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Arctic BAT GI Joe Classified Series In Hand Images

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Special thanks to sb_toyz for posting amazing in hand images of the GI Joe Classified Series Arctic BAT. We first saw these images posted on surveillance_port and these photos of the Arctic BAT are phenomenal! With an amazing packout that includes a chain saw to cut down those Christmas trees and an extra head sculpt, this is going to one of the more sought after figures in the Gi Joe Classified Series line!

Source: sb_toyz
Source: sb_toyz

It looks like sb_toyz has scored himself two Arctic Bat’s so we can see what the alternate head sculpt looks like next to the standard version so you can imagine building an army of these suckers! This Arctic B.A.T. figure contains 8 character-inspired accessories including a chainsaw hand attachment, backpack, a pistol, a machine gun, an alternate head, and 3 interchangeable chest plates. The alternate head look like it is something out of Terminator but it looks like an homage to 2001 A Space Odyssey’s HAL 9000.

Source: sb_toyz
Source: sb_toyz

With or without the chest plate, the BAT looks fantastic! The black Cobra symbol plays very well off the stark white chest plate. The ice blue backdrop is the perfect color to show off the BAT sans chest plate. The BAT also comes with a battle damaged chest plate and a chest plate that carries ammo, which a nice upgrade to the standard chest plate.

Source: sb_toyz
Source: sb_toyz

The heavy machine gun is the perfect weapon for Cobra’s robotic killing machines and the chainsaw arm attachment is a nice size and scale to the figure. It is rather large and intimidating, which is the perfect weapon for the BAT.

Source: sb_toyz
Source: sb_toyz

The chainsaw attachment also secures nicely to the backpack, which can stow his extra hand. It seems like they could have included one more accessory from the standard release of the BAT as his backpack will always have an empty slot.

Source: sb_toyz
Source: sb_toyz

If you want to see a wonderful in hand review, great friend of the Channel, Mega Jay Retro reviewed the Arctic BAT that his friend Mike acquired from a Canadian collector’s website. Be sure to check out Mega Jay Retro’s You Tube Channel ! Like, subscribe and watch his wonderful toy reviews, news and retrospectives!

Preorders and Official Images

Special thanks to gi_shark for posting a leaked images from t_wan_toy‘s Instagram account of the packaging for the teased and confirmed GI Joe Classified Series Arctic BAT! Looks like Hasbro is changing up the BAT head sculpt in a killer way (pun intended) and he is armed to the teeth!

GI Joe Classified Series Arctic BAT package
GI Joe Classified Series Arctic BAT 1

GI Joe Classified Series Arctic BAT dio 2
GI Joe Classified Series Arctic BAT dio 1

GI Joe Classified Series Arctic BAT dio 3
GI Joe Classified Series Arctic BAT dio 4

GI Joe Classified Series Arctic BAT dio 5
GI Joe Classified Series Arctic BAT dio 6

May 12, 2023: More Packaging Images

More images of the GI Joe Classified Series Arctic BAT packaging were posted today on t_wan_toy‘s Instagram account. It shows all of the angles and we get to see the back and sides of the box.


The box art is absolutely amazing and this new head sculpt for the BAT is freakin killer!


May 8 2023: First Leak Packaging Image


The packout looks amazing on the Arctic BAT and we are sure this will be at the deluxe price point given the gaggle of weapons, accessories, extra head, and chest plates!


Arctic BAT Tease

The March 2023 Hasbro Pulse FanStream saw a huge showing of preorders, digital render reveals, and name only pipeline reveals! In following in true Masters of the Universe Origins fashion with teasing figures that are coming to the line, Snow Job has some cameos by some interesting Cobra Soldiers. The Arctic BAT’s are seen in the in the background in Snow Job’s official image, and they look amazing!


Unlike the Crimson BAT, which was a repaint of the first release of the BAT, this version looks like it has some extra pouches and a larger belt! It is hard to see but it looks like the other BAT has his chest plate removed, revealing a gray paint app underneath.


Arctic BAT

Arctic B.A.T. was released in the “Arctic Assault” set as part of the 50th Anniversary figures in 2014. The set also included Snow Job, so it is not uncommon to see these two figures paired together.


Arctic B.A.T. came with a gaggle of weapons and accessories, which included an alternate head, a clear chest plate, a blue damaged chest plate, a silver belt, five silver and black hand attachments, a silver backpack, a silver M-249 SAW machine gun, a silver bipod, a grey ammo box, a black and white rifle, a silver pistol, two grey picks, and a black and gold display stand.

Source: FigureFanZero
Source: FigureFanZero

The pick and machine gun are pretty nuts and it looks like he could some major damage with each.

Source: FigureFanZero
Source: FigureFanZero

The oversized clow and drill attachments make this BAT look over the top killer!

Source: FigureFanZero
Source: FigureFanZero

The silver chrome dome is a nice addition and it was great to see the BAT’s head sculpt in a different color.

Source: FigureFanZero

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