spirit, and he comes with the quiver and extra arrow as well. Where Shadow Tracker excels is with the bladed weapons. As a Cobra “hunter” he comes fully equipped with some of the nastiest knives I’ve ever seen in the 3 3/4″ scale, and with his pivot wrists, he can hold them very nicely. If there is a downside to all of these accessories, it’s that he cannot hold them all, though he does have a great sheath on the back of his vest and a hole in the side of his leg where one of his knives can be stored.

Shadow Tracker – General Joes Reborn

Amazon Collector Con 2023: Arctic Ninja Nunchuck

With the addition of the Arctic BAT, the polar series of Cobra figures is about to get interesting with a rumored Arctic Ninja Nunchuck figure. Nunchuck was released carded as part of the eleventh series in 1992 as part of the Ninja Force subline. He came with a black sword, black nunchuks, and a black figure stand.

Source: 3DJoes
Source: 3DJoes

Nunchuck was also released in the GI Joe Collectors Club! According to, “G.I. Joe is a line that has traditionally adapted to the times and 1992 was no exception. “Ninja mania” had swept the nation and the line was facing competition in the toy aisles from the likes of Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that debuted five years earlier. In addition, Bandai was just under a year away from launching its new Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers line that would take the world by storm. Always vigilant toward emerging threats, the team in Pawtucket responded with the creation of a brand new sub-team—the G.I. Joe Ninja Force! Featuring Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Scarlett, and a slew of new recruits, the merry band of martial artists put ninjas front and center in the Joe line. Now, thirty four years after his initial debut, one team member is getting his “generation 3 upgrade.” Meet the camo-clad kung-fu warrior: Nunchuk!”

Target Collector Event 2023

There are three figures that are slotted for the Target Collector Event in 2023! Two Python Patrol figures and one Tiger Force figure are rumored to be going up for preorder although the date of the Target Collector Event 2023 is unknown, but the Target Summer Geekout starts 6/16, and goes every Friday, where they drop new & exclusive collectibles from your favorite fandoms & brands for six weeks.! There is a Python Patrol Ninja listed but there were no Python Patrol Ninjas in Cobra’s ranks so we’ll cover the known figures for now.

Target Summer Geekout

Tiger Force Flint

Flint (v2) also known as Tiger Force Flint, was released carded as part of the seventh series in 1988.

Source: 3DJoes

Tiger Force Flint has also been released in 2008!

Tiger Force Flint GI Joe 25th Anniversary 2008 Wave 8

Python Patrol Tele-Viper and Flight Pod (aka Trubble Bubble)

The Tele Viper comes with 3 heads, and comes with a VR headset for inflight optics! Comes with sonic rifle with sci-fi backpack, and also includes a cool data pad on his wrist as well. The flight pod has a very retro vibe, with new details and an update to the vintage design. It comes with has removable rockets that could port blast effects. Can you also remove the dog bones off the sides, the windshield lifts up, and it has cool 1980’s screen graphics on the little display screen. The bottom gun is on a ball peg, and even includes a seat belt for the figure. Since we don’t have official images of what a Python Patrol Flight Pod would look like, here is the original release for reference.

Tele VIper FLight Pod Trubble Bubble GI Joe Classified in hand 1
Tele VIper FLight Pod Trubble Bubble GI Joe Classified in hand 2

Tele VIper FLight Pod Trubble Bubble GI Joe Classified in hand 8
Tele VIper FLight Pod Trubble Bubble GI Joe Classified in hand 9

Gi Joe Classified Tele VIper & Flightpod Trubble Bubble 2
Gi Joe Classified Tele VIper & Flightpod Trubble Bubble 6

Gi Joe Classified Tele VIper & Flightpod Trubble Bubble 3
Gi Joe Classified Tele VIper & Flightpod Trubble Bubble 4

Hasbro PulseCon 2023: Crimson Strike Team | Crimson Baroness with Crimson Twins

We could have seen this coming a mile away with the reveals of the Crimson BAT and the Crimson Viper (along with the Crimson Guard of course) that we were due up to build out the subline! We don’t have images or reveals for this set yet so we are using the versions that came with the Crimson Strike Team 2009 GI Joe Convention exclusive.

Crimson Baroness

We have seen a couple iterations of the Baroness in the GI Joe Classified Series but a Crimson version will be the cream of the crop! According to General Joes Reborn, “Crimson Strike Team Baroness uses the first 5-pack body and as such suffers from the same flaws as that figure.  She is slightly hunchbacked, her legs are spindly, and she has thin gangly arms.  The second 5-pack figure is much better and would have been my preferred choice and I don’t know why the Club didn’t use it instead.  However the one saving grace of this figure is the head sculpt.  Using the head from the second Baroness figure (the one in blue) with the square glasses was a much better choice than the original head with the wind-swept hair.  It’s a better sculpt and more fitting for the character. The paint scheme also really saves the figure.  The crimson and black with silver highlights really brings out the sculpting in the mold especially in the torso which has nice detailing in the belt and collar.  She’s got a slight tan too from the looks of her face paint (a theme for the figures in this set) and her glasses are painted gold which I really like.  It sets her face apart from the rest of the body and does a good job distracting you from the flaws of the mold.”

Crimson Twins Tomax and Xamot

We have also seen one version of the Crimson Guard Twins Tomax and Xamot and they would look amazing in crimson! According to General Joes Reborn, “The Crimson Twins are the other named figures in this set and they really are pretty spectacular in their ho-hum-ness.  These are the same figures available in the comic pack only done in the Crimson Strike Team colors.  The molds themselves are really good with the right detailing in all the right places.  The main change here is in the paint. In primarily crimson, these two look good.  There are just enough highlights of silver and black to break up the crimson and the paint applications are nearly perfect.  Like Baroness, Tomax and Xamot have a nice tan.  The flesh parts of the figures are done in a reddish tan flesh tone as though they’ve spent a lot of time in the sun, almost too much.  The arms and head are cast in this darker flesh color and the neck is painted.  The paint matches up well with the cast parts.”

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